Monday, January 23, 2012

My week in Hours

Last week was a very busy week and it got me thinking about what I actually do all week and where the time goes.  It just seems like there is never enough time in the day to complete everything I want to do and some things just end up taking priority over others.

Total hours in a week: 168

Sleeping - 55 hours

Working - 48 hours

Making food/eating - 21 hours

Blogging/Reading blogs - 16 hours

Washing/folding clothes - 5 hours

Running - 4 hours 

Cross training classes (yoga, spin, etc) - 4 hours
Total hours used: 153

Time leftover: 15 hours

After I complete all the things I need to and want to each week, I have 15 hours left over.  Now some of that time is spent driving to and from work or the gym and running errands and grocery shopping.  But on top of that I know that some of that time is spent watching tv.  

I try to stretch and do my knee exercises while I watch tv, but I am still spending time watching tv instead of reading or doing something else productive.  I think I need to try and give up tv and see what happens, but its tough because I really enjoy a few shows each week like Biggest Loser and Law & Order.

Back when we first got married, we didn't have tv for the first couple of weeks and even though I didn't like it at the time I kind of wish we hadn't signed up for cable.  Its just so easy to sit on the couch and flip on the tv.

In a couple of weeks I think I would like to give up tv and see how I do!


Rena said...

I think it will be a neat experiment to give up TV. But I also think it's important to have some time to unwind and be unproductive.

Good luck in your endeavor!

Rebecca said...

I don't sit down in front of the TV often... although Joe does watch movies, and I am sometimes watching while doing things - usually in the kitchen (kitchen in open to living room). Some of my kitchen stuff is work-related, too, so I am "multi-tasking." Inefficiency at its greatest, I am sure, and very unlike your stretching in front of the TV though - that seems like a great way to multi-task!

However, sometimes I WISH we did have cable.... haha! I know I'd feel the same way you do if we did have it, as I would plop down in front of it often. We'll see if we get it when we have the new house.... I agree w/ Rena, that you do need SOME veg-out time girlie!

~*katy beth*~ said...

wow, thats where all the time goes! i dont think i could give up tv, im too dependent haha. plus i love biggest loser too. thats awesome that your considering!

Anonymous said...

I have never really thought about how much time I spend doing certain activities -- I probably don't want to know! LOL! We finally got cable a few months ago and we were glued to it too -- now we barely even turn it on. Since my husband has to get up so early for work, and we are now on east coast time where all the shows are on late we just hulu shows the next day.

Chic Runner said...

GAH I waste so much time doing nothing I swear! I need to get on it better and keep track of time better... :)

I do love the first picture though because those pizzas look fantastical!