Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 Reasons to become a Spring Morning Runner

It is finally Spring!  Time to come out of gym hibernation and hit the roads for some runs.  This has to be my favorite time of year for running in the morning.  I did a post like this about reasons to run in the predawn during winter, but I think morning running in the spring is a lot more appealing to most people.

1. It is finally light out before 7am (and soon 6am!)

Having the sun rise earlier and earlier makes morning runs more enjoyable because you can see where you are going. And the early sunrise make getting out of bed easier too!

2. You don't need as much clothing as during the winter. 

There's nothing like throwing on a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt and heading out the door for a run.  Without spandex and all those heavy layers, it makes running feel easier!

3. Spring running clothes are way cuter than winter running clothes.

Capris, tank tops, shorts, long sleeves.  All these are so much cuter and fun to wear than winter spandex and under armour tops.

4. Since its light out, you don't need to wear that goofy headlamp anymore.

I am so ready to ditch the headlamp (and the hat). And the gloves.

5. Some of the best sunrises happen in the spring. 

There have been so many mornings where I wish I had run with my camera in order to capture the most beautiful sunrise.

6. Persuading your running buddy to run in the AM with you is more likely to happen in the spring when the weather is nice.

Predawn running is even better with a buddy and with the nicer weather, it is easier to meet up for a run.

7. The morning temperatures are more enjoyable than the winter.

I will take 50F or 60F any morning rather than the freezing cold 30F.

8. No more battling snow covered roads and trails.  

Running is more fun when it isn't snowing!  Plus seeing the trees bloom and bring all that vibrant green color back to the world is so amazing.

9. Spring makes running a double workout so much easier.

Squeezing in some AM miles before a PM speed session seems so much more doable when you don't have to go out into the cold, bundled up in tons of clothes. 

10. You start the day off with a caloric deficit.

Best part of morning running! Can't beat burning 400 or 500 (or more) calories before breakfast.  Just means you can eat more cupcakes later!

Happy Spring Morning Running!


James said...

This spring/summer I'm determined to become a morning runner, at least for weekend runs.

Don and the Stache said...

As a fellow morning runner I agree. Morning running is the way to go. Its the only time of the day when I don't have any excuse not to run other than my own laziness. Unfortunately I run at 4:45, so I don't get to see any of those beautiful spring sunrises. But I'll take the cool weather, solitude, and silence that morning running offers any day.

Amber said...

Yes! I had a lovely morning run yesterday and while it was hard to drag myself out of bed at first I'm SO glad I did because it was great running in the early morning and watching the sun rise!

Jamie said...

Cute post! We don't run in the morning very often but I would probably agree that going out in the spring would DEFINITELY be easier than in the winter.

We may need to run more in the morning sometime, but evening works for us so far! Summer may change that.

Elizabeth said...

Ah yes, I love all of these things. Morning running is the best!

KellytheCulinarian said...

I love this list! I hope it motivates me to get out of bed.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am not a big morning runner, but it's def better to run in the morning in the spring, summer, and fall than the winter!! The sunrises are beautiful to behold though!

Lisa said...

I am a total morning workout lover! I get up anywhere between 4-4:30 to get my runs and lifts in. I love it. My friends think I'm nuts. And I totally agree, it's lighter out and you don't have to dress like an eskimo anymore =)

Sara said...

haha cupcakes for the win! i am a morning runner (at all times of year) myself. and i love that you start of the day on a healthy note and the calorie deficit sure is nice! that is why my breakfasts are always so huge!