Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A BUSY day in my life

I have seen these posts done by over bloggers and I really wanted to share as well.  I picked an especially busy day (part of an especially busy week).  This is from last Tuesday, October 9th and here is some background.  First, Brian was away Sunday to Wednesday on a boys getaway.  While he was gone, I was working a lot and also trying to clean the house because I was going to be gone from Wednesday to Friday for a business trip.  On my return from the business trip, that following morning (Saturday), I was running a 5k race, going to a baby's first birthday party and having people over for dinner. So everything has to be done and ready by Tuesday night because I was going to work Wednesday then boarding my plane right after work.  Somehow I got through last week without any major problems.  On Sunday, I slept in late and finally got to relax. And now, here is a day in my life (from last week)....

4:52 AM - Alarm goes off. I always set my alarm for the last possible moment that I have to get up.  Two extra minutes of sleep really does help (I hope).  Before I know what is happening I throw off the covers and get out of bed.  Head to the bathroom, pee, brush teeth and change into my running clothes. Walk downstairs, grab sneakers, reflective vest and headlamp.  Walk back upstairs to grab coat (that I forgot to grab) then head out the door to run.

5:03 AM - Outside in the cold, waiting for garmin to get satellites then start running an already planned 4 mile route.

5:25 AM - Pass another runner on the road, she sounds out of breath, she doesn't say hi so I don't either.  I see her out a lot in the predawn mornings. She always looks angry and upset. Can't tell this morning cause its dark.

5:36 AM - Arrive back home, take a picture of myself, take off headlamp and reflective vest.  Grab purse, lunch, gym bag and running clothes bag and head to the gym.

 5:40 AM  - Leave for gym.  See signs for road closure from the direction my running buddy is coming from.  Know she will be a bit late.  Make note that I should take an alternate route to work to avoid road closure.

5:53 AM - Arrive at gym.

5:55 AM - Walk into gym, talk a bit with girl at the counter (she is so nice!) then walk into Total Body Conditioning class, set up bench, weights, mat and balance ball. Set up same stuff for my running buddy since I know she will be late because of road closure.

6:00 AM - Instructor walks in followed by my running buddy.  We start class.

6:30 AM - Half way through class - so far we have done pushups, lunges, bicept curls, squats and one legged squats.  Soon we will start the abs portion of class.

6:42 AM - Instructor has us doing inner thigh exercises, makes an obscene joke that I don't really get. Its too early.

7:00AM - Class is done, put away stuff and head to the locker room.  Put my stuff in a locker then hit the showers.

7:30 AM - Finished showering, dressing, blow drying, straightening and doing makeup.  Leave gym for work.  Forget about road closure and quickly detour away and take a long way to work.

7:44 AM - Realize I should have gone a different way  - too many stop lights and children walking to school. I know I will get to work later than I wanted.  Stop at Tim Hortons for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Tim Horton's guy at the window tries to hit on me - I am too tired to realize.

7:55 AM - Arrive at work.  Feel slightly frazzled since I am late but sit down to eat my two hard boiled eggs.  Heat up my pumpkin muffin in the microwave and enjoy it with some pumpkin butter on top.  Sip Pumpkin Spice Latte - Does not taste that great, I think the Starbucks one may be better than this Tim Horton's one.

8:30 AM - Check emails, respond to emails, eat more breakfast, talk to my co-worker in the neighboring cube.  Tell her about my crazy morning.

 8:55 AM - Leave desk and go to lab bench to continue working on project that I started yesterday.  Retake data I found was bad at the end of the day yesterday because I forgot to change the settings on my measurement equipment. Wrestle with stupid software, take more data, analyze it, think about it, continue taking data.

10:15 AM - Mom calls to confirm plans for weekend (its her birthday Sunday and she and my dad are coming over for dinner).

10:30 AM - Team meeting, supposed to be an hour but drags on to 70 minutes.  Lots of talking, I am getting hungry for lunch.

11:40 AM - Mini meeting outside of big meeting as I walk back to my desk.  Discuss problems as my stomach grumbles.

11:55 AM - Answer emails.

12:15 PM - Go grab lunch from refrigerator and sit down with three coworkers to play cards (which is what we do most days).  Eat, talk, play, de-stress.

1:00 PM - Back to desk to answer emails.  Send text to Brian since I have not heard from him.

1:30 PM - Continue to work on project.  It is pretty boring to explain to people what I do but I love it.  Its all about problem solving and figuring out the answers. Recieve quick text back from Brian, he is having fun.

2:10 PM - Coworker I am traveling with for business trip on Wednesday thru Friday sends me an email asking for a ride to the airport.  I let him know that I can and we arrange details on where and when I will pick him up. I feel bad saying no even though it will be a little out of my way to go get him.

3:00 PM - Afternoon drags on, not much happening today.  No meetings to go to, office is pretty quiet.  Spend some time figuring out some software and how to use it.  Finally get it to work! Success!

4:57 PM - Leave cube, change into running clothes in the bathroom then leave work and head to running club meeting place.

 5:13 PM - Early as usual, Take a moment to just relax in the car and listen to music. My running buddy arrives shortly after me.

5:18 PM - Stand around for a bit waiting for other people from the running club to arrive, decide not to wait and head off for a 3 mile warm up.

5:25 PM - I am a bit chatty and talk about my day with my friend.  The warm up flies by and we discuss many different things, including her wedding which is NEXT week! (I am a bridesmaid in said wedding!)

5:48 PM - Finish warm up (3.1 miles) and wait for the rest of the group to arrive.  Continue to discuss personal matters and of course talking with her makes me feel better.

6:03 PM - Main group of running club does a XC style workout but I hate XC so my running buddy and I hit the road for some intervals.

6:05 PM - Start first interval, feeling slow and hands are freezing! The temperature is about 60F which is almost 30 degrees warmer than this morning.

6:13 PM - Finish first set (of three). That wasn't so bad.

6:15 PM - Continue with second and third set of intervals.  Todays workout is 3x (1000m @ interval pace + 200m rec jog + 400m @ rep pace + 200m jog + 200m @ rep pace).  I went out slower on the first one to make sure I did a negative split workout and also to ensure that my running buddy did the same.  I know her so well, I know she will pace off me. As we round out the last set, the sunset is beautiful.  Wish I had my camera.

6:49 PM - Finished with intervals, calculate how much more mileage we need to reach 8 miles then set out on a short cool down

6:57 PM - Finish workout earlier than expected! Since Brian is away, my running buddy invited me to dinner with her and her fiance.  I am excited to have someone to talk to.  We drive together to the restaurant.

7:18 PM - Arrive at restaurant and see lots of people waiting.  Realize that everyone is trying to use their groupons that expire the next day!  Get a table fairly quickly and wait for her fiance to arrive.

7:50 PM - Order food (we are at a Korean Restaurant - really good food).  I get the stir fried vegetables with chicken.  Very hungry after that running workout.

8:16 PM - Food arrives and I start scarfing it down as fast as I can with chop sticks (which slow me down a bit) and forget to take a picture.

8:33 PM - Finish food and feel full but not stuffed! It was so good.

8:47 PM - Leave restaurant and head home.  Need to pack my suitcase for trip the next day.

9:00 PM - Arrive home, throw a load of laundry in the washer, then head upstairs to shower/rinse off.  Pack suitcase, pack clothes for spin class at the gym in the morning, pack breakfast and lunch for Wednesday.

9:35 PM - As I am making hard boiled eggs, one cracks so I have to boil another one.  Laundry still has 13 minutes left.  Decide to upload garmin data and post to Dailymile.

9:55 PM - Laundry is done, move it to the dryer.  Finish packing food for Wednesday.  Start post for Wednesday on the blog, will finish it in the morning.

10:10 PM - Check personal email and facebook, but don't have time to respond to emails, will have to wait until the morning.

10:28 PM - Finally ready for bed.  Climb into bed.  Double check my alarm for the morning. Then fall asleep.

Wow.  It sure was a busy day!  And that was just one day of a very busy/crazy week!


Amy said...

Holy! That was a busy day! Good for you for fitting in double (or is that triple) workouts into that schedule!

nrmrvrk said...


1) put your Garmin outside and turn it on as you start to get ready for the run in the morning. It'll be sync'd up to the satellites by the time you're ready to run so you don't have to stand around and wait for it to get a signal.

2) They're expensive, but they're the best blinking light that I've found: The Supernova light sold by RoadID. They clip on to your clothes, the battery lasts for years, and they're super bright. If you run in the dark, get one.

Amber said...

HOLY HECK. You are one efficient woman. I think that's the busiest day I've heard about/read about in awhile! And 3 workouts? Wow. I bow down to you!

I will say I tend to be more efficient/busy/productive when Eric is away too. It's too easy to get sucked into relaxing on the couch with him when he's home!

Anonymous said...

darn girl.....thats one busy day! And I thought my days were hectic.

Great workouts!!!

and great post!

Karen said...

I've started setting my garmin outside the front door while I finish getting ready (put on shoes, fix water, hair, etc.) It seems like the watch takes forever when I'm waiting for it, so this works out well, as long as you can catch it before it goes into power save after finding said satellites. Then, you have to start all over!

Suz and Allan said...

That's quite a day!

Anonymous said...

I like this post! And again, you always amaze me how you fit all this running in! You never sit still for a second! Are you ever tired? :)