Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Workouts

Workout Summary:

Friday = I am a wimp.
It was a sunny 30 degrees outside but I stayed inside and went for the treadmill
1 mile warm up
3.5 miles at 8:00 minute/mile pace
0.5 mile cool down

I had brought my ipod with my new headphones I got for Christmas and I have decided that I have a deformed left ear! The headphone thingie worked great in my right ear but it kept falling out of my left. So I was stuck with no music for my run and I had to stare at the people in front of me and judge them.

The one girl in front of me was going too fast and so she kept running at the very back of the treadmill. I was just waiting for her to fall flat on her face! The girl next to me decided she was a really fast runner and tried to out sprint me for the 5 minutes she was actually on the treadmill. And the boy who was off to the right in front of me had the treadmill set at 9.5 mph and was just jogging away! Seriously there are crazy people at my school!

I was really happy that I was able to maintain the 8 minute mile pace for oever 3 miles. It makes me feel like I can still run some mileage!

6x200m warmup
2x200m sprint straight aways then jog curves
4x400m intervals at good pace
4x200m cool down

I ran on the older indoor track which happens to have inclines on the curves so basically I almost fell and tripped over myself every lap. Also during the first interval I felt a strange pain in my right hip. Nothing serious but it was just weird - I think because of the inclined curves!

400m intervals were at a decent pace even though I was running alone.

Sunday aka Today
Jumping in the pool with B-Rabbit and hopefully I will remember how to swim!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


Nicole said...

I would have the best time at the gym. I love to people watch and running/people watching would be the MOST fun!

Marci said...

Good job on the 3 miler!!

Marcy said...

Ohhhh but it's been so nice! Both Sat and today I didn't have to wear my gloves :-O

Jamie said...

Nice job on the weekend workouts. Isn't people watching in the gym so entertaining?!?!

Unknown said...

LOL on your deformed left ear.

Marlene said...

Haha, at least you have some entertainment at the gym.

Is the track supposed to have incliunes?! Crazy!

Nice job on all the workouts.

Unknown said...

Nice job on the pace for the 3 miler. That's great when you really don't focus on distance at the moment.

The Laminator said...

People watching on treadmills can get pretty addicting and you can spot some crazy stuff.

Good job with your weekend workouts.

Brian said...

haha I love watching the people do the ALL OUT SPRINT on the treadmill. As much as I would want to do that I am just waiting for them to fall right off it, so I am always prepared with my hand next to the emercency stop button incase they go down hehe. Good job on the workout!

Aron said...

nice job on the workouts!!! people on the treadmills are always so funny.

X-Country2 said...

Way to entertain yourself on your musicless run. Judging people while they workout is actually a full-time hobby of mine. :o)

I Run for Fun said...

Great run!