Monday, May 2, 2011

Half Marathon - Week 12

The final week! 

Monday - Off/Rest

Tuesday - Tempo
 5.3 miles/43:06/8:10 pace

Workout = 4x1000m at Tempo pace

I had to do this workout in the morning due to after work obligations.  It had rained all night but finally let up before my run.  The road was covered with worms which was gross.  Once again it was tough to hit the paces in the early morning but the warmer temperatures (45F) helped to make it a bit easier.

Wednesday - Recovery Off/Rest

My legs were hurting and tight so I took today off instead of running.  It was hard to not run but I knew my legs would only benefit from the rest.  My left leg/butt was aching and I worried how it would affect me on race day.

Thursday - Tempo
5.4 miles/45:00/8:19 pace

My first run of 2011 in shorts! Easy warm up followed by 15 minutes at half marathon pace followed by easy cool down.  I made plans with my running group girls to meet at 7am on Sunday before the race to warm up and then race together! It was so exciting knowing that I would have company for at least part of the race! 

Friday - Off

Saturday - Easy
2.75 miles/23:50/8:40 pace

My legs felt amazing and this pace felt effortless! I was so excited for the warm weather and for the race the following day!

Sunday - RACE!
13.1 miles/1:41:05/7:44 pace

Race report to come with lots of pictures thanks to Brian!

Total week 12 mileage: 26.5 mi

Total 12 week training plan mileage: 353.21 mi


Nicole said...

woot woot! :) cant wait to read it!

Marlene said...

Awesome job on that final week of training. CLEARLY it paid off. :) Looking forward to that report!!