Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can I Run Yet??

This whole swimming thing is getting old. I want to get back to running. I can't even remember what it feels like to run.

My physical therapy has been helping so much and my PT Greg says that the next step is doing jumping exercises. If my leg/hip/knee can handle that then it can handle the stress of running!

I am very curious to see what kind of plan he has for bringing running back into my life! As soon as I know, I will share!

Since swimming really is the only thing I have right now in my life I guess I should report on it so you all know that I am trying to stay physically active! Last week I was on a mission so I did two intense workouts Monday and Wednesday.

200 yard warm up
6x50 yards on a minute then
200 yards easy
I did three sets of this then a 200 yard cool down

Brian was away for work but I sent him a text Tuesday night asking for a good workout. Well apparently there was a miss communication because I did
200 yard warm up
ladder workout - 50, 75, 100, 125...continue adding 25 yards all the way to 300 yards
200 yard cool down
That was 2325 yards

Apparently every swimmer knows that when you do a ladder it is actually 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 yards. Not up by 25 yard increments. Opps!

Counting laps on the track is so much easier! Happy Tuesday!


Marlene said...

Wether it was an official ladder or not, still looks like a gerat workout. Kudos for staying so active.

Sending good vibes your way and hoping you can ease back into running SOON!

Glenn Jones said...

Man - you are going to be soooo strong when you get back to running! All that swimming is going to keep you so fit and so stong it won'tbe funny. Just too bad the only scenery is that black line on the bottom of the pool....

Amber said...

I actually started out swimming and then went to running so technically, swimming was my first love.

However, now that I've fallen in love with running, I wholeheartedly agree that swimming just does not measure up!

Hope you can get back to running soon :-)

X-Country2 said...

All this swimming is going to make running a snap.

Aron said...

hang in there girlie!!! your swimming will def make it easier when you can run again, which i hope is VERY soon!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I hope you can get back to it soon. In the mean time so proud of you for staying in shape and not letting the injury get you down.

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

I hope you can run again soon, but swimming is definitely a great workout!

I think I would be terrible at a ladder workout. I always lose track of laps when I'm in the pool :)

EndorphinBuzz said...

You are 100% right, counting laps on the track is 10 times easier than in the pool.

You should look at yourself in the mirror, swimming is a great way to build your upper body (not that it will do you any good on the track, but someone may enjoy it ;)

sneakersister said...

You're almost there!

Jamie said...

Once you start running again it may be like you never stopped. You have an incredible base going in - great job on the swimming workouts!

Ms. V. said...

nice swim!!

N.D. said...

Here's a workout we did today!
300 free then 300 free/stroke alternate by 25

5 100s pull
4 100s kick (great for the legs)
3 100s sprint!
2 100 IMs
1 100 easy

10 50's
first 5 on :55/1:00
second 5 on :50/:55 (make on challenging interval)

GREAT JOB SWIMMING. Are you doing it alone? that is so hard.

Anonymous said...

Ha, well you are your own swimmer and can do the ladders however you want! We switch up running workouts all the time right? Same deal ;)

Nicole said...

Way to stick with the swimming! Your gonna be so much stronger when you start running again! I can't wait to hear what plans your PT has! :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!

Here is a suggestion if you are looking to change things up: When I was injured, I did my running in the water. They make weight belts for around your waist so you can literally run laps in the pool. It sounds funny...and looks ridiculous until you get good at it, but it works and it kept me strong for sure.