Tuesday, September 2, 2008

College Life

Well I have been at work for half a day so far...unmotivated pretty much sums it all up!

I got up this morning and ran, and I deliberatly went slower.
3 miles - 23:10

I am going to try and go swimming tonight plus do stretching because my left calf feels very tight and sore. Yesterday was great - my knees didnt hurt at all after that super long run on sunday. They feel fine once again today which is really good! I think the stretching I have been doing has helped!!

Being back at school is great, especially when all my friends and roommates had class yesterday and I didn't!!

The weekend was good - I finished Twilight By Stephenie Meyer. The weirdest part of the whole book (well the weirdest part of yesterday) was that the whole day felt like deja vu. Like i had already lived the whole day before, and already read that book! It was definatly a crazy feeling...

Anyway - back to work : (

"Taking charge of your body can help you take charge of your life. And that power can help you go wherever you want to go, every single day." - CHERYL BRIDGES TREWORGY

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