Friday, January 13, 2012

Whole Living Cleanse: Week 2

Happy Friday!!  I am so glad it is almost the weekend - I have a perfect day planned tomorrow, but first we are back with the second week of the Whole Living Cleanse brought to you by my best friend Kaylie!  Enjoy!
(If you missed the first week, you can check it out here.)

Whole Living Cleanse: Week 2
With the hardest part behind me, I took on this week with a clear mind and a clean body. This week, I got to add back in seafood and beans, while still eating all of the foods from week one. I haven’t been able to find any wild-caught salmon and my husband and I won’t eat farm-raised fish, so we’ve mostly been eating beans with dinner, which is okay with me (although I would love to reap the benefits from eating a beautiful piece of salmon!).
One thing I tried to really focus on this week was chewing slowly and eating with purpose. It was good in theory, but mostly didn’t work. I tend to go 3+ hours between meals during the workday and so by the time I get to lunch I usually wolf it down in 10 minutes. But anyway, here’s my week in photos:
Carrot Mango Mint Smoothie
Strawberry orange banana Smoothie
Pomogranate Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie
I figured I wouldn’t ruin a good thing and decided to stick with the smoothies for breakfast each day. That is especially hard to do on weekends when I would typically cook eggs and toast or pancakes, but I survived. Also daunting: sitting at the breakfast table at 6:30 AM in dressy work clothes, shivering as I slurp down an ice cold fruit-filled drink. I am craving a warm, comforting meal to start my mornings with. Oatmeal is definitely coming back next week!

Red Lentils Soup
Vegetable Soup
Again, I took whatever I cooked for dinner the night before as my lunch the next day. I also made two snacks from the Whole Living approved-snacks list: a minty pea dip and dried fruit and nut bites.

Roasted Vegetables and cannellini beans
Field Greens salad with black beans and red cabbage apple onion slaw
See below for recipe!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Almond topping
Did you think I cheated and made eggs for dinner? It’s a fake-out! One of the breakfast recipes this week was the Tofu and Greens Scramble, but I couldn’t fathom eating tofu in the morning, let alone standing at the stove before work. So I made this dish for dinner and it tasted just like eggs (or maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on my brain). The secret ingredient? Tumeric! I will definitely be making this for brunch tomorrow morning!

Overall, any detox symptoms I experienced in the first week have completely disappeared. I’ve lost about 3 pounds, which of course makes me feel great. I still look longingly at the cheese drawer in my refrigerator, and I am mostly missing eggs, artisan bread from the local market we always buy from, and of course chocolate. I will say though that when you feel this good inside and out, the thought of “cheating” doesn’t even pass through your mind!   Week 3 looks tantalizingly tasty and easy; I cannot wait to bring back quinoa and eggs! 
Thanks for reading! Is anyone else doing a cleanse? How are you progressing?


Anonymous said...

great job with week 2.
i totally understand about drinking the cold smoothei in the mornign when you really really want something warm

but keep up the great work! yay

Crystal Ware said...

I have never done a cleanse but friends of mine say they love the feeling they get. I don't know if I have the dedication (yet). I love smoothies though and will willingly drink them at any time, any temp!

kaydi327 said...

I've never done a cleanse but I am intrigued by them. The smoothies look so colorful!

Does the local market where you get artisan bread happen to be Wegmans? Man, I miss that place!

-Katie @ Legally Fit

Allison said...

I've never tried a cleanse but now I'm intrigued after reading about so many bloggers trying one.

Anonymous said...

That Pomogranate Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie looks absolutely amazing! Can you tell me where I can find the recipe?? :)

Kay Wink North said...

run50states, all the recipes are on The smoothie is super easy- 1 cup pomegranate juice, 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm going to buy the supplies next time I go to the grocery store and make them soon!