Thursday, September 4, 2008

Perfect Words

Quick overview of the last 24 hours - went swimming at the pool, 800 yards, felt good. Couldn't fall asleep, woke up before alarm. Went running, saw a car parked on side of the road, got freaked out. Saw the sun rise, beautiful red ball. Legs felt tired, ran a little slow, hopefully tomorrow will be a fast day. Running long run saturday with Winkly.

Ok got that all out! Its been a rough day, but a good day. I started in a new group at work so it was exciting and scary because there is a lot to learn. Other than that theres really nothing else I have to say right now - I do need some food though I am starving!!

Song stuck in my head - Every Day by Rascal Flatts

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Laura said...

I had "Every Day" totally stuck in my head during my race this morning... it was so frustrating because I didn't have my iPod and was trying to sing a faster song in my head, but I kept going back to "Every Day"! :)