Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catching the Christmas Spirit

Starting Monday morning off with a workout is the best way to start off a new week.  I especially knew I wanted to get a good sweat fest in this past Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday and all the extra food I have consumed.

After a warm up on the elliptical, I hoped on the treadmill in hopes of getting in a good run but sadly my knee started to hurt.  And it continued to bother me as I went to work and walked around all morning. 

I had an ART appointment scheduled at 11:30am and was happy when it finally rolled around because my knee was really bothering me.  My appointment started with some basic exercises that I preform every time I go to see my progress.  I could barely do the lunges without pain and so the Dr. started to work on my hamstring and then my hip.  Finally he worked on my quad and suddenly the pain was gone.  It was amazing.  I went about the rest of my day basically pain free.

Tuesday morning I woke up pain free again which was a great feeling.  I really wanted to try and get in a run before my next ART appointment on Wednesday (plus the Dr. said he wanted me to).  After a long day of work, I finally had a chance to get out for a run.  I was so excited because my knee felt good and also because I wanted to check out all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

I really enjoy running in December because of all the decorations.  It really gets me into the holiday spirit to see Christmas lights all around.  Plus we have Christmas lights on our house too!

The run went well, only minor discomfort and tightness in my knee which is a huge step from Monday's run.  I have another appointment tomorrow which I am excited to hear about.  Now I just have to foam roll my quad and do my hamstring strengthening exercises!  It is just so surprising how one muscle can cause so much discomfort.  I really hope that we have found the answer and I will be able to return to running full time and start planning for 2012.

Happy Tuesday!


Rena said...

That's interesting that you felt better once your hamstrings were worked on. I'm glad that you're feeling better and hopefully that persists!

I love seeing Christmas lights too.

Christine said...

SO glad you are almost pain-free. ART is amazing and such a life saver :)

Chelsea said...

I've never tried ART, but I've heard it can be a miracle cure. Hope your knee continues to improve so you can sweat out the last of the gravy :).

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Good luck with your knee and keep us posted, I would love to hear how it turns out. My knee's are bothering me too, I need to get a foam roller and start icing them I think. Jess


Marlene said...

So happy that you are getting the treatment you need and that it is working!

I am loving the Xmas mights right now and looking forward to some evening runs in the dark to take them all in!

We're not turning ours on til Dec 1st - tradition. Hey, that's TOMORROW! Yay!

Kim said...

Yay! I am so happy to hear your knee is feeling better for now. I hope they continue to work with your muscles to work out all the kinks.

I love running around and seeing all the lights in our neighborhood! Some people really go all out :)

Kim said...
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