Monday, April 1, 2013

40 mile weeks

I am not following a training plan.
I am not training for anything.
I am just running to run.

Then how come, every week I feel like I need to hit 40 miles?

Every since I started to hit 40+ miles a week consistently last year, I kept that as my focused weekly base mileage.  There have only been a few times when I haven't hit that mileage and it was because of either a) sickness or b) part of the training plan for race week.

But now there is no piece of paper telling me I should run 40 miles a week in order to train for a race and there is not race on the horizon to train for but I still feel this urge inside to run 40 miles a week. 

I feel like if I don't run 40 miles a week, I will start to lose something. Maybe I feel like I will lose a part of the runner I became last year.  But I know that runner is already slipping away as I am not running the way I ran last year.  I am not running two hard speed workouts a week and I am not running crazy long runs on the weekend.

It is a slow process to come to terms with not always pushing and training hard.  And all that I have given up in the past few months has been difficult. It hasn't been easy to stop running fast, long speed workouts or super long runs.  It hasn't been easy to just relax and run. 

I think I am holding onto the last part of a regimen I had for over a year. The final piece of everything I built last year and everything I accomplished.  I don't know if I can give up my 40 mile weeks just yet. I have already given up so much.

In the coming months as my schedule gets busier and busier with more and more events, there may be weeks when I just can't run the 40 miles and I hope I can be ok with that. Only time will tell.

Whats your weekly mileage? Is there a "number" of miles you strive for each week?


Logan said...

This was the second week that I have hit 40+ miles. I feel like I'm already of the mindset that anything under 30 is not worthwhile, which I think is a shame. Right now I am training for something, so my mileage does matter, but I fall into that trap every time I'm not training for something. Whether it's weekly distance or even just a single run distance. I think it's a hard one to break out of.

Kim said...

Oh gosh. I can really relate to this post. Once I hit a certain mileage per week, I don't want to "lose my endurance." Doing a run a 5K every day challenge helped that in Dec. I was more focused on getting the run in than the weekly number. But I missed running long! LOL!

Anyway, I hope you find the balance that works right for you. 40 doesn't seem like too much for you, if you can fit it in and feel good!

I have been feeling good running around 50 a week but know I will cut back when it gets hot ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, 40 is my peak mileage during marathon training! Can't imagine running that much every week. I don't think my body was built for it as I feel like I am injury prone when I get into the high mileage weeks. My mileage is so low these days, it's pathetic actually. It will pick up once my big exam is behind me in June, though. Ideally, I like to run 30 miles a week, but right now it's more like 15.

Anonymous said...

I usually try to hit at least 20 miles a week. I would like to see 30 miles at the end of the week, but something always comes up or I get injured.

Amber said...

I agree with Lisa, 40 is usually my peak mileage! Haha. I have just started training again and I'm training for "time" for the first time ever, so rather than head out to run 4 miles I will head out for a 40-minute run, which may be 4-miles or in the trails may only be 3 miles. I am really excited about this new way of looking at training.

Unknown said...

My minimum is 25 miles a week.
my peak is over 40 miles.

RunToTheFinish said...

I had to stop looking at my weekly miles because yes for a number of years I was forcing myself to hit 70...yes years!! Now I just focus on each run and enjoy it for what it is.

chris mcpeake said...

Running just for fun is ... well fun. last week 55 miles, this week 65 miles as I come back from injury. Usually my week is 75-90 miles

Anonymous said...

I"m soo impressed! I believe I only ran 2 or 3 times a 40 mile week and that was at the peak of marathon training. When I follow a plan and train for something my mileage is in the 30 mile range per week. If I'm not training for anything, I hope to run 20 miles. You are awesome for getting all those miles in!