Wednesday, February 1, 2012


One of the things about vacation is that you always eat too much.  Although I loved being on the cruise, I did miss my regular eats!

Here is what I ate yesterday!

Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs - one with the yoke, one without. And coffee of course

Morning snack: Pretzel goldfish and a kashi bar

Lunch: Yummy spinach salad with tomatoes, clementines, and carrots with french dressing on top! And mixed nuts, oreos and kettle popcorn

Afternoon snack: banana and a rice crispy from the vending maching

Dinner: Grilled cheese with tomato, handful of mixed nuts, banana, and oreos!

I feel like I eat the same thing over and over again.  This week has been tough for dinners.  Since we got back on Sunday, I went grocery shopping but haven't been able to make any good meals since I am leaving again today for a work trip.  So much for eating healthy!

Happy Wednesday!!


Jford said...

The cookies and the salad looked good!

Rena said...

Your food looks so neat and nicely organized. I am sort of afraid to take a photo of everything I eat in a day.

Sara said...

oh god those oreos make me want some. i hope they are double stuffed!

Laura Boll said...

A cruise sounds so fun! But I know what you mean about getting all out of whack with eating... welcome back!

Marlene said...

That lunch salad looks gooood! So do the Oreos. :)

Kim said...

Hope you had a great time on your cruise. That can certainly mess with the eating habits. Look like your back on track and have a few good snacks too.