Thursday, October 4, 2012

What do I do now?

All those early morning runs over the summer, all those weeks of training to race for 1 hour and 33 minutes.

The race I spent all summer thinking about really did go by fast.  I loved every second of training just as much as I loved running the race.  It's the after race part that I don't exactly like.

Sometimes I wish that training could just go on and on - but of course that would get boring.  But nonetheless (for me) there is just something about training that I love.

I didn't exactly spend last week recovering from this race in the best way since I was traveling for work the day after the race and then camping the following weekend.  I was never more grateful to sleep in my own bed after camping out in the cold for two nights.

Every Sunday I try to plan out my week - and this week was no different.  I pulled up my calender and planned my runs, mostly morning runs and how far each would be.  It is hard not to have a plan anymore and even though I could be completely lazy and sit on the couch, I know that getting in some runs will make my week go much smoother.

But I keep thinking what is the purpose of my running right now? What is the point besides to keep up my base mileage?

There are a few things that stand out - a few reasons why I need to run.

1. 5k races - I have three on my radar right now.  In fact, I am running my first on October 13th and then another on October 21st!  I have a few fall 5k races that I just love because they are flat and fast.  I can't wait to run fast in the cool fall mornings.

2. My running buddy's wedding - I am a bridesmaid in the wedding (yay!) and I have this dress that needs to fit.  No one wants to see me rip my dress because it is too tight!  When I bought this dress back in the spring, I intentionally bought a size that I knew would fit if I remained the same size and so even though I am in post race mode, I have been really watching my diet.  No cookies or cake or candy for me.  Until October 19th!

3. Work stress - I have a huge project at work right now with lots of deadlines coming up.  Maintaining my weekly runs really helps to keep my stress level down and also helps to keep me calm and collected and not totally blow up at my co-workers when things don't go right.

So for now I am going to keep running, add in a little bit of speed work as I get ready for some shorter speedy races and just enjoy October! It is going to be a great month!


Caitlin said...

so exciting and good luck on those races!! oh my, i always say that the driving force behind why i run is for sanity. i kno i'm just a happier person and on the days when motivation lulls i just remind myself, "if i skip this, i kno i'll be in just a fowler and guiltier mood." lol. and of course the perks of looking awesome in those dresses doesn't hurt either...hehe!

Jamie said...

Good luck at your upcoming races!

Your plan sounds great! I'm glad we signed up for another marathon because after a few months without a plan I feel antsy, January 14th we start back up again!

Kim said...

I was just thinking emailing you yesterday to ask what was next for you! :) You read my mind!

I love October weddings! Where is your friend getting married? Will there be outdoorsy fall pics? :)

Joanne said...

I feel the same way. That's why I took care of it this season and signed up for two marathons, 3 weeks apart. YAY! It was kind of fun. I run the 2nd one this Sunday so ...maybe I should wait to say whether it was actually fun or not :)

Allison said...

I know that one of the biggest reasons I keep running marathons is that I love the training so much. Probably more than the race itself. A lot more stress and pressure (that I put on myself) on race day.

Anonymous said...

Great reasons to run! I need to find goals right after a big race as well. I'm currently planning my goals for 2013, I think I try trail running and see how I like it.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I feel sort of weird when I am not training for a race either. I like the schedule of training and knowing I am working towards a goal. That said, I am ready for my marathon and to have a bit more of a flexible schedule. It's been really tough to keep up with the training on top of a busy travel schedule for work! After the race, I want to keep running long runs on Saturdays, but I just want to care a bit less about my pace and not be so rigid about my schedule!