Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dinky Dual Meet

Yesterday it was beautiful outside until the track meet started at 3pm! Then the rain clouds slowly started to crawl across the sky and settle themselves above the track.

I was able to high jump (which I also won but also I was the only girl!) and improved from last week but not by much. I just wasn't able to put everything together. I will practice tomorrow and have one more chance to get everything right!

I then ran hurdles which was going great until I came to the 7th (of 10) hurdles! I managed to hit that hurdle which slowed my momentum down greatly. If I can manage to not hit the hurdle I am confident I can run faster!

After finishing the hurdles, the rain really started. It was like the flood gates has opened! I still ran the relay but it was tough with rain and wind blind siding me after 200m!

Overall it was good and now with my new high jump score I have 3394 points! I have been checking everyday now and it says for Sunday and Monday the temps will be in high 70s!!

Happy Wednesday! I am jealous of all your bloggers out there that have been doing nice outside runs!


Jamie said...

Congrats on getting more points and getting closer to your goal - almost there! Stinks about the rain :(

tfh said...

Great job-- nice to know that even in a dinky meet you can grab some points!

Unknown said...

More points is more points!

Marlene said...

Yay for more points!

Felice Devine said...

You'll get it all together for the high jump!

Nice job at the meet.

teacherwoman said...

Happy Hump day, hun! Glad to hear you were able to grab SOME points at the meet!

Nicole said...

YAY! Your getting so close girl!!

Your gonna rock it, i know you are!!! :)

Enjoy that nice weather... its supposed to be 83 in good ole' MI Saturday & Sunday!


X-Country2 said...

Great job! That point goal is totally yours!

Aron said...

congrats girl!!!! hopefully the weather will be perfect for you this weekend!

Jeri said...

Oooh I loved to high jump back in the day. I'm jealous that you're learning AND placed first. :)

Sucky that those shorts don't fit you. :( They're a godsend.