Friday, March 23, 2012

Confessions of a First Time Marathoner

Finally Friday! It has been a long week and I must admit that I have done a few crazy things this week all in the name of training.  Also some less crazy things, but none the less still a few confessions...

I eat two hard boiled eggs for breakfast pretty much every morning, especially when I go to the gym before work for Total Body class or Spinning.  I usually eat one of the egg yolks and throw the other away.  Last weekend I was reading my Food Network magazine and found this interesting little article about eggs.

The weather has been great with highs of 80F and I have run every day in shorts!  Next week, I will be back in capris or spandex because the temps will go back to normal for March.

Thursday morning was the morning I did something crazy - I woke up at 4am to fit in my 10 mile tempo run before the Total Body class at the gym at 6am.  I am not sure what made me think that this would be a good idea but I doubt I will ever try this again.  I managed to get 9.6 miles with 4 tempo mile repeats in before 5:30am and then headed to the gym for the hour Total body class.  Part of the reason I did this was because I couldn't run after work due to a social engagement.  

The social engagement after work was mini potluck party and I brought Southwest Black Bean salsa.  I have been waiting for an opportunity to use this recipe and this was the perfect occasion.  It turned out to be delicious and everyone loved it.  The recipe is from Skinny Taste.  How does mine compare to the photo from SkinnyTaste? (My salsa is the one on top.)

Today is my first complete day off in 13 days.  I think I needed a total day off because Monday I went to my usual yoga class after work but my brain was a bit scattered due to training and I forgot my sneakers.  I was sporting this cute look while walking out the gym!  These shoes are from ALDO and I have them in the black and the brown! They are just so comfortable even though they are 2.5 inch heels.

I so wish I was going to see The Hunger Games tonight but instead I will be going to bed early because I have another monster run in the morning - 15 miles with 2x (4mi @ MP + 1mi @ Tempo).

Happy Friday!


Melissa said...

I have forgotten my shoes for after-work yoga class and have walked out wearing my high heels too!

Kim said...

I love those shoes!

I sometimes get up really early to run too (3:00 or 3:30) because I have stuff going on in the evening... it's rough! Are you exhausted today?

That salsa looks awesome!

I am happy you took a rest day! Have a good run tomorrow!

Marlene said...

Oh my gosh, that is INSANE! Even for me! Haha. Can't believe you did that, way to get it done!!

Your black bean salsa looks great! I love when a recipe actually looks like the book/website photo. (not very often!)

Good luck on the big run tomorrow, sounds like another crazy workout!!

Allison said...

At least you were going to yoga where you don't need shoes!

That salsa looks great, I need to try to make it.

Rena said...

I really want to watch Hunger Games too! And your salsa look awesome!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Whoa. You are a machine. I don't think I have the ambitious to do a long run like that AND then go to an hour long class at the gym! Yikes!

That salsa looks awesome!!

Amber said...

I can't believe you put in a long run AND a gym class before work! That is amazing!!

My marathon training confession is that I've developed a cookie and/or banana bread habit in the afternoons at work and I need to cut it off before training ends because I may not be gaining weight now but I WILL if I keep that up after training!

The Hunger Games was GREAT!! Eric didn't like it though. I don't think people who haven't read the books would *totally* get it.

Nicole Orriëns said...

I always find it hard to step away from the shorts and return to the tights! But during this time of year, that sometimes happen.

Mom's Home Run

Jamie said...

NO way would I wake up at 4am, but good for you getting it done!

Thanks for the info on eggs, although I have to admit I would probably have still eaten them regardless, haha.