Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fabulous Ideas

I usually have all my greatest ideas while running, but of course when I finish the run I cannot seem to remember the perfectly constructed sentences, poems, ideas, etc. This morning while running with Winkly, a thought just struck me. Last night i was reading Laura's blog and she had posted pictures of her latest marathon. While on mile 4 of this run, I thought why not carry a disposable camera on the half marathon. I know, I know - lots of people carry their cameras on runs but my problem is that I just don't have enough cameras. B-Rabbit will have mine, and my mom (who just signed up to volunteer at one of the mile markers and be a road marshall for the race!!!) will have hers but I dont have any other cameras. PLUS I am slightly scared that with all the sweat I will ruin my camera. So i am going this afternoon to buy a disposable camera that I can carry during the race and then take pictures of it the whole way!!! Of course I told Winkly about my idea as soon as i thought of it (another benefit of running with your best friend!!)

We decided today during the run that we will try to run a race together once a month! We also discussed what we should eat before the run, during and after. I feel like I am not getting enough intake of carbs during the run but im not sure what to eat. I usually never eat anything during running. During basketball I would always eat pasta 3 hours before the game started and then have selected snacks for half-time if i started to get dizzy or have trouble concentrating (more on this in the future). Any ideas what to eat the morning of the race, and then during the race???

Saturdays run - Winkly and Me
10 miles
1:46:33 (only one short walking break at 7.3 miles!!)


Laura said...

I usually don't carry my camera, but I was planning to run a slower pace and I knew the scenery would be incredible. Great idea to bring a disposable!

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

I haven't done this, but here's an interesting idea I've read about.

Carry a disposable camera and after shooting all the pics, hand it to a perfect stranger on the course with your name and address taped to the camera and a simple request asking that stranger to drop it in the mail to you.

Those who have written about it say that they have always received the camera every time--a very strong tribute to the kindness and honesty of others. One kind stranger even had the pics developed and printed before mailing to the marathoner.

Just a thought.

Aron said...

i always eat something about an hour before i run, especially on race day. usually toast with pb and half a banana or something on that order. during the race i eat luna moons... sometimes sports beans, and i used to use gu but not so much anymore. i would start trying things out on your long runs to see what works best for you!

great idea to bring a disposable!