Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rug Burn and A Book Rut

I have some very exciting news! I thought I would be going to the meet this weekend but yesterday at practice I found out that I finally get a weekend off! That means that this week I can push hard and workout to the max to get myself ready for the State meet for Pentathlon on February 22nd.

I may have gone too far in that thinking as yesterday I practiced 3 of my events! I went to high jump practice at 4 and stayed until 5:30 and then I proceeded to walk across the track to the Sprinters Practice. There, I did hurdles and then ran 200m repeats! I didn't leave the gym until after 7:30pm and today my body is sore!!! Plus the high jump mat basically gave me rug burn all over!!

In other news - I think I am in a book rut. My book ruts go like this:
I take a book out of the library
I start to read book
I don't like it
I feel guilty I am not reading said book
I finally allow myself to return book without finishing it
I take out another book

And the cycle continues! Life has been hectic with school (I am sorry for not commenting and reading blogs like usual) and I was hoping this week would allow me to finally relax but apparently not! By Friday I should be back to my normal lazy, school work slacking self and blogs will once again take over my life!

I am off to practice soon - Tuesdays are the intense workout days! I hope everyone has a good run today!


Aron said...

WOW those workouts just scare me :) you are awesome!!!

i am in a book rut too, since twilight i just havent found one that i want to read.

Nicole said...

I started reading twilight and i cant find time to continue reading.... its soo good, but i just cant find the time to read!

Your workouts are intense, way to go and ENJOY your weekend off!

Marlene said...

Nice job on the triple-threat workout! You're going to kick some butt at the State meet.

Have you read Eat Pray Love? The Glass Castle? The Lovely Bones? I (almost) only read books that were recommended by friends, so those are my recommendations for you. :)

Kim said...

I know I'm pathetic-but at least you say you GET to the library. I can't tell you the last time I checked out a book. Now THAT is a rut.

Marcy said...

OMG Rug burn! Dang I think the last time I got that I was 7 and ran and then dove head first into the carpet. Nice big ole patch a carpet burn on the forehead HAHA!

Brian said...

Im horrible with books, and i want to read so many books!

X-Country2 said...

You're going to rock that meet! Good luck with the rut. I don't trust myself to pick out books, since I always know I'll hate them.

Nikemom said...

blogs over school....i like your thought process. LOL