Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brooks finally got it right (maybe)

At the beginning of 2011, I made the switch from Asics to Brooks.  I finally realized that I was running in the wrong shoe plus I had heard some great reviews about this neutral running shoe from Brooks.

I decided to try the Ghost 3 shoes by Brooks and I instantly fell in love.  I ran my half marathon in them last spring and I have collected many pairs since them.  The Ghost 3s have been with me through everything and beyond.

When Brooks released the Ghost 4s I was not happy.  First they were heavier than the Ghost 3s.

Ghost 3 = 9.2 oz
Ghost 4 = 9.3 oz

Ok so its only 0.1 ounces but still it is the principle of the thing.  The heel to toe offset was the same (12mm) but I just was not happy so I started buying up all the regular width Ghost 3 size 10 shoes I could find.  A few weeks ago I was looking at my shoe mileage and realized that my last two pair of Ghost 3 shoes were quickly approaching the 500 mile mark! Ekkkkk!

My running buddy (who also runs in the Ghost 3) had already made the switch to another pair of Brooks shoes and so after a little research I decided that I would make the switch into a pair of Brooks PureProject shoes.  Then something caught my eye on the Brooks website.

The GHOST 5 shoes!!!  And although they were a little weird looking (in my opinion compared to the 3s) I decided that this new model actually might be worth trying.  Once again the heel to toe drop is the same as the 3s and 4s, but these babies are lighter!

Ghost 5 = 8.8 oz

This was too good to be true.  Just three weeks from the marathon and I was going to get a wonderful new pair of lighter shoes!  When I tried them on at the store they felt so right and after a quick spin around the parking lot I knew that these shoes would be the ones I would wear while running my first 26.2!

Another great part of these new Ghost 5s is that the toe box is a little bit bigger than the previous Ghost 3s.  My feet feel less smooshed but I still get the same light weight feel.  You can kind of tell the difference between the 3s and 5s in the picture below.

I ran in my new Brooks this morning and the run went great.  The shoes are so comfortable that I hardly feel a difference from my older Ghosts.  They of course feel like they have a bit more padding in the shoe, since they are newer and have no miles on them compared to my other Ghosts.

I really hope that the Ghost 5s live up to my expectations from the Ghost 3s.  Those Ghost 3s are going to be really hard to replace plus they have been with me through so many training runs and races.  

I did end up buying the Brooks Pure Flow shoes as well, but since they are a 4mm heel to toe drop, I am going to have to slowly work them into my running and most likely this wont happen until after the marathon. 

Thanks Brooks for realizing that the Ghost 4s weren't that great and making the Ghost 5s.  Let's hope these live up to the Ghost 3s because I have put them through a lot and they have really lasted.  And next time, Don't change a shoe when its already perfect.  Thanks.


Molly said...

That's great that model is working for you! I'm a fan of the Brooks Adrenaline.

And congrats on your 5k Speedy!!!

Johann said...

I hate it when they change a good model shoe so drastically to the next. I'm a Nike fan personally and have been running with Nike shoes for many many years.

RunningJunkie said...

I feel your pain! I wear Brooks Adrenaline and I hate that they keep changing them! Why change something that is working?

I was reccomended for these shoes at VA Runner. However, I'm thinking I may go back and get refitted. I'm sure my running has changed in the past two and a half years.

Jamie said...

I'm glad you found a shoe that you love!

Mike has the Ghost 4s but he never had any other pair of Brooks before that so I don't think he minds them. I don't think they are his "forever" shoes though.

Evolving Through Running said...

VERY interested to see how the Ghost 5s work for you as you break them in. I'm contemplating the same move you made - Asics to Brooks. I bought some Ghost 4s a couple months back to replace my everyday sneakers just to see how I like the Brooks fit, and they're really, really comfortable. Really hard for me to make the break from my trusty Gel Nimbus, but I'm getting closer. I'm torn between the Ghost 5 and the Launch as my first dip in the Brooks pool. Don't want to do anything to bring back the evil plantar fasciitis that I fought for much of 2011.

Being Robinson said...

i'm glad they went back to the old style. i've had similar problems with the mizuno's that i wear sometimes. for now i'm stuck on nike free's. i love that those are purple too. sweet!

Robin said...

Glad you found a new pair of shoes you like, hopefully they work out. I too, hate when they change a model of shoe and not for the better. I'm in Brooks Trance and think the 8's were great, 9's not so much, 10's a little better than 9's...looking forward to the 11's. Good luck with the first marathon!

Robin said...

Glad you found a new pair of shoes you like, hopefully they work out. I too, hate when they change a model of shoe and not for the better. I'm in Brooks Trance and think the 8's were great, 9's not so much, 10's a little better than 9's...looking forward to the 11's. Good luck with the first marathon!

Kim said...

It's frustrating when there is such a big change between shoes. I wonder if people feel that way about the change from the 4s to 5s like you did from the 3s from 4s! (that is a large weight different and toe box change) I know people mentioned a change like that on the Adrenalines, I wonder if Brooks does this often!

Anonymous said...

I've been running in 3's then 4's for a while and now I need new Ghosts and new Pure Flows and have been debating between just switching to the pure flow completely. Thanks for posting about it, loved seeing some feedback on the new ones!

Unknown said...

I left Asics too. I don't remember the Brooks I tried on but remember it had sort of a rocking motion from heel to toe. I love my Trimph5Saucony but will be looking for a new neutral shoes this weekend. Thanks for the post. I'm gonna check them out!

Anonymous said...

I got the Brooks PureConnect and even though I love how they look, runningwise they are not my favorite. I somehow always feel a little off, whereas with my vibrams I can run forever! Good luck with your new Ghosts!

greg said...

glad to hear the toe box is roomier, that's been my main complaint w/ the 4's. Thanks for the review. Good luck & have fun!

Marlene said...

There's nothing like finding the right pair of shoes! I hope they serve you well this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love getting new running shoes! And super yay for your new pure flows! I just bought the cadence a few weeks ago and love them. So bouncy and light!!