Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update

I woke up to sunny skies yesterday morning and pulled on my running shoes for a quick 3 mile de-stresser run. i was slightly sore from the 10 miler the day before and i felt extremely slow!

After the run, there was track physicals! YAY except NOT because my school is silly and assigns three teams at once but only has 5 trainers to go through like 100 kids for physicals! I made sure i was first for my team and thankfully got out of there at a decent time. The only weird part of it was that when Andrew took my blood pressure he said it was 100/52! Thats like crazy low - I still have to wait for my results from my actual doctor to see what she said my BP was.

After a nice pancake breakfast, I was ready for football. B-rabbit drove me to his parents house and he actually tried to cook (with guidance from his mom). He made his favorite cheese dip and I must admit it was quite good. His mom also helped me to make this bracelet while watching the game. I love arts and crafts and so this was fun. I actually wore it to work today! I know - big surprise since i never wear jewelry!

Anyway, I'm heading to the pool soon to do some swimming and then running tomorrow and Wednesday mornings. I think ill swim again Thursday and take Friday off. Saturday Ill do a nice jiggy jog and then head to the expo with Winkly for packet pickup!! Only 6 days until the half marathon!!

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