Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lunch Workout

Yesterday I gleefully left work before noon and headed to the indoor track. This would be my first running workout in the middle of the day. There were only a few people there but we warmed up like usual. Coach gave us the choice to do speed work instead of the 400m repeats and the boys voted immediately to skip the 400s.

We did 100m sprints then walk for 100m for rest - each of these sprints was timed. I started in lane 4 but after two sprints my left big toe hurt a little bit so I switched out to lane 5. Here are my times in seconds:

15.7, 15.2, 14.4, 15.2, 15.1, 15.2, 16.1

I was very happy to run a sub 15 second 100m because I have never done that before but as you can see I am not a short distance sprinter at all! Abby was running 13.9 second 100m for most of them and she was sick! You can see my time dropped off for the 7th sprint but that is why we timed them to see where my drop off point was and therefore the time for me to stop. It is a good baseline to improve upon.

The indoor track killed my left leg though - that was the leg on the inside of the turns. Once I was finished I had pain in the back of my knee and Coach said that is a sure sign of over usage. The pain was gone about 15 minutes after my cool down and I don't feel anything today.

I did enjoy the lunch workout because it made the day go by so much quicker and I was much more focused when I got back to work. I don't think I could do it everyday but it was nice for a change of pace.

Today I will be doing a timed mile and maybe some 400s if I feel up to it as well as lifting. I ran the timed mile back on August 21st and finished in 6:32 but there were some complications. I hope I can run a sub 6 minute mile but a PR (under 6:11) would be just as good!

Tonight the Women's basketball team has their first game of the season - I will be making an appearance especially since they are playing against my old coach! Hopefully this time I wont get all freaking emotional and stuff when I see them playing.

Enjoy the snow if you have some like I do here!!


Unknown said...

I really like afternoon workouts also. I agree with you it makes the day go by so much faster. I also like the feeling that I get about thinking that I have accomplished more then almost everyone at the office on those days.

No Longer Using said...

aw, i miss it too. i still follow my old team's stats ... good luck with the mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Good luck with the mile! Those are some great 100 sprints!

Marcy said...

6:32 is still nothing to sneeze at. Very nice!

tfh said...

Good luck with the mile! Doing it indoors is tough, esp. with a knee and big toe feeling irritated, but I'm sure you'll shine! (I'm pretty sure with the snow you won't be running outside!)

Nikemom said...

Rock that mile girl!

Marlene said...

I love running in the middle of the day, but rarely get the opportunity.

Excellent job on your sprints!

I used to run on an indoor track at my old gym (only a mile at a time; I wasn't much of a runner then) and constantly had issues with the inside leg/foot/ankle. Do you get to change directions?