Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow Battles

We have been pretty lucky this winter - usually by this time of year we have seen about 71 inches of snow fall but this year we have barely reaches 44 inches.  I am really enjoying the milder temperatures and less snow which has made training much easier than previous years! 

Saturday, I had a long run planned and was going to go 16 miles.  The weather forecast looked pretty decent with some snow starting around 9am.  I knew I would be done with my run around then so I wasn't worried.

I met up with my running buddy and our normal Saturday morning running group for the long run.  We started out the run with some pretty big hills but the sun was slowly making an appearance so we just kept pushing along.  Around mile 4, the snow started to fall which was about 2 hours early!  I didn't think too much of it until we got to mile 6 and the roads were covered with snow and the snow was pounding down on us and flying into our eyes.

The snow covered path
There were times I really wanted to quit because the snow was flying fierce into my eyes and my face was freezing.  Having a running buddy right next to me kept me going until mile 12 where I dropped my water bottle.

Once we reached mile 12, we stopped and tried some new fuel - I was going to give GU another chance.  We kept the break pretty short since it was freezing out and continued on.  The snow suddenly stopped as we continued on and it was actually pleasant for the final 4 miles. The GU and water actually worked quite well and I didn't have any GI issues which I have previous dealt with while using GU.

Empty GU packet and directions for the run
 When we finally finished the run, I placed my water bottle on top of my car and then promptly forgot about it.  I was in such a hurry to get home and ice bath my legs that I forgot to take my water bottle off the rough of my car.  Surprisingly thanks to all the snow on top of my car, the bottle managed to stay on top of my car the whole ride home.

Once home, it was time to take an ice bath.  I don't really use ice - I just put super cold water into the tub.  I haven't done an ice bath since last winter when I was training for the half and it was no less painful than I remember.  The cold water was shocking as I got into the tub and the only thing that worked to barely distract me was my book.  15 minutes later, I finally got to shower!

Ice bath with a good book
 A nice hot shower did not help to warm me up and it took two cups of tea before I finally felt normal again.  But it was all worth it to get a great long run done and a new personal distance record (previous was 15.88mi from last April).

If you have the day off tomorrow, enjoy it! I have to work :(


Christine said...

Great long run! I especially love the water bottle on your car :)

Cindy said...

holy, good on ya for doing an ice bath after a cold winter run...the last time i did an ice bath was after a long run on a hot summer day and i could barely stand it then!

Rena said...

I can't believe you did an ice bath after running in the snow.

And your long runs are almost like a marathon training long runs.

Elizabeth said...

What a trooper you are! Were you worried about slipping in that snow? And to take an ice bath after all that? Wow! Congrats on the 16!

I Run for Fun said...

Great job on completing the run under such tough conditions! You are hardcore!

Unknown said...

And an ice bath! Nice long run!

Eco Girl said...

This is definitely a motivational post! Just thinking about an ice bath gives me the shivers... I could only imagine what it must feel like after running through the snow! Way to go!

KellytheCulinarian said...

I feel like if I don't move around that much in the bath, I don't feel it as much. I call my mom, read a book or catch up on blogs to distract myself from feeling like a human popsicle.

Kim said...

A new PDR and in the snow! Awesome!!! Do you feel any different after the long run from adjusting to the snow? Sometimes I feel a different in my hips, from all the balancing.

That is hilarious that the water bottle stayed on top of the car!

I have a really hard time warming up after cold long runs too, which is funny, since I feel so warm when I am running!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could have taken an ice bath after running in the snow. I've avoided doing that as much as possible -- hence why I only train for long distance races during the summer when I can "icebath" in a nice river on a hot day. Way to rock your run though -- I am so proud of you.

Marlene said...

Congrats on the long run! Not a fun surprise when the snow shows up early, but you're right - we've been pretty lucky this winter so far.

You are BRAVE getting in a cold bath! I just can't do it after a long, cold run.