Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weather Obsessed

3 days.

And I have been stalking the weather (like any other runner with a race coming up) for the last 7 days.

40% chance of rain! 17mph winds! I did not sign up for that kind of weather.

So what do I do now?

Well it is still 3 days away and things could change.  But in reality the weather may not change and I could end up running in the rain and the wind which are my two least favorite types of weather.

I am just going to have to go with the flow, stay relaxed and wake up Sunday morning to whatever weather there is.  I just will have to prepare for anything.

I don't want the weather to change my game plan.  I still need to focus on what I want to run and achieve with this race. This race may be more of mental battle than anything else and I hope I am up for the challenge!

The bright side is that at least it is going to be cooler temps and not hot.  I will take a high of 60F any day over heat and humidity for a race. 

What's your least favorite weather to run/race in?  What would you do if you were racing this weekend and saw this weather report??


Rena said...

My least favorite weather to run/race in is hot and humid mainly because I never drink enough water to stay hydrated.

I would just maybe race with a light jacket? I'm guessing Brian will be out cheering? If it gets too hot, you can always hand it to him.

Marlene said...

I hope you end up with good weather Sunday morning! Keeping fingers crossed for you.

I hate heat/humidity most, and wind after that. I can handle rain (EXCEPT IN A TRI) although I hate when it's rainy for the start and you have to stand around getting cold & wet. :/

Good luck!!

The Unlikely Runner said...

I hate running in the heat, and being from Texas that means I pretty much hate it all the time. I have run in the rain before and had one of my best races, so I would definitely run it!
Good luck!

Kim said...

I hope the forecast changes! I can do rain, but not rain + wind when it's cold. We had mid 20 mph winds yesterday and it was difficult to walk to the train station after work!

Jford said...

Everyone of my longer distance races (HIM or HM) have been in rainy/stormy weather. You can do it, it sux, but makes for a great story afterwards! Good luck and hope it does hold off for you!

Karen said...

I feel like a race would be easier to run if it started raining during the run vs. having to stand around and then line up when it's already raining. Probably totally a mental thing.

RunningJunkie said...

I hate running in the extreme cold and wind. It's just awful.

I stalk the weather every week to plan my runs:-)

You just have to race with the weather you're given. Everybody else racing has the same disadvantage as you!

Elizabeth said...

Yikes. I hope that forecast change, but I am sure you will run well regardless. My least favorite weather is hot/humid weather. Above 70, sunny and humid is not my cup of tea.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yikes! I hope the wind goes away! That would be horrid!

I ran an entire marathon in pouring rain (in Portland, OR). It was mentally grueling, but I think I'd take that over a ridiculous hot day!!

Molly said...

ugh, hopefully it will rain at night and be done! Are you doing the Roch 1/2 again? Happy Belated Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope it will change until Sunday morning. It could still be perfect, cloudy and chilly! My least favorite weather is heat and humid. I can deal with cold weather (wear more clothes) and rain (wear water-proof clothes). But with heat, I have no idea what to do. Good luck Sunday!!