Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

First off - Yesterday was a great day!

When I got out of work it was 55F!  I drove home, changed into my running clothes (short sleeves and capris!) and went for a 5.5 mile tempo run.  It was glorious!  My legs felt amazing even though it was my fourth day in a row of running! I really think those recovery runs are doing their job!!

After my workout, I quickly showered and headed to my first orthopedic massage!  I told the man all about my problem areas (right hip, left knee, right foot) and he knew exactly what to do.  Apparently my right hip was almost an inch lower than my left hip which could have been causing my knee pain and also my foot pain!  It is so amazing how everything is connected - maybe I should have gone into orthopedics!

After an hour and a half of working on my legs, I felt great but tired!  My hips are now the same height and my legs are ready to go!  If you can find a place near you that specializes in orthopedic massage, I definitely recommend checking them out because it was well worth it!

Now some Friday Favorites - Weddings!

1. Flowers is the next thing on my "to do" list!

2. Plus deciding on the cake!


3. And finding the perfect shoes (possibly in red??)!

4. And finding the perfect hair style!

I love all the little details!! Have a great Friday!


Lisa said...

congrats on a great run! This weather is amazing; I wish it would last just a few days longer! Your massage sounds amazing. Does it feel a bit strange to have your hips in line after so long of being out of place?

I died my wedding shoes a bright pink to match the flowers I was carrying. It was awesome to have that little peek of color under my dress. Everyone was surprised! You should go for the red!

Kate said...

I love massages, they make such a big difference! Have so much fun with your wedding planning! So exciting!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, so pretty. I really think flowers and cake are the best parts of wedding planning. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

That's great the massage helped! Oh...cake and fun fun!

Being Robinson said...

how fun on all the wedding stuff! enjoy, it's so fantastic. this weather is amazing lately, loving it.

Nicole said...

I want those nina shoes in red too! Let me know if you find them! We really should be sending eachother helpful advice!!! :) I like the first hair idea best! GORGY!!!

Molly said...

I love the idea of the red shoes! Wedding planning is so much fun : )

That's interesting about your hips, and great that you're good to go. I

Isn't this weather fabulous?!?

Marlene said...

Planning out all of those little wedding details was so much fun! Love the pictures.

Sounds like an awesome appointment. Hopefully you will notice a difference in your runs!

RoseRunner said...

oooo, those hairstyles are a good start! That was always my favorite part about high school formal dances... the fancy updos. Can't wait to see what you choose!

Kim said...

Glad the massage went well. It feels wonderful to be in balance.

And I LOVE all of your photos you posted of flowers, cakes and hair. Soooo fun!!

Anonymous said...

Go for the colored shoes! You will love them! I loved my navy blue peep toe pumps and wear them still :)