Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Annoying Roommate, Running in Groups and Books

It's a Wednesday morning and I am already annoyed with my roommate. We don't technically share a room, just the bathroom, kitchen and living room but this girl is the most inconsiderate person I have ever lived with.

She has class at 10am but every morning she wakes up at about 7am and proceeds to bang around the apartment waking me up. She takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get ready and always leaves a mess behind. I am trying not to be passive aggressive but it is really hard. Currently if she leaves something out in a place where it doesn't belong I proceed to hide it! I can't wait for April Fools day - this is going to be good!

Now that I got my rant out of the way, on to running - Current workouts have included lots of running!

Monday -
warm up 1/2 mile
1x350m FAST (58 seconds)
2x200m FAST ( 30-32 seconds each)
cool down 1 mile

Tuesday -
warm up 1/2 mile
8x400m at 70% (about 90 seconds for each 400m with 3 minutes rest)
cool down 1/2 mile

The hip flexor was tender after yesterdays 400s, so I am going to go light today.

So I promised to talk about my running experience with a group yesterday but I got side tracked so here it is today.

Recently I have been trying to coordinate with my coach a way to train for Heptathlon. It is really difficult trying to fit in 7 different events. I was feeling discouraged as my coach told me that I would have to do the running workouts on my own. I never want to go back to doing sprint workouts with a group or partner. The decrease of intensity that results from running alone is very discouraging. (Thankfully my coach and I worked things out so I can still run with the sprinter girls).

This is why I have been contemplating joining a local running/track club after I graduate. The guy who runs the club is a neighbor of my parents and I am really looking forward to having people to run with. I even considered coming back to my college next year just to run with Abby and Jill and Alison (my track teammates). I am not sure exactly what the future holds but I cannot say enough about running with a group. Not only is there a social aspect and great friends to be made but having others to run with for track workouts helps to keep me honest and to push me to become a better runner.

I really could go on and on about this but I have to get ready for school. Happy Running!

Current Book I am reading -
For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn
A friend recommended this book and so far it is pretty interesting -

From -

What’s going on in a man’s mind? From their early days, every woman has struggled to understand why males behave the way they do. Even long-married women who think they understand men have only scratched the surface. Beneath a man’s rugged exterior is an even more rugged, unmapped terrain. What bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn’s research reveals about the inner lives of men will open women’s eyes to what the men in their life—boyfriends, brothers, husbands, and sons—are really thinking and feeling. Men want to be understood, but they’re afraid to “freak out” the women they love by confessing what is happening inside their heads. This book will guide women in how to provide the loving support that modern men want and need.

(they also have a For Men Only book too!!)


Jocelyn said...

annoying roommates suck! Hopefully you can get that worked out! Good job on the work outs! At least you have that to blow off some steam! :)

Marlene said...

LOL, I would totally do that (hiding rommmate's stuff). Hopefully she'll learn!

Nice splits! Good idea resting that hip today. I hope it feels better.

I push myself so much harder running with a group!

tfh said...

Running with a group definitely pushes me. The big challenge for me is finding a group that meets at a time that's convenient for me in terms of my work horus and everything.

Sorry about the roommate. I think we've all been there at one time or another and it really is enough to drive you crazy.

X-Country2 said...

I've only run one time with a group, but you're right. There's a real challenge in keeping honest and not just slowing down when you want.

Aron said...

gah roommates :( that sucks!

I definitely think there are benefits to running with a group... I also really enjoy the alone time :)

No Longer Using said...

hey that book sounds good! you were into the twilight series, right?! did you ever end up seeing the movie? i haven't and i'm thinking about it...

that's TERRIBLE about your roommate. are you guys friends? she sounds inconsiderate.. or just totally oblivious. i lol-ed when you said you hide things. is it just the two of you? i would recommend talking to her, it'll suck but then you'll both move (hopefully). i've def had my moments with roommates, esp now cuz one of them DOMINATES the house with her stuff (aka clutter), cooking (aka dirty dishes and food everywhere all the time! and not to mention trash-ugh) etc etc. i can't wait to have my own place with elliot!

great runs! love the recaps! :)

teacherwoman said...

Ahh, I am so glad I live alone. I have spent so many years living with girls and it was horrible... except for living with my sister a couple years while in college.

I Run for Fun said...

That IS annoying. Have fun on April fool's day.

That teaser's great. I have got to check out that book now. Thanks!

Jamie said...

been there done that with the roommates! Try talking to her. trust me it is no good to bottle it up, she may have no idea that is she like that!

Nicole said...

Ahhhh! Sorry about your annoying roomate! You will have to take a pic of everything you've hidden from her and post it on april fools day! That would be SO FUNNY!

It would be nice to find a bunch of ladies that i could run with now and again!

Great job on the workouts. Its nice to have running so you can escape every day drama and have some 'you' time :)

Anonymous said...

Funny about hiding things. Some people are just hard to live with. At least you are almost at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Let us know how the book is. I have it on my shelf but haven't opened it up yet.

Brian said...

Does your romoate read ur blog :) ? I had a HORRIBLE roomate my senior year and we eventually kicked him out, it was that bad, hah. Keep up the good running!

Marcy said...

Nothing a good ole face punch can't remedy! LOL JK!

How awful! I feel for you chica :-(

Melanie said...

I loved that book when I read it. It was so insightful!

Anonymous said...

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