Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back to the Treadmill

Work went by pretty quickly yesterday and before I knew it I was back at my apartment. I put on my shorts, pants, running shoes and shirt, sweatshirt, and winter jacket! I added gloves and headed out the door to walk to the gym. I was debating whether to go and workout with the boys team but decided to workout on my own.

My workout:
Warm-up on bike for ten minutes - 3.60miles
Run on treadmill for 4.4 miles (34:50)
Lifting: Bicepts, Abductors, Tricepts, Leg Press, Bench Press, Shoulders

Usually when I run on the treadmill I feel tightness in my legs so that is why I added the biking. But when I was biking I felt pain in the back of my knees - similar to what I have felt with my hamstring problems. I felt good for the first 3 miles but the last 1.4 was rough. I decided to do 4.4 because that is the distance of the Turkey Trot I am running on Thanksgiving. Abby, from my team, lives close to the race so she said she would run it with me!! I want to run that race at about a 7:45 minute/mile pace.

Another thing that has been bothering me is my toes. My middle toe (mostly on my left foot) has been giving me pain. Usually it hurts only in the mornings or when I am not wearing socks. The pain starts when I put pressure onto the toes by walking. There is no bruising or swelling so I am not sure why they hurt.

B-Rabbit picked me up after the workout and we went to the grocery store - Besides some food, I picked up the new issue of Runner's World to read. I left B-Rabbit a few hints that I would love a subscription for Christmas!!

Have a good day - remember to stay warm and stretch those muscles!!


Marcy said...

Girl, don't tell me that's all you want for Christmas! ;-)

Unknown said...

I always seem to get those nagging injury's also around this time of year. I think it's my body telling me it needs a break after a summer of punishing.

tfh said...

Nice run on the 'mill. Great pace. But now I am feeling upset that I haven't gotten my issue of RW yet, even though it's hit the newstands already. Not fair!

B-rabbit said...

A few hints HUM? More along the lines of you saying "B-rabbit I want a subscription to these magazines ok? good thanks." followed by inserting the ads into my backpack. I would say that was more blunt then hints. Somehow I still make it through the day.

And believe me that is NOT all she wants for Christmas the list is large and expensive ;) JK.

Aron said...

totally random and kind of gross, but when my toes hurt (is it your toe toe or like the tip area)... cause i get water blisters underneath my toenails and they make my whole toe hurt. if you sterilize a safety pin or needle and poke it to drain it, it feels sooo much better. YUCK i cant believe i just commented about that :) hehe. it happens to me all the time.

Nicole said...

my toes hurt sometimes too but i never really figured out why... i wish i could help!!!

The Laminator said...

Oohhh, RW would make a great xmas present...hope he got the hints!