Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mid Week Recap

Yesterdays weather = 50 degrees with gray ugly clouds

Todays weather = 55 degrees with RAIN!! Is rain better than snow??

I ran outside yesterday (just like most everyone else who is a runner or has a running blog). There was still little patches of snow on the track which I tired to avoid.

Heres the lovely workout:
6x200m Warm up
2x350m - first 50m all out, 200m glide/floating action, last 100m all out.
2x150m @ 90%
800m Cool Down

It was a nice outdoor workout, I didn't have that "I can't breath" feeling after running because the indoor track is so dry.

ALSO I forgot that running outdoors means there is WIND!!! I was kindly reminded that I hate wind! It sure is annoying!

Previous to yesterday it had been 39 DAYS since I had run outside!

Today we had team pictures and with 90+ athletes it sure was a hassle getting everyone situated! Some of the younger girls on the team are really just spoiled brats! This is mainly the distance girls but I just can't believe how much they complain and disrespect their elders!

I only threw shot put today and took a little time off from running as I will be going hard tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. I got my new throwing shoes in the mail yesterday so I tired them out today. They are already dirty : (

Anyone have fun plans for Valentine's Day? B-rabbit wont tell me what is happening Saturday so it will be a surprise!!

Happy Running - Hopefully there wont be much snow falling this weekend!


Marlene said...

Must have been nice to enjoy some fresh air... despite the wind! I enjoy the mild temperatures, but I think I prefer snow over cold February rain.

Nicole said...

I can not STAND running on indoor tracks for the very reason of not being able to breathe! I give you credit for kickin butt inside. Apparently you get used to it??

Julianne said...

Wow, 39 days??? I think rain is a bit better than snow but still, I hate running in the rain, too!

Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of the week goes well. It must have been nice to not have the "I can't breath" feeling.

No Longer Using said...

fresh air!!!! it really is starting to feel like spring, it's like a weight has been lifted or something. i want to start walking outside again, like at lunch. i dunno if you are like me but whenever i'm running a lot, i don't really do a whole lot of other activity! it's kind of a bummer! :) so exciting about b-rabbit's surprise! elliot and i kinda decided we aren't going to do anything, i think he is making me a card :)

Marcy said...

Sounds liek a very exciting V-Day for you. Ooooo la la ;-)

Unknown said...

I'm not a big fan of the whole wind thing also. Although I don't think I would want to run inside very often.

Aron said...

ohhh a surprise will be FUN!!! :)

so nice to get outside!

Jamie said...

Rain sucks but is definitely better than snow!

A V-day surprise - how fun!

tfh said...

First run outside in 39 days? That deserves celebration! I curse the wind, but I try to tell myself it helps (at my back) just as much as it hurts. (Even though I'm not sure I believe it.) Hope you have a fantastic, romantic Valentine's day!

Felice Devine said...

Yay for outdoor runs, boo for wind! The wind is always such a downer.