Thursday, May 28, 2009

TIART: Injuries

I spent most of my high school and college athletic career without injuries. Of course I suffered from minor ankle sprains in high school soccer and then a jammed thumb in college basketball. It wasn't until college track that I was hit with a more serious injury...a hip flexor strain.

When I had this injury I set out to help prevent this painful strain from happening to anyone else. If you are interested in any exercises, just go to the search bar on the left hand column and type in "hip flexor" and the post should come up.

Well it has been a few months since I had this injury and sometimes I still feel a little pain. I am not sure if it didn't heal all the way or what but sometimes its just likes to remind me that it is there. There really isn't much else to say about this that I haven't already said....but the most important thing is to keep those hips flexible and avoid this injury!!

Its raining outside today...and thunderstorms are scheduled for tonight. I just hope the Corporate Challenge doesn't get canceled because I have a 4 mile easy run to complete! Tomorrow I hope to find a track I can run on and then hit up some garage sales for apartment furniture! Woohoo! Happy Thursday everyone!

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Being Robinson said...

Injuries suck. But hey, I guess we all learn from them eh? I still have a deep tight spot in my hip from my injury two years ago. I think maybe it will just never go away.

I hope you get to do your race today, so good luck!

Nicole said...

Happy Thursday.

I never really got injured too bad. Minor ankle sprains. Nothing that kept me from racing!!!

:) :) Enjoy your run!

Marlene said...

My hips are sooo tight. I really should work on that to avoid a serious injury. Thanks for the reminder!

Nice new layout, btw!

No Longer Using said...

CONGRATS on grad!!!!! love the new profile pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) hip flexors seem to be such finicky body parts... my left one has been bothering me just barely. like my left side aches sometimes and i can't tell if it is my groin, hip flexor, glute, it band, or all combined. weird, right?! i am AMAZED at how much flexibility matters. i mean it makes sense. i wish yoga classes were free!!!!! i look at dancers sometimes and just covet their twistiness... :)

I Run for Fun said...

We all learn from injury. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Have so much fun shopping!

Brian said...

I just started having hip pains a couple weeks before the marathon so I took it easy and just kept flexing, looked weird but it worked!

heather C said...

I need to go check out that post! While I may have found a short term remedy for my hip stuffff I def think it's something I'll have issues with in the future. glad yours is better!!!

happy thursdayyyy*