Friday, April 30, 2010

End of the week, End of the month!

Since I missed Thursday, here is the Friday Three Things!

1. Do you ever have one of those days where you put on your makeup in the morning and it comes out perfectly!  Usually I wear - mascara, eye shadow, and sometimes eye liner.  I always have trouble getting the eye liner very close to the lash on my eye lid.  Some mornings I feel like it looks like I put on my makeup in the dark!  Well this morning I put it all on and somehow it came out really well!

2. Last nights run was ok - I ran a 5.5 mile loop and my goal pace was 7:45 min/mile but I ran too fast and so for this mornings 3.6 mile run my legs were hating me.  I felt slow as molasses and the last mile was just not fun at all.  With today's run I ended April with 85.8 miles which is right in the range where I want to be!  Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled in the morning and then Sunday hopefully I can get to the track for some speedwork!

3. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!  And for everyone else not racing, hope all your runs go well!!  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Literary Wednesday

This weeks book is brought to you thanks to The Many Thoughts of a Reader!

I signed up to participate in a Book Tour and read a book then pass it on to the next reader!  The book I read was Spooky Little Girl by Laurie Notaro!

As soon as I received the package in the mail with the book inside, I was super excited because I had kind of forgotten that I was getting the book.  I quickly took the book out of the package and started reading that night.  I was hooked within the first sentence and couldn't put it down! I wanted to bring it to work and read but I restrained myself!  Here's a little teaser:

Meet Lucy Fisher - a fun loving, easy going woman who comes home from a vacation with her girlfriends to find all her clothes and belongings tossed out on the loan, the doors locked and her fiance no where to be found!  To make matters worse, she loses her job!  She decides to start fresh and move in with her sister and nephew!  Just when you think that Lucy is going to get her life back on track, she has a very unfortunate run in with a bus.  She then wakes up to find her self not in heaven but in ghost school where she has to learn how to be a good ghost in order to fulfill her ghostly assignment and get in to heaven!

I enjoyed reading this book and I am interested to read other books by Laurie Notaro to compare.  If you have the opportunity to pick up this book, I definitely recommend it!


Thanks for all the comments on my 5k race!  Monday afternoon at work I was struck with extreme stomach cramps.  I think I may have had a 24 hour virus of some sort and I am not sure if that played any part in the race on Sunday.  I am taking it easy because I haven't been able to eat much.  Tomorrow is looking like it will shape up to be a beauitful day and I am going to get outside for a run!

Happy Reading and Running!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Better Life 5k Race Report

Sunday morning I woke up at 6:15am and looked out the window.  Sprinkles were just starting to coat the sidewalks.  I stepped outside to guage the weather - The forecast had said low 40s but it was actually 51F so I put on my light spandex and a long sleeve.  I ate a bowl of oatmeal before heading over to pick up Brian to head to the race.  At first Brian wasn't going to race since it was rainy but when I shower up he was dressed in his running gear. 

We picked up my dad on they way and planed to meet my mom there since she decided to walk the short 3.1 miles to the race.  We arrived at the golf course around 7:45 and checked in to get our bibs, goodie bags, and t-shirts!  The rain continued to sprinkle as I warmed up with Brian and we checked out a little of the course.  The whole thing was run on the golf course which had some pretty crazy rolling hills.

I was nervous before the race because I wanted to PR but didn't know if it was possible because the whole course was either uphill or downhill.  All of my previous PR's for a 5k had been run on fairly flat courses.  Brian and I stood near the front and soon we were off and running!

The start was downhill (see above picture) and then after about 0.2 miles we made a left onto the grass, up a small hill and onto the golf cart path.  The course wound its way around the holes and stayed on the path.  I was feeling pretty good, didn't want to start too fast so just tried to stay with the people around me.  We would run this path/loop twice before heading onto a new area.  We climbed two bigger hills before a steep downhill and then circled around to where my mom was standing and the start of the second loop.  The first mile was just before the end of the first loop.

Mile 1: 6:51

We headed back up onto the grass as we circled back to the golf cart path and went for another loop.  I was still feeling ok - there was one girl WAY out in front of me, one older women who was running with me and 3 girls behind me.  The hilliness of the course was starting to wear on me and my legs just slowed down in this mile.  I saw my mom again as I finished the second loop and she told me about the three women right behind me!  Just past seeing my mom, I came to mile 2.

Mile 2: 7:29

 Brian coming into mile 2

I slowed down a lot for that second mile but I thought it was a good move.  For the two miles I ran a 14:20 which was pretty much where I wanted to be.  My goal had been to run the first two miles in 14:14 and then just hold on and maybe speed up for the last mile.  After Mile 2 there were rolling hills and I started to feel horrible.  I got a cramp in my right lung/abdominal area and couldn't breathe.  It felt like someone had stabbed me and I wanted to stop and walk.  I was upset that I had to slow down just so I could stop from making wheezing/dying noises and actually feel ok.  Eventually the pain became bearable and I continued on but I had been passed by three women, going from second place to 5th. 

It was a disappointment that I was unable to hold on.  I really wanted to finish strong and run well for my first race back but the hills of the golf course did not agree with me.  I really wanted to quit on that last mile, it was the most pain I have ever felt - almost as bad as my hip flexor strain that I had from college track.

Mile 3 + 0.1: 8:41  

 At the finish line

With Brian and my mom at the finish!

 Brian and I after racing in the rain!

Overall it was a fun race - it was a new experience to run on a golf course, just not ideal to PR.

Time: 23:08 (7:28 min/mile pace)
Place: 20/114
Age group: 1/6
Female place: 5/52

After the race, we went back to my parents to clean up.  I basically laid around all day yesterday, I just felt so tired and my right ab/lung was sore from the cramp.  I tried to think about why this had happened - it wasn't like I had gone out too fast for the race.  It just seemed the up and down hills were too much for me.  I have been running on hills but I was not used to or ready for the terrain of a golf course.

My next race is the Pink Ribbon Run 5k for the Breast Cancer Coalition on May 9th.  The race is on Mother's Day and I will be doing it with my mom.  It is also a women ONLY race which I am excited about because this will be a first for me!

Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  Hi Everyone!  Sorry I have been absent from posting this week but work kind of just got super busy all of sudden and well, my blogging kind of got pushed to the last thing on my To Do list.  Tuesday I ran 400m intervals outdoors and tried to hit a 1:35-1:37 pace but the weather was a tad bit chilly and so I had some trouble.  Wednesday morning I went for an adventure run and just ran around on some streets that I had never run on before!

2.  Yesterday my best friend, Kaylie got engaged!!  I was so excited when I found out and could not be more happy for them!!  He proposed at a nearby park in a field of wildflowers after they had been riding a tandem bike!  They are so cute!

3.  I mentioned a while back that I had actually signed up for a race and that race happens to be this weekend!  Sunday I am running the Better Life 5k to benefit The Diabetes and Nutrition Therapy Center for a local hospital.  It is being held at a local golf course with the race right on the course.  This is an important race to me because my Dad has had type 1 diabetes since he was 5 years old.  For almost 60 years my dad has lived with having to check his blood sugar and take insulin.  The technology has come a long way since he was first diagnosed and really has helped to make his life easier!

I can already tell I am getting nervous about the race because last night I had a scary dream about being at a race and not having my bib and chip.  It has been a long time since I have run a race.  I am just hoping that the weather turns from rain to sun for Sunday!

Happy "almost" weekend!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Weekend

Friday, Brian and I headed to his hometown to see the newest addition to his family!  Meet Simon who is just 6 weeks old!!  Basically he sleeps a lot, wakes up to eat and poop then sleeps some more!

Saturday morning I was determined to get out for a run before the rain hit.  I had brought all my cold weather gear because I had looked at the forecast.  When Brian saw that I was going out for a run he wanted to tag along.  I waited and waited and waited and finally 30 minutes after I had originally wanted to head out Brian was ready.  The first part of the run was pretty good, we slowly warmed up but then we turned onto a side street and got smacked with the wind.  Brian then decided he was going to run/walk for the rest of the 3 mile loop so I took off and ran.  I added on 0.5 miles to let him get ahead of me then I chased him down, past him and headed for home!! 

Saturday afternoon the whole family got together to celebrate Brian's Grandfather's 80th Birthday!  They had a super awesome cake that had one layer vanilla and one layer chocolate!  At this party there were four generations which is pretty awesome!  It was great to spend time with everyone!


Brian's Grandparents

Brian and I

Sunday was pretty uneventful and now Monday has come too soon!  I got up this morning and ran 2 miles and hopefully I will be able to get outside after work for another 3 miles. 

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. First of all I had trouble falling asleep last night and it has been this way all week! Usually I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow but this week my mind just races and I can't calm it down for about 45 minutes!  Last night my mind is running wild with thousands of thoughts and I begin to wonder if I am having trouble sleeping because of over training but that doesn't even make sense since I only run 20 miles a week!!  I finally fell asleep only to be awoken at 3:45am because of throbbing pain in my second to last toe on my right foot.  It was quite painful for no good reason!!

2. I got up at 5am for my run and my toe was still feeling funny but I thought - "I am only running 2 miles, no big deal!"  So I headed out and ran 2 miles in 14:11 and then jogged the last half mile home.  I keep trying to find a way to run two miles without encountering any hills but sadly it is almost impossible to do!!  The toe hurt a bit while running and is still tender but I am sure I will live!

3. Tomorrow after work, Brian and I are headed to visit his family.  His sister had a baby boy on March 5th and we finally get to see him!  It should be a fun filled weekend!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Challenge, Tuesday Intervals and Lunch

Amanda at RunToTheFinish who is the master of challenges has done it again with the 3 Changes Challenge.  I am very excited about this but had a hard time narrowing it down to three things I wanted to change in the 30 days this challenge spans.  Here are my three -

1. Stop eating Candy (ex. Starbursts and Skittles - which I actually have a full stash left over from Valentine's Day in my closet)
2. Make an effort to connect with friends (ex. call or meet for coffee)
3. Get rid of clothes that do not fit anymore (including running, working and play clothes)

So far (just one day in) I have not eaten any candy; I have contacted an old friend from high school who is living in my city, but I have not gone through any clothes YET!  You can still sign up for the challenge just follow the link above!

Moving on to yesterday's workout!  I was catching up on my Runners' World this past weekend and came across an article with these workouts attached: 

Since I will be running a 5k in less than two weeks I thought it would be a good idea to run the 5k workout (its small but its says 12x400m at 5k race pace with a two minute recovery jog)!  I am not sure what my 5k pace is really, my PR pace is a little under a 7 minute/mile pace so I just went with it.

I started at a 6:49 pace with 1% incline and timed myself to see what my actual 400m times were.  They centered around 1:38-1:42 depending on how fast I could get the treadmill to speed up.  It definitely was a long workout but I never really struggled with the pace.  The last few 400m my legs were getting tired but I held on to finish it up.  I really want to do this workout on the track outside to see how it compares.

I did get confused a few times and couldn't remember if I had rested for the full two minutes.  After the 6th 400m I think I may have only rested for a minute before speeding up again.  I really should have brought some paper and a pen to help me keep track!

And now on to my lunch!  I bring so much stuff and just wanted to share a picture of everything that I eat!  My co-workers make fun of me because I bring so many things to eat but I am hungry!!

Banana, orange, carrots, cheetos, peanut/walnut mix, chocolate covered pretzels, ham and cheese sandwich, oreos, and my two snacks - kashi peanut peanut butter bar and Stonyfield super smoothie - both of which I am trying for the first time this week!  Now I can't wait for lunch!!

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy those runs!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I could get used to this!

I am on a "2 mile" rampage!

Friday, Saturday and this morning (Monday) I cranked out 2 miles.  Friday I was able to get outside but Saturday and this morning, the weather just wasn't right so I hit the treadmill.  I used the elliptical to warm up for about 15 minutes then pounded out those quick miles!  This morning it was just enough to help loosen up my legs from my long run yesterday.

Sunday I couldn't resist the sun and I headed out for a long run.  I wasn't exactly sure of the distance but I had a route planned so I just went with it.  My legs wanted to run and I had a hard time pulling them back to a slower pace.  The wind was cold but the sun was hot so I felt overdressed and under dressed at the same time!

5.2 miles in 41:40 (8:00 min/mile pace)

This weekend was very relaxing.  I was able to work on my crochet afghan and I am about 3/4 done!  I was also able to fit in sometime to read some new books I picked up from the library!

Brian and I were also able to try some new restaurants in the area!  Friday we went to a local Irish Pub and had a great meal then Saturday we tried a local Wood Fired Pizzaria!  It is great finding new places to eat that have good food!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!!  Happy Monday!!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How do you spend your evenings?

I have always loved to camp!  I used to go camping with my dad a lot when I was younger but then school and sports took over my life in high school and college.  Last week, Brian somehow convinced me that we needed to get a tent and go camping.  We decided we needed to practice putting up the tent before we actually go camping!

Brian starting to set up the tent while I read the instructions

We were able to get the tent set up!

Now for the rainfly/cover.

Brian's best manly man pose.

OH yeah I was there too...

Are you taking pictures of me or the tent??

Our tent!  Now its time to take it down...

It was quite the experience and we got some weird looks from our neighbors but it was definitely fun and now we are ready to go camping, except that we don't have sleeping bags or any of the other essential equipment!


This morning was the last of the good weather before we get hit by rain for the rest of the week so I made myself get out of bed and run.  I thought to myself after my alarm went off - 
"Two miles, you can do two miles, just go out 1 mile and then come back, thats all you have to do" (thanks to Lacey for the idea and inspiration!)

So I set out and ran and it was warm and clear and I even met my neighbor who walks every morning around the apartment complex!

Have a good Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I don't care what the weather is, I'm running outside!

In the last few days it has been so nice that I am refusing to step foot in the gym for anything besides yoga!  Even if it is raining like it was this morning!

Last Thursday I was complaining to Brian that I was bored of all my usual running routes and I have about 10 different combinations of routes to choose from.  He instantly jumped on his computer and mapped me out a new and exciting route which I ran successfully Friday morning!  It was a glorious run where I wore shorts for the first time in almost 5 months and thank goodness it was dark so no one could see how white my legs are!

Saturday I hauled myself out of bed super early, 6am early, to get in an interval run before heading home to spend time with my family.  There is one spot that is actually flat near my apartment so I did an extra long 2 mile warm up then completed 4x400m repeats as the sun came up!

The rest of Saturday was spent at the local Farmers market with my family and out in the sun reading.  It was a very relaxing day.  Sunday I went to Easter brunch and enjoyed a large amount of food and then returned home to sit outside and digest all the food!

Yesterday (Monday) and Today (Tuesday) I have been able to get out in the mornings for 4 mile runs which have gone pretty well.  The warmer temps are definitely agreeing with my legs and it takes me less time to warm up and get into a groove!  This morning when I started it was sprinkling but about halfway through the clouds opened and it poured on me!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy your Tuesday!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. It is the first day of April and I started the day off right with a easy run this morning.  I headed out with no planned route and ended up running a short 3 mile loop.  As I was coming to the final intersection where I could either go straight back to my apartment or turn left and add on a little extra mileage, I was feeling so good I turned left!  As I made my way the extra half mile, I actually passed a runner!  Usually I never see anyone out at 5am!  This was a woman and she said good morning to me! I wanted to stop and ask her if she lived nearby and ran frequently in the morning, although that might have been a little too sketchy!  Hopefully I will see her out again!!

2. Right now the Easter candy is killing me! The Cadbury eggs, skittles, jelly beans! It is all too much! I cannot stop eating candy!  In Biggest Loser style, I just looked up the nutrition facts and one Cadbury egg has 170 calories.  Ouch.

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March mileage total = 88.6 miles

Happy Thursday!!