Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Ran Today

Yes...I ran today.

1.6 miles...with some pain.

No swelling, no bruising, but there's a slight twinge (pain in the knee) still when I run.

I think somehow my quad muscle isn't strong enough to hold my knee up properly.

Not sure though : (

Its just so weird...I've never had anything like this.

I do have a nice little half marathon plan! Ill share that later on this week.

I also have successfully recruited my friend's Jackie and Margot to run the HM with me!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend...I am not looking forward to Monday!!


Nicole said...

Ahhh attack of monday! i hateeee mondays!

sorry to hear about your pain... hopefully it gets better soon!! :)

have a good week

The Laminator said...

Ooh, a half marathon plan...I love those! Which one, which one? Okay, I'll wait...

teacherwoman said...

Those quads can be a real bugger. It's very important to strengthen them... and it should help keep your knee in place!

Jen Feeny said...

Just take it one mile at a time! Excited to hear about the half, which one are you doing???

J.J. said...

man that pain is....well...a pain!! Hope it gets outta here ASAP!!!!! Can't wait to hear of your HM plans!

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EndorphinBuzz said...

Way to go and spread the running bug to your friends. I hope they like running!!

Anonymous said...

Keep taking things slow. Hope the pain goes away. Hang in there.

N.D. said...

glad it wasn't awful. : ) Take it easy for sure!

No Longer Using said...

oh no:( i'm sorry!!!!! are you go\ing to get it checked out??? seriously get a massage! :)

Glenn Jones said...

I would get the knee checked out. You should be strong enough, but switching from sprinting to longer distances may be placing some strain on some ligaments in your knee. Or it could be something as simple as ITBS!

Congrats on talking a couple of your friends into running with you. Sounds like fun!

Kim said...

Hey girlie-pain isn't fun, take it easy and it it taken care.

Training with friends is so much fun. I think I've missed that lately. Could be part of my issue I've been having with motivation lately.

Happy Monday!

Felice Devine said...

Take it slow and easy until you are pain-free.

Yay for your friends running the HM! That's terrific!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Sorry buddy!! Unfortunatly those of us who have out MILES and MILES on our bodies for college athletics tend to have pains for no apparent reason. Hang in there, it WILL pass..

Julia said...

Thanks for the info on your cute running top and the tip about the carbs. I definitely do overdo it on the carbs. Darn you, cookies! haha.
I'm sorry about your knee pain. Are you able to see a PT? They might be able to teach you some knee/quad strengthening/stretching moves.
Yay for the HM!

Jeri said...

oh no. get healthy asap. :( HM will be NO fun otherwise.

Marlene said...

My running instructor told us last week that runners often have super strong hams but weak quads (hard to believe!) and that this can cause knee pain since the knee is not properly supported.

He suggests quad strengthening by strapping on an ankle weight (or placing a sand bag on your foot) and doing leg raises 3x/ week.

Could help?

Brian said...

Take it easy and ice the knee after workouts. Once it's feeling better, add some strength exercises in. I like the single leg deadlift, squats or leg presses and lunges.

Aron said...

hope the knee feels better soon!!

yayyyy training plans :)

X-Country2 said...

Oh know! Get thee to a professional to get it sorted out.

Mark said...

Take care-easy does it..hope the knee gets better quick!

Aron said...

ITB pain was like the outside of the knee... it was weird i just knew thats what it was when it happened. it hurt when i was running and made me almost limp. do you have a foam roller? if it is ITB thats how i got it to go away... you can email me if you want and we can talk about it more runnersrambles at gmail dot com