Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I got home yesterday and I was totally not motivated to run. Finally by quarter to 5 I had put on my running shorts. My roommate was messing around with his sound system and his iPhone which he uses to remotely play music from his computer on the stereo. He knew that I was struggling to get myself out the door for my run so of course he played all the pump up songs he had. Just as I was lacing up my sneakers he played "List of Demands" by Saul Williams (as seen on the Nike "My Better is Better" commercial). This totally got my ready to go, and I really wanted to listen to this song while i ran but I do not run with music. I have an ipod but its too big for running. My roommate suggested I buy a shuffle.

I am not sure about this though - I have heard it is really unsafe to run while listening to music and most of the time I like hearing the sounds around me. The super quiet of the dark mornings or the bustling at 4pm. I am now debating what to do - if I were to get one I am not sure I would use it and if I did I feel like it would only be once in a while.

After hearing that song, I pretty much sprinted my 3 mile run. My right shin felt super tight pretty much the whole way but otherwise I felt really good. I wasn't totally out of breath until about mile 2.5 and then I seemed to get a second wind! ( i love that burst of energy!) I feel really confident now about the race Saturday.

3 miles/20:48/6:56 pace

Tonight I am going to try and go swimming. Some personal situations have escalated recently and it has me really stressed out and I am still really tired. Right now I just want to go home and curl up on the couch in a nice warm blanket and read my book. Its supposed to rain all day today, and the sky is still dark, gloomy and foreboding. Once again my productivity at work is at an all time low!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Wine Tour

This past weekend was so amazing. Let me explain - in July I read a book called Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble. I tried to come up with a good book description but it is way too early and I am way too tired. So from amazon.com:

Natalie and Tom have been best friends forever, but Tom wants them to be much more. When Natalie's longtime boyfriend walks out on her just when she thinks he's going to propose, Tom offers her a different and wildly romantic proposition. He suggests that they spend twenty-six weekends together, indulging in twenty-six different activities from A to Z, and at the end of that time Tom's convinced they'll be madly in love. Natalie, however, is not so sure.

Anyway the point of this is, I suggested to B-Rabbit that we try this, so we do Alphabet dates! I did the A date a while ago and he did the B date yesterday. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing until we got there. It was a wine tour - something neither of us had done. We started at a winery that began with a "B" and went to 6 wineries total. It was a really great experience!

Needless to say, I am still exhausted from the weekend and I don't know how productive I will be at work today. Its really gloomy out today, similar to yesterday so I am hoping to get a run in later today after work.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ready, Set, Run 10 Miles

After posting yesterday so early in the morning it became aware to me that I must not have been awake. I just wrote that I was going for a long run for the first time by myself since July! This is a huge test for me actually. The last time I ran it was 8 miles at about a 8 minute mile pace before the Boilermaker. I wondered if I would be able to sustain that same pace if not faster for a distance of 10 miles! Would i even get to the 10 miles or would i wimp out at 8 like I did last time. So many questions and no answers. My brain just kept mulling and mulling over these points all afternoon!

After work I went to dinner with B-Rabbit and his mom and grandparents. We were sitting waiting for our food when I felt my phone vibrate. I took it out of my purse and I didn't know the number but answered it. That phone call pretty much made my night. I got a full time offer from the company I have wanted to work for for the past few years!! It was incredible!

We celebrated at dinner and I couldn't have asked for a better moment in my life - it was so perfect! We ordered Apple Crisp with ice cream for dessert as a treat! Later that night I ended up watching Made of Honor and Forgetting Sarah Marshall with my roommates then went to bed.

This morning I got up at 7am and headed out for my solo 10 mile run. It was sprinkling but no hard downpours which was nice but it was humid. I was hoping to run it in 8 minute pace or faster. The miles just seemed to fly by and soon I was almost at 5 and I felt great. I met B-Rabbit at mile 7 and he gave me some water. The last 3 miles were a 1.5 mile out and back. At the turnaround I stopped and my hips were hurting. I knew the rest of the run would be all mental. I was ahead of my anticipated finishing time and I wanted to keep that up. I never realized before that I really do use mantras while I run. Every hill I kept saying "Attack this hill". I know its not very original but my mind isn't very creative after 8 miles!! I was surprised with my finishing time but very excited because I knew I had pushed so hard in the run but still felt good. (I totally had a runners high after - I was so hyper!)

10 miles / 1:18:16 / 7:50 pace

It just amazes me how fast these runs go - before I know it I am finished! I was so tired and ended up taking a 2 hour nap which totally helped rejuvenate me. B-Rabbit made me breakfast of french toast and bacon - yum yum! I asked for French Toast when he picked me up from the run because at Mile 6 some restaurant must have been cooking that because it was all I could smell!!

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Friday

It is really fall - and that totally hit me yesterday afternoon. The leaves have started to change here but I hadn't really noticed that as much as I had the change in weather.
This morning I got up and ran before work like usual and it felt good but slow. I am not running with Winkly tomorrow and so it will be my first long run by myself since July! I think that I need to go shopping for some new clothes to run in. I have a pair of spandex and a pair of running pants but they don't keep me that warm. Also my sweatshirt is bulky and annoying. Any suggestions on good fall/winter running clothes?

I really just want to go back to bed right now, I have no motivation to do anything! Happy Friday and have a great weekend! Good luck to everyone racing and to all doing long runs!!

"The world is divided into two kinds of people: runners and non-runners." - Marc Bloom

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thirteen Words (TIART)

It is a lovely Thursday* and here are my 13 words to conquer a half marathon:

City sleeps while we run the streets, each step closer to the dream

Of course then I got a little rhyme-y:

Minutes melt into miles, and at the finish we are all smiles

Taking the day off today. The Office premieres tonight!! Yay! It is almost Friday, thank goodness! The weekend looks good for running and some adventures! Started a new book - The Book Thief By Mark Zusak. We'll see how good this book is, he is a beautifully descriptive writer.

*Runners Lounge - Take it and Run Thursday

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Horrible

This mornings run just plan sucked!

I got up and ran over to the track to do some intervals. I believe that Girl on Top ran this a few weeks ago - 1200m, 800m, 400m then repeat with rests in between each run. I thought that I could run these under 7 minute mile pace, BUT apparently not! I didn't even finish the workout. I was halfway through the second 800m and I just stopped and ran home. This is Day 3 in a row for me, and along with that I have a lot on my mind. I could tell that I wasn't mentally into the running this morning and once my mind became aware of this it was all over.

And to top things off, my shirt under my sweatshirt was restricting my arm running motion because it was all messed up and it was really making me angry plus it didn't help me run any faster. I could have taken off my sweatshirt but then I would have been cold since it was a nice 48 degrees out!

I am not sure if I should take tomorrow off, or just run after work to give my body more time to rest. I might have to go get some coffee cause I am just not with it this morning! Hope everyone else is having a good day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Running Weather

Last night I got home from work and quickly changed and headed out for a run. The air felt cool with a slight wind and the sun was shining - A perfect first day of fall. I had my route all planned out and I felt good the whole way until I hit the hill with about a half mile to go. I knew I was pushing myself because it hurt and when I got home my face was completely red! Also I noticed that my fingers had swelled up. This happens to me every once in a while - anybody else have this problem? It makes it difficult to put on rings afterward and I am not sure what causes the swelling. Also I am not a jewelry person so I usually don't run with any on but i was wondering if other people usually ran with jewelry on?

Since I am about 2 weeks away from starting Track, I am making sure that I crack down and stick to my workouts. I will be running Monday through Saturday for track usually so I need to make sure my body can handle it and be ready. I woke up to a 43 degree morning, pulled on my spandex and sweatshirt and headed out for 3 miles. Theses miles weren't slow but they weren't fast at all and I could feel that the previous nights run was wearing on my body. It was a nice morning for a run and I am glad that I got out of bed for it. Even though my legs are a bit sore I feel energized and awake today!

4.45 miles (why do I always have weird mileage!) in 33:00
3.0 miles in 23:16

I was going to go swimming tonight but then I found out the pool is closed Tuesday through Thursday to install a sound system! Seriously those swimmer kids are underwater the whole time they can't hear anything anyway! I think I might try to run intervals tomorrow morning - I have read a few of you doing intervals on a treadmill but I have only ever done them on the track. Is there a benefit to doing them on the treadmill with a set pace??

If you are looking for a daily life challenge, check out Mark Salinas' blog where he has a great post today!

Monday, September 22, 2008


So I am sitting here at work, not doing work because I am trying to wake up first and I am reading everyone's weekend posts. It got me thinking after reading Aron's race report that everything is all about perception.

Looking back 2 years ago I would have said that running over 4 miles was a lot! A year ago I would have said that running over 6 miles was a lot. Now every weekend I go on long runs and I don't think that 9-10 miles is too much to ask for a long run. I have always known that distance is my thing - I am not really a sprinter but it is crazy how now after begin exposed to all the marathon bloggers and experiences, 15 miles or above doesn't seem that much!

The main point here is - Aron said that she is not a big fan of 5ks because you go fast for just 3.1 miles! JUST 3.1 miles?? It is crazy to think that 3.1 miles is just a drop in the bucket compared to a long run. Is the 5k really over-looked now as a "too short" race?? Tell me what you think about 5ks or what your favorite race mileage is!? The next crazy thought I had was that in Track i run the 800m! 800m?!!? That means just running for 2 minutes and 30 seconds! Now that is sort!!

My next two races (October 4th and 12th) will be 5ks and i am hoping to PR. I didn't run yesterday (Sunday) because I had a little too much fun Saturday night and then this morning I had no motivation to get out of bed as it was 40 degrees outside!! I plan to run a 4-5 miler after work!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Odds and Ends

After a rough work week, B-rabbit took me out to dinner to celebrate the Half Marathon. I usually don't drink at dinner but this was an exception as it was a special occasion. I got a pomegranate margarita and it was so good!!

After dinner, I ran in quick to Barnes and Noble and picked up Dean's 50/50 book. I have about three other books to read before I get to his so it might be about 3 weeks before I actually read it : (

This morning I woke up and ran with Winkly - 10 miles! It was actually quite cool and nice. We started off by mile 9 of the Half marathon and ran around that area. While running I got to thinking that I need to start picking up the intensity of my training. Track practices start October 6th and I will be running a 5k on October 11th so I need to get myself on track. Tomorrow depending on how I feel I might try for 6-7 miles. This week (Sunday Sept 14th - today) has been my highest mileage ever with 31.3 miles!!

I decided that my blog needed a change - I just can't seem to find a good picture of a sunrise or anything like that to go with my morning runner theme. Hopefully this week there will be a nice sunrise and I can take a picture and put it all together.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

TIART: These are a few of my favorite blogs

Its Thursday! and that means Take it and Run Thursday at Runners Lounge. Now before I get started I have a confession to make. I am addicted to blogs, and not just any blogs - RUNNING blogs!!

Just like the Happy Runner I cannot wait for people to post so that I can devour every word. I often get a call from B-Rabbit (the only other person aware of my obsession) and he will ask what I am doing. I will respond that I am just sitting in my apartment. He then promptly replies "No you are not - you are reading blogs again aren't you!" OHH caught again!

And so I would like to share with you my favorite blogs. Most of them are running blogs as that is one of my greatest interests but there are a few others that I enjoy on occasion. I know everybody (especially me) loves to see a link to their blog in other peoples posts.

I have to give all the credit or the blame to Laura and D10 because their blogs were the first ones I read back in July 2008. I was sitting at work and it was kind of a slow time. I had just finished the Boilermaker and was on that great runners high. I continued to read more and more, accumulating the large blog roll that can be seen to the right.

The next blogger I found was Jamie and I read almost all her posts because she was planning her wedding as well as running which I found entertaining and interesting. I also have been following (ok it sounds like I am a stalker for real!) is N.D. at Lil Runner because she is 17 weeks pregnant (i think?) and it has been interesting to see how that is going along with her running. I feel like when i finally get married and have kids this is very similar to how i will react!

Aron's words of advice are always helpful and reassuring and her posts and sassy and spontaneous! Mark Salinas keeps me healthy and always seems to teach me something new with each post. I really like Julianne because she has little easy recipes along with her running stuff.

Recently I have found tfh at Training for a Half and she has been very inspiring as well as helpful and supportive. Her posts are creative and always a joy to read. Also Coffee Betsy with her adorable son - I just love the family stories along with the running tales. Other new favorite blogs included Girl on Top and Life is a Marathon where each girl seems to be getting back into running and trying to improve!

And last but not least of the running blogs, Marcy. Seriously everyone knows her! She always has a million comments and even at 7am when I haven't had any coffee, her posts are able to get a little giggle out of me.

Besides running blogs I do have a few others i keep on the side, stashed away secretly.

Right now I am really enjoying Rocks in my Dryer because of all the great ideas along with Sassy Molassy - I can relate to her because I am very sassy although I think it is hard to tell on blogger. And if you feel in a angry mood head over to passive-aggressive notes! Its very entertaining.

I am trying to get Winkly to start blogging so you may see her blog link up here soon!

Well if you are still reading after all those links - Yes I did go running this morning. Hello 5:20am I haven't seen you in a few weeks. I ran 5.2 miles in and around campus. It was very nice and I think I am healed since I had no pain. Tonight I might go swimming, but really the next order of business will be to plan new races.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Rants

Ever since the end of the half marathon I have had a few things on my mind.

Mainly - where do I go from here. I just finished the race I have been planning for since July and there is kind of a let down. I still have a race here at school (a 5K) for the Alumni weekend that I am planning on racing hard since I got second place in it last year plus the Turkey Trot and more races with Winkly and of course I have my senior season of Indoor/Outdoor Track!!

Also I just read this post by Rocks in My Dryer about private journaling and being a mother and a writer. I am not a mother but I do love to write on a personal level as well as blog writing. I think there is a big difference between the personal journal written with a pen and blog writing on the computer. Usually in my personal journal I try to avoid any really negative stuff unless its absolutely necessary.

I have been watching Dean Karnazes running on the treadmill for 48 hours straight and it has gotten me thinking. He is just one man but he has made a difference in so many peoples lives. I just wish sometimes everything could be as simple as running.

On that same line of thinking - why does everyone seem to care more about the new Facebook than the election or even what is going on in the world. Seriously I am just saying that I hate how people don't even pay attention to anything that is happening but as soon as Facebook changes its like a major crisis.

I ran yesterday - 3 miles and it helped to reduce the leg soreness. I wanted to do intervals this morning but the track is still closed for re-sealing and painting. I am still tired - I need some more coffee...

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Half Marathon Experience/Race Report

Let me start on Saturday night. It was about 830pm and B-Rabbit needed to go to the store to pick up a few things, so I decided to tag along. I didn't really need to go to bed super early and I wanted to get some post race treats! As we meandered around the store I nonchalantly placed a large pack of sugar cookies and Swedish fish into the basket. When we came to the checkout, he was quite surprised to see them in his basket. How did they get in there he asked me? The Half Marathon gods were looking out for me was my response!

I had laid out everything I would be needing for the race on my bed - shorts, shirt, socks, sport beans, bib, etc etc. That morning Winkly and I had picked up our race packets at the expo, we were very surprised by our numbers - she was 2176 and I was 1276! With everything ready to go I went to bed. I have a nice big water bottle that I was drinking out of all day so I knew I would be hydrated. I even woke up at 1:31am and when to the bathroom (i never to do that!).

My alarm went off at 5:15am and I clumsily grabbed my water bottle and my phone. I hit snooze and start sipping water then fell back to sleep. 5 minutes later - I was awoken by my alarm, still holding the water bottle, so I drank some more. This continued until I pulled myself out of bed at 5:35 and got into the shower. If nothing else this shower helped to wake me up and get excited about the race! I made myself toast with peanut butter and got into my racing clothes.

B-Rabbit showed up at about 6am (he did not look as excited as me) and we left my apartment at about 615am and headed downtown. Apparently my excitement was a little out of control as I had trouble giving good directions.

Once we parked I met up with Winkly and we picked up our timing chips. We then made our way to the start with B-Rabbit following behind. He wanted to ride his bike on the course and basically stay with us but he wasn't sure that was possible. Once we got down to the start line, there were bikers all over the place (some for riding with the leaders and some just random bikers) and so he decided after we started he would go back and get his bike.

While Winkly and I were stretching the marathoners started at 730am and then we started walking up to our start line for our 745am start. There were about 1500 registered half marathoners and 600 marathoners. It was a pretty amazing feeling standing in the middle of the pack with all these people on that bridge knowing that we were all about to run over 13 miles. There were clouds in the sky and it looked like it might rain BUT it was almost 80 by that time and boy was it humid!!

I don't even remember if a gun went off or what, but soon everyone started moving and we were off!! We were going with the flow, trying not to get caught up on the start of race adrenaline kick and we mostly succeeded. The first half mile twisted through the downtown streets and then we turned onto East Ave. Now I love East Ave for many reasons - alot of old houses, great scenery. Basically its just peaceful and beautiful and straight and flat. All i could see ahead of us and behind were people running! I was carrying my camera so I took pictures, although I was running they still came out ok. There were a few spectators cheering us on - we saw a guy in a gorilla suit and also a few little kids in their PJs! Very cute! We were about a mile and a half in when I heard a very familiar voice behind me. It was Mr. McBride (the father of a classmate from high school) and he was running the race with one of his daughters!

Just past mile 3 we turned (the course split - Marathoners to the left and Half Marathoners to the right). I took a picture of the guys holding the signs and as I passed they were making comments about how weird I was! Winkly and I continued on and we were feeling good, I basically was smiling the whole time.

I knew that my mom was volunteering between miles 4 and 5 and I was excited to see her; Winkly and I were also waiting for B-Rabbit to catch up on his bike! At 4.5 miles I saw my mom just ahead and I took a picture of her and then ran over to give her a hug. I was instantaneously filled with emotion and I could feel the tears filling my eyes. There is only one other time I have been overcome with emotion like that (after beating the #1 team in our conference for the first post season berth in Womens Basketball history at my college) and it is a wonderful feeling. Winkly and i continued on and made it to the halfway point and then onto the canal path.

Once on the canal path we met back up with the marathon race but of course we were ahead of those runners. This part of the race was very scenic and shady - we continued running and came upon a cross country team cheering runners on. It was very motivating and definitely helped us along. We stopped to drink at a water stop right by mile 8 but then started up again. I was really happy with the progress we were making and our time looked good. We ran into Mr. McBride who was running with the Mayor!! We jogged along and Mr. M and I chatted about things. I had started to eat my sport beans because my knees were hurting. Soon the pain seemed to disappear but Winkly and I did stop to walk for a bit after the nine mile mark. We continued to run into Mr. M periodically along the course as he stopped and stretched and then passed us again. I think we ended up beating him in the end but I am not sure.

Soon we were in the park and I was totally surprised! I had not known exactly where i was once we started running on the canal even though i had looked at the race map many times. This part was also beautiful as it went right next to the river. Winkly and I took another walking break and I could tell that she was getting tired. We had just a 5K left but it was still a lot. At this point things seemed to blur together - I remember each part but all I was thinking was just keep running, just make it to the next mile marker.

After mile 11 Winkly needed another break and I knew she was hurting bad - I also knew she would never admit to me how much because I knew she had a great desire to finish the race no matter what. Just after mile 12 we came upon B-rabbit and his bike. He had had some troubles but he came at the perfect time. He rode along with us for about a quarter of a mile and talked to us which helped Winkly to get her mind off the race and the pain. Soon we only had 0.2 of a mile left go. I could hear the announcer at the finish and at the same time I saw my track coach on the sidewalk so I waved at him (I'm not sure he knew it was me though).

Winkly and I turned onto the final stretch and started to pick up the pace! She was really moving and I still felt great (all smiles still!). The photographer took our pictures and as we crossed the finish line over the loud speaker we heard our names being announced!! It was a great moment and soon we were awarded with our medals and people were helping us take off our timing chips. We had done it! Our finishing time was 2 hours and 19 minutes! We immediately got some powerade stuff and then Winkly needed to hit the bathroom. I started drinking the powerade stuff and it was totally gross. Soon after that Winkly and I were stretching and I began to feel sick. I quickly downed a bottle of water and made my way out of the runners area.

As we were walking I saw my professor from college and he was very happy that I had finished. Monday morning in my email i received this from him -


You should be very proud on how well you did yesterday. You have achieved something that 99% of the people in the country cannot. And you looked like you were feeling well when you finished. Great job!

Dr. H

It was so nice of him to send that to me!

Right after meeting up with my professor, B-Rabbit was right there. We stayed a bit more to watch the first woman marathoner come in but I still wasn't feeling well so we said goodbye to Winkly and went back to my apartment. My mom was waiting for me there and helped me up the stairs. I took a shower which made me feel 100% better.

B-Rabbit finally got to explain to me what happened and why it took so long for him to meet up with us. Once he got his bike and had changed his clothes he started out from the finish line (working backwards) and got to about the 8 or 9 mile mark i think but then he remembered he forgot the camera so he biked back to the car for it. He then got a flat tire at mile 12 and that's where we found him! Such a crazy boy - I am so glad that he was there. He told me he was very proud of me after the race and kissed my forehead and that just made me melt.

I spent most of the day in bed watching football or waddling around drinking water! Overall it was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life. I don't know if my body is cut out to run such long mileages as today my quads are sore (normal apparently) as well as my knees. I do know that I would like to run this half marathon again next year with Winkly - maybe we can make it a tradition. One advantage to running it at Winkly's pace was that I was able to enjoy the scenery and remember all these details because usually I miss a lot of things. Now all i am waiting for is the official race photos to come out! Thanks for reading this super long race report!

B-Rabbit at Mile 12


The official Stats: (Me/Winkly)

Time: 2:19:37 (10:41 Pace)

Place: 815/816 out of 1378

Age Group: 46/47 out of 83 (AG F 19-24)

Half Marathon Update


Winkly and I ran the half marathon and finished in just under 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The official results are not up yet.

After work today I am going right over and getting the pictures developed/digitalized from the disposable camera.

I am also excited because I know that the race photographers got a lot of pictures of us running.

It was super hot - all week the weather had been predicted to be 70ish and cloudy with chance of rain. I got up Sunday morning at 5am and it was already 74 degrees and HUMID!! There were a lot of people feeling the heat at the race. Most of the marathoners finished but they did close the race down early.

B-rabbit was there and he took a few pictures - here is one of Winkly and I stretching before the race!! I will post more later - I am still so exhausted and sore from yesterday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Counting Down the Hours!

37 hours!!! Less than 2 days!!

Ok so I am a little excited now because I am done with work for the week and it is starting to sink in that I am actually going to be running 13.1 miles on Sunday morning at 7:45am! I am going to run the longest distance I have ever run. I never thought I would do this (I still don't think I will ever run a marathon.) Running this with Winkly means alot to me because we each went our seperate ways after high school but now since she is done with college and has a job I took the opportunity to reconnect with her. I feel like I have regained such a good friend and I am extremely grateful. Here's a blast from the past - me (on the right) and Winkly (on the left in the dark pink sweater) with Lizzie D (middle) back in winter of our junior year in high school.

On another half marathon note, I keep finding out about people I know who are running in the same half and full marathon as me! My mom is a road marshall for the half course and B-Rabbit is going to be there too so it feels like so many people are going to be a part of this race.

Time to carbo load! Yummy pasta!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I didn't want to run this morning (I took Wednesday off too). My plan was to run today, tomorrow and Saturday before the race. Nothing fast or fancy - just little runs to keep my muscles fresh and ready. So I decided to run this afternoon and it didn't feel good.

1. Too many cars
2. People staring at me
3. My body isn't used to it

I have gotten so used to running with no one around that it was weird to have people watching me run. I actually felt self conscious and I was angry towards the end when a car came a little too close to me. Maybe my body got so used to running in the morning that it didn't like the change...It is weird because last year I was able to preform for 4-6pm bball practice all the time with no trouble. It's probably all mental.

Three days until the half marathon - I made my list of things I will need today at work. I looked at the forecast there is a possibility for rain so I had the idea that I will put the disposable camera in a zip lock bag so that it wont get too damaged. I was also thinking about showering the morning of the race so that I will look better in all the photos and not have morning "friz-tastic" gross hair.

Apparently everyone is obsessed with tapering. I will now put my two cents in - to me tapering is running without a watch. For me that is the most relaxed type of running because mentally I am always racing against the clock. If I don't have my watch, then my body and mind is able to relax. After reading many other blogs, that seems to be the biggest problem - relaxing and not being nervous for the race. I know that everyone who is racing this weekend will do great, and even if you are not racing I hope that you have a great weekend run!

Do you remember where you were 7 years ago today??

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Words

Let's start with last night and my swimming expedition at the pool. I got there right when it opened at 7 and did a nice warm up of 4 laps (1 lap = 25 yards). Part of my training (as agreed and supervised upon by B-Rabbit aka the swimmer expert) is that I swim as far as i can without stopping. Of course it is not all freestyle, I go down 1 lap freestyle, then come back on my back just kicking. I went for 16 laps last night and it felt really good!! Then i did "down and backs"; probably not the right name but I like to make up my own rules. Basically i push off the wall and swim underwater for as far as I can then swim freestyle to the other side and turn around and come back without stopping. I did 4 sets of this, aka 8 laps total which brought me to a grand total of 28 laps or 700 yards. Side note: I love how i smell like chlorine after swimming lol!

On to the running...this morning i woke up and I wasn't sure how the run would be. I am supposed to take this week light with the half-marathon. I walked outside and it was raining...i totally did not expect that. I just went at whatever pace my body wanted to, and apparently my body wanted to go fast! I was going for a sub 21 minute 3 miler but i was struck down with pain with only a little left to go. There is one hill on the campus 3 mile loop that I always run - just as i was coming to the top of it my shoulder started to hurt. And by hurt i mean stabbing pain, like a knife!! I've had this pain before, it runs in my family since my mom was a runner and she often got it too. BUT i have never felt pain like i felt this morning - maybe i pushed too hard?? I was forced to stop and as soon as i stopped i felt sick. I have never felt like i was going to throw up but this morning I really thought i was going to lose my stomach. The moment passed, my shoulder was fine and I started up again and made it home!

3 miles in 21:12

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update

I woke up to sunny skies yesterday morning and pulled on my running shoes for a quick 3 mile de-stresser run. i was slightly sore from the 10 miler the day before and i felt extremely slow!

After the run, there was track physicals! YAY except NOT because my school is silly and assigns three teams at once but only has 5 trainers to go through like 100 kids for physicals! I made sure i was first for my team and thankfully got out of there at a decent time. The only weird part of it was that when Andrew took my blood pressure he said it was 100/52! Thats like crazy low - I still have to wait for my results from my actual doctor to see what she said my BP was.

After a nice pancake breakfast, I was ready for football. B-rabbit drove me to his parents house and he actually tried to cook (with guidance from his mom). He made his favorite cheese dip and I must admit it was quite good. His mom also helped me to make this bracelet while watching the game. I love arts and crafts and so this was fun. I actually wore it to work today! I know - big surprise since i never wear jewelry!

Anyway, I'm heading to the pool soon to do some swimming and then running tomorrow and Wednesday mornings. I think ill swim again Thursday and take Friday off. Saturday Ill do a nice jiggy jog and then head to the expo with Winkly for packet pickup!! Only 6 days until the half marathon!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fabulous Ideas

I usually have all my greatest ideas while running, but of course when I finish the run I cannot seem to remember the perfectly constructed sentences, poems, ideas, etc. This morning while running with Winkly, a thought just struck me. Last night i was reading Laura's blog and she had posted pictures of her latest marathon. While on mile 4 of this run, I thought why not carry a disposable camera on the half marathon. I know, I know - lots of people carry their cameras on runs but my problem is that I just don't have enough cameras. B-Rabbit will have mine, and my mom (who just signed up to volunteer at one of the mile markers and be a road marshall for the race!!!) will have hers but I dont have any other cameras. PLUS I am slightly scared that with all the sweat I will ruin my camera. So i am going this afternoon to buy a disposable camera that I can carry during the race and then take pictures of it the whole way!!! Of course I told Winkly about my idea as soon as i thought of it (another benefit of running with your best friend!!)

We decided today during the run that we will try to run a race together once a month! We also discussed what we should eat before the run, during and after. I feel like I am not getting enough intake of carbs during the run but im not sure what to eat. I usually never eat anything during running. During basketball I would always eat pasta 3 hours before the game started and then have selected snacks for half-time if i started to get dizzy or have trouble concentrating (more on this in the future). Any ideas what to eat the morning of the race, and then during the race???

Saturdays run - Winkly and Me
10 miles
1:46:33 (only one short walking break at 7.3 miles!!)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Photo Friday

Two different photos capturing two different perfect moments.

Change of Plans

Well I was planning on waking up this morning and going running but
a) I am slightly sick and
b) long run with Winkly is tomorrow

Our Long run was supposed to be Sunday but I have sports physicals for track so we decided to move it to Saturday morning. Its supposed to be cooler and possibly rainy which might be fun. Its been a while since I've had a rain run. After our run we are going to Target to try and find some clothes for the race since we didn't find anything at fleet feet last week. I really want to buy the half zip Nightlife Brooks jacket. Its bright yellow!! Check it out -

Thats all for now - time to for work!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Perfect Words

Quick overview of the last 24 hours - went swimming at the pool, 800 yards, felt good. Couldn't fall asleep, woke up before alarm. Went running, saw a car parked on side of the road, got freaked out. Saw the sun rise, beautiful red ball. Legs felt tired, ran a little slow, hopefully tomorrow will be a fast day. Running long run saturday with Winkly.

Ok got that all out! Its been a rough day, but a good day. I started in a new group at work so it was exciting and scary because there is a lot to learn. Other than that theres really nothing else I have to say right now - I do need some food though I am starving!!

Song stuck in my head - Every Day by Rascal Flatts

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I just remembered something when I was typing an email to my bff Jackie -

Last night after swimming, I turned in my towel and was walking out of the gym when I went over to the basketball courts to see if the team was playing. By "the team" I mean, the womens varsity basketball team. Maybe some of you know college eligibility rules, maybe not - heres a quick review. Ok so once you sign your NCAA papers you have 5 years to complete 4 years of playing in any sport. I started four years ago in basketball and last spring I went out for track and this year I still have eligilibty left so I am running indoor and outdoor track. BUT I finished all four years of basketball so I cannot play that sport this year.

Anyway, so I saw the team last night, my little point guard D was there with her cute new hair cut, and some new kids and the rest of the veterans. I wanted to walk over there, I wanted to play and be the captain again. I wanted to be a part of the team again. I hadn't expected this wave of emotion to hit me. I actually started to tear up, I tried to hide it but of course B-Rabbit caught me and put that "its ok to be sad about this, you still look cute, its going to be ok" look on his face.

I actually miss basketball - like deep down in my heart, can't hide or keep it a secret. Don't get me wrong, I love love love running. But basketball was my life for 4 years and now its gone and the teams moved on without me. I was like a mother hen with her little chickies and I had to let them all go. I never thought this would all hit me like it did last night; I thought i was over it, moved on but apparently I am not.

Just Keep Swimming

Last night I went Swimming! For the first time in like 3 months! The first few laps i thought i was going to drown - it was like i forgot how to swim/breath in the water. I went with B-Rabbit and of course he had to show off and be all fast and stuff so that every time he passed me, I almost drowned from the large wake he left.

Overall it was a good swim - 750 yards total. My usual routine (since I am definatly a land sports person not a fish) is to do backstroke without the stroke just kicking down (25 yards) then turn around and do freestyle back. I just try to go for as long as I can and surprisingly my swimming abilities came back pretty quick! Plus all the exercise made me sleep pretty soundly so I feel rested and refreshed today.

I took this morning off from running, I'm going swimming again tonight, then hopefully thursday morning will be a nice run. At least i remembered my water bottle today at work so i can properly hydrate myself instead of going to the drinking fountain every 30 minutes with a little dixie cup which holds like 1 ounce of water!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

College Life

Well I have been at work for half a day so far...unmotivated pretty much sums it all up!

I got up this morning and ran, and I deliberatly went slower.
3 miles - 23:10

I am going to try and go swimming tonight plus do stretching because my left calf feels very tight and sore. Yesterday was great - my knees didnt hurt at all after that super long run on sunday. They feel fine once again today which is really good! I think the stretching I have been doing has helped!!

Being back at school is great, especially when all my friends and roommates had class yesterday and I didn't!!

The weekend was good - I finished Twilight By Stephenie Meyer. The weirdest part of the whole book (well the weirdest part of yesterday) was that the whole day felt like deja vu. Like i had already lived the whole day before, and already read that book! It was definatly a crazy feeling...

Anyway - back to work : (

"Taking charge of your body can help you take charge of your life. And that power can help you go wherever you want to go, every single day." - CHERYL BRIDGES TREWORGY