Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hip exercises and Stretches

Even though I can now start running, that doesn't mean I am off the hook for my exercises. I have nine exercises that I do every other day now. Below is the paper that my PT gave me to follow.

(starting from the left and going across, then returning to the left and going across again)

1. Trunk stability - I lay on the floor on my back with my arms on the ground for support or across my chest then lift my middle up and hold for 5 seconds then return to the floor. Repeat for 30-40 times. For added variety and more difficulty, lift up trunk, then extend each leg individually then return to the floor. Make sure that hips do not drop while preforming either type of exercise. This works not only your hips but also your glute muscles.

2. Hip/Hamstring stretch - Lay in a doorway and put your butt against the wall while raising leg up against the wall. Hold for 2-3 minutes for each leg.

3. Using a belt or stretch cord, tie around foot then hold leg up for stretch. For a hip stretch, rotate leg across the body (ie. if stretching right leg then cross over to the left side to stretch hip).

4/5. Windmill/Hip rotation - Attach one end of stretch cord to a table leg or something sturdy and other end around ankle. More shin and ankle in a windmill fashion to work hip (see picture). Do 30 reps for each side.

6. Step Downs - Using stairs, hold onto railing and step down making sure to keep back straight and knee bent over the foot. Add a book to the step at first to make the step down less dramatic. I started with about a 1 inch step down then increased to about 4 inches. Do 30 reps on each leg.

7. Standing Single Leg Twists - I attach the stretch cords to the frig then hold onto the other end. I hold my hands in front of my chest/stomach slightly out from my body. Standing on one leg, bend knee slightly and twist away from the frig for about 30 reps. I do this on each leg then switch sides. This works on your balance as well as your hip strength.

8. Lateral hip strides - If you ever played basketball this is easy to understand. Have a stretch band around your knees and then do lateral slides about 20 feet down and back for 1 full rep. This works your glutes and outside of hips. Make sure to stay low and bend knees.

9. This one is not on the sheet - Side Planks - Do a normal side plank BUT have your knees on the ground instead of your feet. Focus on lifting your hips and hold for 15 seconds. Do 10 reps on each side.

So these are all the exercises - I thought I would share plus Lacey wanted to know!! Not sure you can see the picture I scanned in of my workout sheet. If you want more details just let me know! Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend!!


teacherwoman said...

Those are all great exercises. So, is it primarily your hip that was causing problems? or your knee as well?

Nicole said...

What a bunch of great exercises!!! :) I'm so excited for you to start running again! :)

Anonymous said...

That looks very much like my PT sheet. :)

Anonymous said...

that's a whole workout right there! the step Down one is interesting - would've never thought to do that. nice twist on the side-plank too :)

EndorphinBuzz said...

Thanks for sharing. These look like exercises I should do as well but I never make time for them.

No Longer Using said...

thanks J! when you are in the doorway with your leg up do you push against the wall? or just sort of let it rest?

thanks so much!!!!

Being Robinson said...

oh these are so great! thanks for posting.