Friday, November 7, 2008

Time Trials

Thank you to everyone for your kind and encouraging words and advice for my time trial.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day at work for me - my company laid off all the temp workers as well as a lot of technicians. One guy was practically fired right in front of me and this was a wake up call that "real life" is hard! So I was just in shock all day at work and hoped that running at track would make me feel better.

I ended up running the 600m and the 300m but it didn't turn out as well as I wanted. I decided this was the best way to go for me cause there is a possibility that I could run the 800m and 400m in a meet. The bad part was that I was the only girl running the 600m so I had no pacer and went out too fast. Then I had to run the 300m alone again cause all the other girls had run it right after I finished my first race.

600m - 2 minutes flat
300m - 50 seconds

I realized as I was running the 300m that I hadn't been warmed up enough prior to racing and that messed me up big time. The only good thing that came out of this is that theoretically I know I can run the 400m in a good time. I know I still have a lot of training to do and improvement to make.

I maxed out on bench press - one rep at 100 lbs (previous I did two reps at 90 lbs for my max two weeks ago) so I can see some slight improvement there but the next few weeks I need to keep lifting and not slack off even though it will be the holidays.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


Unknown said...

That stinks that you had to finish the last 300 alone after having pacers for the first 300. A good test though I guess.

Nicole said...

100 lbs? thats awesome!!!

N.D. said...

I feel like there are so many layoffs going on. It's horrible!!! Glad the run was able to help out a bit. Good job!

No Longer Using said...

WOW you are strong!!!!!!

Julianne said...

Yeah real life is not pretty right now... My company is totally tightening their belts and rumors of layoffs are all over the place. :-(

Hey, great job on your 600/300! Even if it didn't turn out the way you wanted. The fact that you're out there and running is enough to get kudos from me.

Marcy said...

Dang! No joke. You ARE strong!