Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The right to Vote

This is not a political blog and it never will be.  But there is something that is very important to me and it is the fact that as Americans we have the right to vote.  The right to vote was a hard fought battle for freedom and for woman it was barely 100 years ago that we gained this right.  Throughout history, so many people have been denied the right to vote and sometimes I think we forget that there ever was a time when there were restrictions.

We are very lucky to have the freedom that we have today and often it is taken for granted.  And so today on election day, I encourage you to go vote.  Take the time to fit it into your schedule and usually they give you a nice little sticker too!

This morning I ran past my polling place at 5:30am and it was completely deserted and quiet.  When I arrived back an hour later to cast my vote, the place was packed with people.  There was a long line of people waiting to sign in and vote.  A nice man asked me my street address and I gave it to him, and he directed me to an open table to sign in based on where I live.  I guess none of my neighbors are early risers or early voters.

As I was leaving the polling place, I was passed by a runner coming in.  It looked like he had stopped in on his run and I smiled to myself.  It made me so happy to see people voting and to see other runners voting!

Also if you haven't seen it already, check out Runner's World for their take on the election and "What Kind of Runner are you??"

 I don't think I really fit into any of the categories that RW wrote about.  I think the best fit would be THE PROGRESSIVE - You run 30+ miles–dedicated miles–per week.

What kind of runner are you??


Suz and Allan said...

I'm in line waiting to vote right now. It's cold but I'm willing to keep waiting in line for as long as it takes.

Amy said...

Yes, vote! It is so important, and something others in the world are still fighting for. I've never got a sticker for voting in Canada!

Kim said...

Seeing articles like that RW one make me feel so self conscious about how many miles I run a week!

I could run to my polling place, but it won't be safe in the dark, after work. Darn!