Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIAW: Easy Post Run Dinner

Every Tuesday night I run with my running group.  A few of us usually meet around 5:30pm to do a 2-3 mile warmup, then the whole group gathers at the designated meeting spot to talk about the workout, race results, etc etc.  Then we all go and run the workout in our specific pace groups.

Last night my running buddy and I had a very long workout on the schedule.  We met and warmed up at 5:30pm and did 2.25 miles before meeting with the group.  Shortly after 6pm we got our workout started....

10x800m @ 3:25 w/ 3:25 recovery

We finally finished after a 2.75 mile cool down at 8:10pm.  A very long workout indeed.  That recovery time really made this workout take forever.  But we felt great throughout and ran well.  Once I headed home, I began thinking about what I was going to have for dinner.  The fridge didn't really have much leftovers and I didn't want to spend a lot of time making something new because it would be close to 9pm before I got home and showered.

So I decided on an old favorite that is quick, easy and delicious.  Rice, black beans, cheddar cheese and salsa.  Yum.

I had the rice in the fridge, already made (thankfully!) and so I just had to open a can of black beans and heat them up with some rice. Half way through, I added the cheese and continued to microwave.  Then I added and salsa and devoured it!

This was simple and easy and one of my favorite post run meals.  I ate quite a bit and actually didn't feel too full after ward. Perfect!

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for another What I Ate Wednesday!!


RunningJunkie said...

Hmmm! I LOVE black beans and salsa.

I try to have some rice already made in the refrigerator as well. It takes brown rice 45 minutes to cook. When you are post-run starving, that seems like an eternity!


misszippy said...

That is a perfect recovery meal! Way to get it done on the track--that was a tough workout. You must be getting SO strong!

Jamie said...

Great workout!

Your dinner looks AMAZING!!