Friday, December 2, 2011

Blackjack (21 things)

Marlene tagged me to play along and share 21 random facts that you might not know about me!

So here goes...

1. I didn't really want to change my name after I got married but I did it anyway - I really liked my old name but I know that Brian and I are now a new family and having the same name meant a lot to him so that is why I changed it.

2. I am scared to death of having to have a C-section when I have kids.  I do not want that and hope that I can give birth naturally.

3. My first official road race was my freshman year of college.  My basketball coach made us run the 5k after our two hour morning practice.  I don't remember my official time, maybe 23:30 or so but I do remember my legs were so dead from the double workout.

4. I went to high school, college and now live and work all within a 20 mile radius.  In fact, I currently work about a mile from where I went to high school.  I sometimes wish I had gone out of state for college or even for my first job but I love where I live and don't know if I will ever leave. 

5. My favorite food is pizza - I could eat it all the time and I often crave it.  My favorite is homemade pizza crust with pasta sauce, mozzarella and tomato!

 6. I have met some of my best friends through running.  My running buddy and I originally met on DailyMile and I managed to convince her to join my running club.  Whenever someone asks us how we met, I always feel weird because we met online and usually you don't meet girls and/or running friends online!

7.  I love to cook but I had never made homemade sauce until a few weeks ago!  It seems there are a bunch of things I have never made and I am making my way through the recipes.

8. My favorite time of the month to run is when there is a full moon on a clear morning.  I just love the brightness the moon provides so I feel like I don't really need a headlamp.  I always try to take pictures of the moon but they never come out!

9. I am currently an aunt to three beautiful little boys and soon to be aunt to another BOY! Seems like this family is just full of boys.  Brian and I may be the last chance to have a girl!

10.  Coffee really has no effect on me.  I drink it every morning but it never really seems to wake up me.  I enjoy having a hot beverage to sip on at my desk.

11.  I am obsessed with cake platters.  I have three already and have had to stop myself from buying more because I know I wont use them.

12. Last week I wore a sweater dress to work for the first time.  Being the only girl in my group, I often get comments when I wear more fashionable outfits but this time I actually got some compliments!

13. When I was in high school I applied to West Point and Annapolis but I was wait-listed.  I am not sure I would have gone if I had got in and if I had gone, I am not sure it would have been the right choice.  I am pretty happy with the college choice I did make and how my life has turned out.

14. Every Christmas Eve, my aunt makes a full polish Christmas meal.  It is delicious and I just hope that she will teach me the recipes that she learned from my Grandma.

15. I hate tight fitting clothes - I would much rather be in loose fitting clothing because it is more comfortable.  I live in sweatpants at home.

16.  If you were able to look at my iPhoto on my computer you would find more sunset and sunrise photos than anything else.  I am kind of obsessed with them too.

17.  I am 5 foot 9 inches (barely) and I played the forward/post position in basketball.

18.  I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride.  Hopefully Brian will take me someday!

19. I am trying to sell my wedding dress - I would rather have someone else get use of the dress instead of having it just sit in a closet for the next 25+ years.

20. I hardly ever drink alcohol and I do not like the taste of beer but in the past few years I have begun to enjoy the taste of wine.

21. I have this strange, although slight, urge to run a marathon.  The distance still scares me A LOT.

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Happy Friday!!


Rena said...

I'm glad that you're happy with how your life turned out. Life is so uncertain for me now that I'm a senior in college.

Marlene said...

Thanks for playing - fun to read!

I have a couple of friends that I met online who have actually become BEST friends. It's always a bit awkward when someone asks. Sometimes we make up stories. :p

PIZZA. Yes, my all time fave as well. Mmmmm!

Suzy said...

Great post! 21 things...all interesting. I think a lot of runners will agree with least the running part.

Amber said...

Fun! I will definitely do this next week. I've been dry on the blog idea front.

I think that's the first full picture of your dress I've seen. It's GORGEOUS!

I don't think it's weird to meet people online at all :) Lisa is in my wedding party and I met her online!!!

Finally, I don't really want to change my name either but I'm going to because I like the idea of being a family in the sense we have one name and I also want the same last name as my kids. I might still use my maiden name professionally though.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am in the wedding of 2 girls I met online (Amber & Nora). At first I felt weird saying I met them through blogging, but now I don't feel that way at all, mostly because my family and friends are so used to me having this online life.

I love that sweater dress!!!

Laura said...

Love this! It is funny about #8..I had a great run a little while ago and I actually took a great 'moon' pic...

Cindy said...

i'm with you on #15..hate anything tight esp. around my waist!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Thanks for the tag! My husband has hundreds of pictures on his phone, and almost ALL of them are sunrises, sunsets...or cats!

Christine said...

Thanks for the tag! :) Great list! And I say GO for the marathon :)

Elizabeth said...

I loved this! You look gorgeous in your wedding photo. I don't think you should sell the dress! I know you'll never wear it again, but you can have it to "look at" as a remembrance of that day.

Rebecca said...

Haha, # 6 makes me laugh... totally awkward sometimes. But also a funny story! I love that you talked me into running club after meeting me online. Haha!

I agree with the comment above mine... don't sell it! If you take care of it, maybe a daughter would want to wear it, or alter it and wear it. I would have been interested in my mom's, but it wasn't preserved well.

Kim said...

Fun list! I did not want to change my name either, but did.

People always ask how I met my best friend, and it's also online. They think that is so odd! I don't think it is for our generation!

I really want a sweater dress like that. I think they are really cute! I wonder if I could pull it off!

I want to go on a hot air balloon ride too :)

Thanks for the tag! I wonder if I can come up with 21 interesting things?

The Jesse said...

Loved reading this. I didn't want to change my name either so instead I just added his name so I have 4 names --- my first name, my middle name, my maiden last name as my second middle name and my new married name. Total its 25 letters long! Wowza.

Page said...

I don't think I ever told you this but YOUR DRESS (and you) IS GORGEOUS!!!! I want to see more photos!