Friday, December 14, 2012

Where have I been?

It has been a month since I posted.  And a lot has happened in that last month, much of which I can't or don't really want to talk about right now.

I am still running and it is the only thing really keeping me sane.  There's not a plan or a schedule - I just get out most mornings and enjoy the quiet and coolness.

This morning especially I needed a run.  I needed to get outside and run and just forget about what has been happening and enjoy the outdoors.  As I ran along I caught the end of the meteor shower and saw over 12 shooting stars.  It really made for a very special run and lifted my spirits.  Just beautiful to see flashes of stars falling in the sky - truly amazing.

I will say that I am ok, Brian is good, everything is really ok.  Just dealing with a lot of things right now.

Almost at the same time my life got slightly crazy, I realized I had run out of space on this blog for pictures. So I am a crossroads.  Do I continue with the blog and upgrade for more storage OR do I change over to wordpress?  When I started this blog over four and half years ago I never knew it would help me to meet so many great people and inspire me to run faster and farther than I had ever before.

So that is what is happening over here.  I might be back soon with a new blog, or I might not be back. I am not sure yet.  It is all up in the air for right now....