Saturday, February 28, 2009

State Track Meet

Today was quite an experience!!

I got to the track and went to the trainers area. I got a heating pad thingie and put it on my hip. I really like heating up my hip because it makes it feel soooo good! After I put heat on it, I feel like I can run and jump!

The trainer then wraped my hip up REALLY tight. I couldn't tell if I was having pain in my hip beacuse of my hip flexor or because of the warp jobie!

I ended up throwing a seasons best in shot put of 10.15 meters (Translated to feet that is 33 feet 3.75 inches) and got 12 place of 18.

The 4x400m relay ran without me today (Alison ran in my place and she did great). They ran a 4:10.48 which is the exact qualifying for the regional meet next weekend. I am sad that I can't run - especially since a lot of the athletes did very well and are going on to compete next weekend.

Overall the hip felt pretty good - after throwing I had to immediatly remove the warp thingie because it was so tight it was cutting off the circulation in my other hip and therefore I was going numb! My hip felt tired later on in the afternoon but tonight I have had no pain. I feel like my brain thinks there is pain in my hip when there really is not! Its like pseudo pain!!

Tomorrow I am headed to Florida with B-Rabbit and his family for Spring Break! I have a hard time packing! I am always worried that I will get down there and not have something that I need!! I don't know how much I will post but Ill be keeping up with the blogs as much as I can.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! I can't beleive that tomorrow is March 1st!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hip Flexor exercises

I am on a mission - to help all people avoid suffering through a hip flexor injury.

I went back to the training room yesterday (i have a standing date with them at 10am every morning) and saw the head trainer this time (a woman who has helped me since I was a freshman) and she gave me some more exercises to do.

First off, A MILLION THANKS TO MARLENE for the video she left in my comments!!

Check it out here

Basically the exercises in the video that we do in practice for warm ups are:
hurdle trail leg (forward and backward)
lateral leg swing
linear leg swing

For rehab I do very similar exercises:

I do the lateral leg swing on a machine at the gym so that I had resistance from the weights. I also do the linear leg swing with a bent knee on that machine. These both are great exercises to strengthen your hip flexor (do 3 sets of 10 reps).

I also do stretches on a balance ball. I stand with my right knee on the ball and gently roll my leg back. It is a light stretch since you technically are not supposed to stretch the hip flexor when you have an injury (do 20 reps).

Next I put a light ankle weight on and stand bracing myself with the wall and pick my right knee up. My right quad is parallel to the ground straight in front of me and I rotate at the hip to the right so that my leg is outward but still parallel. I then rotate back to the original position and bring my leg down to the ground (do 3 sets with 10 reps).

Finally I do lunges - today I did them with 5 pound weights in each hand but felt some pain so tomorrow I will do them without the weights (do 3 sets with 12 reps).

After just one week of sitting out I realize how important it is to do the little things when warming up. If any of these exercises don't make sense let me know and I will try to explain it better!

Yesterday I basically went pain free. On the downside the trainer said that I probably wont be able to run for 2 more weeks! 2 MORE WEEKS!!! I have cabin fever as it is and just want to run run run!!

On the upside, I am competing in Shot put this Saturday for the state meet. Its not a running event but at least it is something!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I went to the meet Saturday with my team, I stayed over with the other Pentathletes, I arrived at 9am at the meet. I ran a few laps and warmed up, I started to sprint and felt pain.

I did not compete.

I am doing ok with this - I was pretty upset when I had to tell my coach I just could not compete. It was hard to watch the other girls compete so I focused on helping my other boy teammates (they came in 2nd and 3rd!!) I have been slacking on the commenting on blogs because I really haven't been too happy and I don't want to spread my negativity.

I went to rehab this morning (I sound like I am on drugs!) and the trainer gave me 3 exercises to do and honestly I am really glad that I didn't run yesterday because I have minimal pain in my hip.

I am hoping for a quick recovery. The hip flexor is such a tricky thing, but I'll be doing my exercises all week and icing every few hours and also taking my drugs (aka aleve). I hope everyone else had a great weekend and is doing well!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Status Update

I went to the trainers yesterday and they put me on the bike for 15 minutes. Then I got ultrasound and then biked some more and finally stim and ice. Stim is where they hook up electrodes above and below the point that hurts and it sends pulses through it to break up the inflammation. It feels really cool!

So I even went back a second time to the trainers in the afternoon for more treatment! The only bad part was that last night I was in a little bit of pain.

I talked to my coach - I am going to the meet Sunday and competing in Pentathlon and we will see how it goes. He said that Pent is my main concern right now and that I have to at least give it a try because this is the state meet and I could do really well even with my leg hurting. I seriously love his attitude although I am nervous about hurting myself even more. Right now I am listed in 4th place out of a total of 7 people; apparently there will be a few more girls added in.

So that is the news - I am happy but nervous. Its hard for me because this is my first real injury - I was so lucky to get through 4 years of basketball without any injuries.

So I am done with the negative and only thinking positive! I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and enjoys the weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

TIART: 6 Minutes of Pain

Thursday = Runners Lounge TIART.

Now that I am on track and we are all about lifting I have a few exercises that I feel I must do everytime I hit the weight room.

I was introduced to this exercise (one of my favs) back in October and I think it is really great for runners.

Its called - Running Arms!

Heres what you do => get 5 pound weights in each hand. With this exercise its better to stick with the lighter weights. So grip those weights real good and then find a clock. Basically you swing your arms back and forth - like you are running - and do it for 30 seconds. It helps your shoulders and tricepts. Whenever I do them I think about my second lap of the 400m in the relay and jump pumping my arms to the finish!!

Anyway, try this out if you want, I usually do about 3 sets of 30 seconds with maybe a minute rest maybe more, so that doesn't really fill up the whole 6 minutes so maybe go and bench press or something!! The guys at the gym always give me weird looks but IT works!! My arms feel stronger and help me to run faster! Let me know if this exercise works for anyone else!!


Today is going ok - not much better than yesterday sadly. I saw the trainers and they were really nice. I haven't talked to my coach yet. Ill give a full report on what the dealio is tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Thanks for the outpouring of support BUT things have gone from bad to worse.

I saw the trainers today and yes it is a hip flexor strain.

I am officially NOT allowed to practice.

And I am pretty much out of Pentathlon this weekend.

This sucks - BIG TIME. I have a real problem with sitting out from practices.

I don't know exactly what is going on - I have to go back to the trainers tomorrow to get checked out again.

My coach wasn't here at all today so I wasn't able to talk to him about anything.

Then things just got worse from there.

I called home to tell my parents the news.

They didn't even seem that concerned - like I was faking this injury or something!

So now I am in a huge fight with them because of that and other family drama.


Sorry to be a super debbie downer! I am off to bed now - Here is hoping that Thursday is a better day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Bad news on top of mega drama and just general depression from being overworked and burnt out.

I am burnt out - I guess I am going to get real personal and honest with this:

This weekend on Sunday I will be competing in the State meet for Pentathlon and then the following Saturday is the rest of the state meet when we have the 4x400m relay and all individual events. Well I am just tired. In the 4x400m relay we have to run a 4:10.45 to go to the "BIG" meet (which is the following week and also Spring Break) and right now our best time is 4:12.5. Well I want to run that time and all that but at the same time I want a break, I want to go on vacation for break and relax.

If we don't make it I will hopefully be going to Florida with B-Rabbit and visiting some of his family. I could really use the time off - I don't want to be a total complainer but lately I have been feeling like I need to get away.

So there is that news - now on to the possibly worse news

Saturday I ran on the indoor track like I mentioned and had hip pain. I did hurdles yesterday and had similar pain but not too bad. Today I felt the pain again during warm ups and then during cool down.

I found this website because the pain has gotten worse this evening - The injured Runner - and so I went on it and looked up what exactly might be the cause of my pain. Well from the website it looks like I have a hip flexor strain! I have a light day tomorrow (just biking and lifting) so I am hoping that it will feel better and I will be going to the trainers to see what they say.

I am really bummed out because this could mean that I get pulled from competition : (
I will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow but I am really have trouble being patient!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Workouts

Workout Summary:

Friday = I am a wimp.
It was a sunny 30 degrees outside but I stayed inside and went for the treadmill
1 mile warm up
3.5 miles at 8:00 minute/mile pace
0.5 mile cool down

I had brought my ipod with my new headphones I got for Christmas and I have decided that I have a deformed left ear! The headphone thingie worked great in my right ear but it kept falling out of my left. So I was stuck with no music for my run and I had to stare at the people in front of me and judge them.

The one girl in front of me was going too fast and so she kept running at the very back of the treadmill. I was just waiting for her to fall flat on her face! The girl next to me decided she was a really fast runner and tried to out sprint me for the 5 minutes she was actually on the treadmill. And the boy who was off to the right in front of me had the treadmill set at 9.5 mph and was just jogging away! Seriously there are crazy people at my school!

I was really happy that I was able to maintain the 8 minute mile pace for oever 3 miles. It makes me feel like I can still run some mileage!

6x200m warmup
2x200m sprint straight aways then jog curves
4x400m intervals at good pace
4x200m cool down

I ran on the older indoor track which happens to have inclines on the curves so basically I almost fell and tripped over myself every lap. Also during the first interval I felt a strange pain in my right hip. Nothing serious but it was just weird - I think because of the inclined curves!

400m intervals were at a decent pace even though I was running alone.

Sunday aka Today
Jumping in the pool with B-Rabbit and hopefully I will remember how to swim!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I wanted to make some chocolate covered strawberries but it didn't work out. Maybe next year (or maybe next week!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello Friday!

It is finally FRIDAY! And on top of that it is Friday the 13th!

I am on my way today to do a presentation to a local high school. I haven't really mentioned it before but I am going to college in the field of Engineering. So I was asked to go to a local school (since I also graduated from a local high school in the area) and talk about my experience and why I chose to go to school for Engineering. I am kind of nervous but I am sure it will be a fun experience.

Yesterday's workout at track practice was fairly simple but I am still sore from Monday and Tuesday! I feel like my hips are tight and just wont stretch out.

My plan for todays workout is to actually get some miles in. I am going to hit the treadmill with my ipod and we will see how far I can go at an easy pace!

Tomorrow I will hit the track for a nice hard speed workout. The question is what exact workout should I do? I am getting kind of bored of the same old stuff that we do every week at practice. Does any one have a favorite interval/speed workout I can try??

Have a great weekend and Happy early Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mid Week Recap

Yesterdays weather = 50 degrees with gray ugly clouds

Todays weather = 55 degrees with RAIN!! Is rain better than snow??

I ran outside yesterday (just like most everyone else who is a runner or has a running blog). There was still little patches of snow on the track which I tired to avoid.

Heres the lovely workout:
6x200m Warm up
2x350m - first 50m all out, 200m glide/floating action, last 100m all out.
2x150m @ 90%
800m Cool Down

It was a nice outdoor workout, I didn't have that "I can't breath" feeling after running because the indoor track is so dry.

ALSO I forgot that running outdoors means there is WIND!!! I was kindly reminded that I hate wind! It sure is annoying!

Previous to yesterday it had been 39 DAYS since I had run outside!

Today we had team pictures and with 90+ athletes it sure was a hassle getting everyone situated! Some of the younger girls on the team are really just spoiled brats! This is mainly the distance girls but I just can't believe how much they complain and disrespect their elders!

I only threw shot put today and took a little time off from running as I will be going hard tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. I got my new throwing shoes in the mail yesterday so I tired them out today. They are already dirty : (

Anyone have fun plans for Valentine's Day? B-rabbit wont tell me what is happening Saturday so it will be a surprise!!

Happy Running - Hopefully there wont be much snow falling this weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rug Burn and A Book Rut

I have some very exciting news! I thought I would be going to the meet this weekend but yesterday at practice I found out that I finally get a weekend off! That means that this week I can push hard and workout to the max to get myself ready for the State meet for Pentathlon on February 22nd.

I may have gone too far in that thinking as yesterday I practiced 3 of my events! I went to high jump practice at 4 and stayed until 5:30 and then I proceeded to walk across the track to the Sprinters Practice. There, I did hurdles and then ran 200m repeats! I didn't leave the gym until after 7:30pm and today my body is sore!!! Plus the high jump mat basically gave me rug burn all over!!

In other news - I think I am in a book rut. My book ruts go like this:
I take a book out of the library
I start to read book
I don't like it
I feel guilty I am not reading said book
I finally allow myself to return book without finishing it
I take out another book

And the cycle continues! Life has been hectic with school (I am sorry for not commenting and reading blogs like usual) and I was hoping this week would allow me to finally relax but apparently not! By Friday I should be back to my normal lazy, school work slacking self and blogs will once again take over my life!

I am off to practice soon - Tuesdays are the intense workout days! I hope everyone has a good run today!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Track Meet - Pentathlon

Friday I competed in my first Penthatlon since high school. There were ten girls from 4 different colleges (Two colleges of which were small Division 1 schools, while I compete in Divison 3).

Warm ups for hurdles went well but the official who was starting the race rushed me through the set (the official says on your mark and we get into the blocks - he isn't supposed to say set until all the girls stop moving) and I didn't have my hands placed and he said SET. The gun went off and I attacked the hurdles - and apparently I attacked too much because my trail leg (my left leg) hit the hurdle and it messed my steps up. I was pretty upset but I somehow still managed to run a faster time. Interesting....

Between events for Pent, we are given 30 minutes (at the very least). High jump was next and just like with Hurdles I looked great in warmups but once we started competition I just couldn't seem to get everything together. High jump is all about making sure to jump up first and then arch your back and finally kick your feet over the bar. Each time I managed to forget one part of that and so I didn't jump as high as I wanted.

The third event was shot put - which is probably my favorite since I have been throwing since 8th grade and it is basically the reason I got into Pent in the first place. I haven't been throwing as far as I wanted and my steps have been off. I ended up placing third in this event which helped me gain points on the girls ahead of me.

You might be wondering what I mean by points. Well Pent is 5 events and so we complete each event for a distance or time, etc etc. Then each distance is scored and we are given a certain amount of points.

The fourth event was long jump. I was feeling good - not tired at all but somehow I just wasn't jumping as far as my PR. My coach was there - the multis coach (we call him that because he coaches the girls and guys for the multi events like Pentathlon, Hepthalon, and Decathlon). It was hard because he was telling me all these things to do and it felt like I was just thinking too much.

The final event was the 800m! Now the girls always seem to complain about it - I just do it because we have to do it and really it is quick event. You are running for less than 3 minutes! I was in 9th place going into the 800m and I was looking for a PR. As soon as the gun went off I jumped into second place and just sat on the lead girls butt. I could hear my coach yelling to me and encouraging me.

I stayed in second until one girl made a move with about 250m left. I should have followed her but I didn't and that was a mistake - but I learned and next time will be a little better. I ended up taking 3rd place in the 800m and running a PR. Heres a list of results:

55mH - 10.31 seconds
High Jump - 1.38m
Shot put - 9.88m
Long jump - 4.40m
800m - 2:38.05 (minutes:seconds)

My final points was 2533 which is very close to my seed value (which is all my best attempts/runs from all previous meets). I guess I am pretty consistent but I just need to do better. I came in 9th overall which was disappointing but I guess I deserve that because I haven't put the time into all my events like I should have. Its like my coach said - I have gotten out of this what I put into it. I need to put more into this so i can finish this season without regret. Hopefully in the next two weeks (before the state Pent competition) I can improve and preform better.

This whole Pent thing might be hard to understand - i take for granted everything because I have been doing it for so long. Thanks for reading - I am actually thinking about getting outside for a run this afternoon since it is nice and sunny.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo Friday

This is a picture of me from the last meet running the 4x400m relay. I was trying to catch the girl in front of me and I eventually did on the second lap!

I am off to compete in Indoor Pentathlon in a few hours which is 5 events.

Order of events will be:
55m Hurdles
High Jump
Shot Put
Long Jump

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My life is officially a rollercoaster ride!

I was just going along in my week, minding my own business and out of nowhere I get an email from one of the track coaches.

Apparently I will be competing in Pentathlon on Friday! I didn't see that one coming!

And so just 4 short days after competing Sunday, I will be off Friday morning to my next track meet - the good news: I will have Saturday off from all things Track although I don't know how much energy I will actually have!

If I can just make it through this week I will be ok.

Since we had the meet on Sunday, I feel like I am a day behind. I keep thinking today is Tuesday! I have a lot to get done so I better get started!

yesterday's workouts
6x200m warm up
1-2x 450m paced with last 50m all out
2x200m at 90%
2x100m fly-ins at race pace
3x200m cool down

My legs still felt dead from the weekend! And I feel like running a mile is such a long way. I was cooling down yesterday and thought to myself - How did I ever run 3 miles?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Track Meet #4

First off - I am feeling much better. Thursday of last week was a much better day and by Friday I was eating all normal foods. Maybe tomorrow I can start having milk again!!

I competed in my Track meet and we came in second overall for the league championships. The boys team came in second too BY just ONE POINT!! I felt so bad for them because they all preformed so well and they were soo close!

I did high jump (I ran into the bar and now have a huge bruise on my back - opps!), long jump (PR-ed at 4.67m, overall 7th place), shot put (9.82m, 4th place overall), and then 4x400m relay.

By the time I got to the relay I was exhausted but I really didn't realize this until I received the baton from Abby and was running. Results:

4:12.13 (my split = 65 seconds)

I was the slowest split which really upset me after the race. We need a time of 4:10.48 to make it to this big meet in Boston at the beginning of March (and we have 4 more chances to qualify). Abby is already going with the 4x200m relay so there is no guarantee that we will be going but i wanted to at least help the girls have the possibility/opportunity. (A lot of things are still up in the air)

The girls ran such a great race I was so proud to be on the relay with them. I think that if I hadn't had to do the other three events I would have run faster - My legs were just tired from basically going non-stop from 10:30am until 2:55pm when we ran the relay. I was basically warming up for the relay while I was throwing shot! It was hard to focus.

Anyway - it was a jammed packed weekend and now I am just trying to recover and get all my work done! Happy Monday!