Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's Missing?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This morning I was up extra early (4:50am) to get out for my 8 mile run with some marathon and tempo paced miles.  My training plan said...

1 mi easy
2 mi @ marathon pace
800m @ tempo
1600m @ tempo
800m @ tempo
2 mi @ marathon pace
1 mi easy

The plan did not mention any breaks in between sets but I decided that I should most likely rest before and after the 1600m at tempo pace.  I got dressed in my normal morning running clothes - black spandex, various under armour top, pink jacket with gloves, hat and headlamp.

I headed out and was about 3 miles into the run when I realized that I was missing something.  Now I have posted a few pictures of myself from morning runs and there is one thing that I ALWAYS wear.  I can't believe I forgot it this morning.

My reflective vest.

This has to be one of the most important pieces that I wear for morning running.  It was hanging on the back of the laundry room door and I just forgot it.  I went into the laundry room, grabbed my hat, gloves and headlamp and just went on my way.  I think wearing the vest helps the cars to see me better but I am not really sure. This morning most cars did spot me with my headlamp and moved over on the road for me. 

Besides leaving behind my vest, this run went really well.  I think hitting the marathon pace before trying tempo pace really helped to get my legs warm and ready to move.

Sometimes I think that I am not awake for these morning runs.  Just proves I really do need to lay out all my running gear the night before, just so I don't forgot something important!


Jeff said...

I don't wear a vest usually, but I do wear a flashing light. I had one morning I forgot it and had a close call. I NEVER forget it now!

Molly said...

eeek. good thing you had your headlamp!!

Marlene said...

I like the idea of marathon pace before tempo!

Definitely need some breaks in there. Nice job on the workout!

Kim said...

I love long early morning runs like that! WTG! I tried to wake up at 3:00 am today to run and it did not happen. Ugh.

I have just been wearing my lamp lately because my vest does not seem very reflective. I should probably wear it anyway.

Rena said...

I am glad that you were all right even though you forgot your vest. And I can't even imagine getting up that early to go on a run.

Elizabeth said...

That workout sounds fun! Glad you stayed safe without that vest.

Christine said...

Great workout!!!

Being Robinson said...

that sounds like a brutal (but really fun) workout. i'm highly impressed you did that in the morning, i don't think i could hack it that early! kudos :)