Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Practice makes Perfect

In the last 24 hours I have practiced "track and field" three times and I am beat!

Tuesday afternoon
6x450m repeats with 350m jog recovery.

I ran with one of the distance girls and I didn't time the runs but it felt like we were pushing it.

Wednesday morning
Starts and resistance running

I woke up early and met the male decathlete (10 events - I am grateful I am a girl) to practice starts out of blocks and then we did resistance running which is just hard to explain.

Wednesday afternoon
High Jump Practice

It was good to high jump again. The bending and jumping made my hip tired and my form got sloppy.

First outdoor track meet is Saturday.

Long Jump
High Jump
4x400m relay

I am kind of bummed - Since I am just getting back into running with the team and didn't compete in states with the relay team I am not on the 'A' relay now. These first meets are mainly to help everyone get times for events. I am hopeful that I will get my spot back but at the same time I am nervous and worry and that I wont be good enough to get my spot back.

The other interesting part of this is that I am leading off the 'B' relay which means I will be running with/against Abby! My goal is to stay with her and hopefully I can run the 400m in 61 seconds.

In other news, Chic Runner is having a pretty sweet giveaway so go over and check it out! Sorry for the long post! Thanks for reading! Keep running!


Chic Runner said...

You'll get back on there don't worry! Believe in yourself :) Thanks for the shout out too. that's three entries for you!

I Run for Fun said...

Great workout! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for'll do well.

X-Country2 said...

That spot is yours!!!

teacherwoman said...

I think you will be back with that A team in no time. I couldn't imagine what it feels like though.

Brian said...

keeep practicing and the spot will be waiting for ya!

Marlene said...

I have absolute confidence that you'll get your spot back! Good luck at the meet!

No Longer Using said...

ooh that is a different position to be in, running w/against abby! good luck!!!! i think you'll quickly get back to where you want to be, not that where you are is bad at all!!!

Aron said...

you are awesome girl! great job on the workouts and i am sure you will get your spot back :)

Nicole said...

You'll so be back on the A team in no time! Give yourself credit girl! Your an awesome runner! Keep up the good work!! :)