Sunday, February 13, 2011

Half Marathon: Week 1

Monday - Easy
3 miles/26:53/9:00 pace
With temps around 30F, I actually felt too warm on this early morning run.

Tuesday - Interval
5.25miles/43:00/8:12 pace

1 mi WU
4x800m at threshold pace (7:03) w/ 3 min recovery
5 min recovery
2x100m strides
800m CD

Threshold pace on the treadmill was 7:03 with 0.5% incline and it felt moderately hard but not impossible.  I found that running strides on the treadmill is not as easy as it would seem.

Wednesday - Recovery
Elliptical 30 mins
2.5 miles/22:30/9:00 pace

A nice easy run on the treadmill while watching Ellen.  I got so absorbed in reading the captions that I ran 0.25 miles extra than I had planned.

Thursday - Tempo/Threshold Run
 5.25miles/42:55/8:10 pace

1 mi WU
3x1000m at threshold pace (7:19) w/ 4 min recovery
6x50m strides

At lunch I had a spinach salad with tenderloin and tomatoes.  It was delicious but along with a cookie, I was feeling my lunch during this whole run! 

Friday - Off

I was glad for a day off, but my legs still were feeling good even after four days of running.  I definitely think wearing my recovery socks and switching from morning to afternoon running helped.  

Saturday - Long
6 miles/53:25/8:54 pace

I set out on this run just before 9am and it was snowing hard.  The roads were rough and it felt like I was running in sand.  Many times during the run I thought I should have done this run on the treadmill but I was already out in the snow so it was too late.  I made it the 6 miles to Tim Hortons where I got some coffee and also got some weird looks for my attire.  My dad picked me up from there and took me home to warm up!

Sunday - Off
My hamstrings were really sore from my run Saturday and I enjoyed having the day off from exercise and sat on the couch all day!

Total week 1 mileage: 22 mi


Anonymous said...

hahah to that snowy run! looks miserable / fun at the same time. and great week. i love having three quality workouts during a training week.

Katie A. said...

Yayyy for a great first week! I have never used a training plan for a half either, I think after my full in May I'm going to pick one and really train for it!
You amaze me running in that weather, I hope you got a doughnut at Tim's while you were there ;)
Have a great week girlie!

Nicole said...

your poor frozen face! have you had enough of winter or what?!? i'm over it and welcoming 40 degrees with open arms!

i have spring fever! congrats on a great week!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said... looks cold there!

Laura said...

Finally I can relate to someone who has had the same kind of cruddy weather we have! :)

Marlene said...

Ha! Nice eyebrows! :) Great job on the snowy 6-miler. Mmm, Timmy's!!

Strides are impossible on the treadmill! You are constantly adjusting the speed and it feels like the t-mill can't keep up.

Nice job on the workouts!

RunningLaur said...

OMG I can't imagine trying to tough through that - mad mad props!!!

Unknown said...

Wow that snow picture is amazing, nice work getting out there in such conditions!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe you ran in that weather. Look at your eyebrows!! CRAZY!

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe you ran in that weather. Look at your eyebrows!! CRAZY!

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe you ran in that weather. Look at your eyebrows!! CRAZY!

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have no idea why that posted three times. Sorry about that...

Anonymous said... you live in Canada, or do we now have Tim Horton's in the US? TH is amazing!

Nice week and nice job running in that snow!

Kim said...

I love that snowy pic of you!

Are you fitting in stretching and strength after these workouts? I noticed you mentioned that in your post from yesterday (the 15th). :)

It looks like we are both on the interval/tempo/long/recovery run program. Yours is much more advanced than mine though! You're so speedy! :) Love it!

Little Miss Runshine said...

LOL i love that your eyebrows are covered in snow!! That is an intense run! Awesome job!