Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catching a Sunrise

It isn't often that I actually catch a sunrise while running. Most of the time it is while I am in the car driving to work. 

And taking pictures while driving is possibly the hardest thing ever.

But we are slowly entering the time when the sun will actually start to dawn while I am out running during the 5am hour. And I can't wait. 

I don't often run with my camera and so I end up regretting not having it more often than not when the sky slowly transforms from darkness to color.  But this year I have decided to try and run with my camera more often in order to catch the perfect sunrises.

The area around my house is very hilly which on some mornings when I am feeling tired, the hills can be torturous.  But on occasion as I set out in the darkness at 5am, I steadily climb the hills to reach the top and see the dawn peaking just above the horizon. And it breath taking.  Out on the empty (semi) country roads, at the very top of a giant hill I can see out above the city and see the sun rising.

It feels like forever since I have actually caught a sunrise while running.  Soon enough it will be that time of year again.

Meanwhile, I will just catch the sunrise on the my drive into work.  Currently the sunrise is 7:02am which means that dawn is happening as I am driving and it is gorgeous to watch.  This morning especially - the sky was just barely blue with a tinge of red as I left my house, but by the time I has driven 10 minutes, the sky was ablaze with red and orange.  And then by the time I had gotten to work (another 10 minutes), the sky had turned a warm orange.

Red in the morning, Sailors take warning.

And then it started raining an hour later.  Guess the weather lore was correct today. 


Amy said...

I can't wait for the sun to be up for my morning runs. Running with the head lamp is fine, but it's so much easier to get out of bed when the sun is already up!

Lisa said...

I just noticed for the first time last week that it was actually getting light out as I was going home from the gym. Such a welcome sight!

Kim said...

It feels like such a treat to catch the sunrise in the am, and see it change :) It felt weird last week to catch that at the end of some runs! Yay! Longer days ahead! :)

I had never heard that saying before! :)

RunningJunkie said...

I love running while the sun is coming up. It makes me feel completely free (and happy that I've gotten a run in "before the sun came up")

Suz and Allan said...

Beautiful pictures! I love a great sunrise or sunset.