Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't puke on me or we can't be friends

A little while back I was boasting (to B-rabbit) that I have never had a workout where I felt like I was going to throw up. Ok so I wasn't actually boasting, more like I was just saying/commenting/talking to myself.

Well I can no longer say that...not sure if this is really a good or bad thing but I am going to tell this story anyway!

It was quite chilly this afternoon so practice was inside at the indoor track (thank goodness - I am sick of cold weather! Where is Summer??)

This was the workout -
Warm up
6x200m with decreasing rest (aka 5,4,3,2,1 minutes)
2x150m strides
Cool Down

The last time I did this workout, it was my last indoor track season workout before having to sit out for my hip flexor injury. This time I actually ran it with Abby and Alison and the rest of the girls. I was a little nervous but the hip felt pretty good.

The first 200m we took it easy and didn't push. We rested for 5 minutes and then ran the second 200m much faster. Rested for 4 minutes then ran the 3rd 200m. Rested 3 minutes and ran our fourth 200m. Rested 2 minutes and ran the fifth 200m. We rested extra for the final 200m - only three of us ran that last one. It was intense!!

After the 5th repeat my butt hurt so much. It hurt more than after racing the 400m in the 4x4 relay! I was like waddling around and my legs felt like bricks on the 6th repeat! The funny/best part of this whole thing is that I actually ran all these repeats at a really good pace.*

Following the 6th repeat, I sat down on the bench on the outside of the track to try and recover before going on to finish the rest of the workout. My stomach did not feel good at all and I was burping a bit. One of the freshman, Lauren, who cannot stand to see someone throw up, was sitting next to me.

Me - "I don't feel well at all, I feel like I am going to throw up"
Lauren - (backing away) "Don't. Don't puke on me or we can't be friends"

I had to laugh at the way she said it. Her comment at least helped me to stop thinking about throwing up! I did not throw up. Just wanted to make that clear!! Overall it was a good day at the track - I pushed hard and have a little more confidence in myself that I can run fast even with this darn hip!

*for the 6x200m repeats -> times in seconds = 33, 30, 32, 31, 34, 35


The Laminator said...

Yeah, I agree...if you threw up on me...even if just virtually...we can't be friends either. HAHAHA!

I've only ever thrown up my first race ever...that was it...never in a workout! Geez, that's intense!

Nicole said...

Wow thats a KLLER workout! :) My little cousin who was 6 at the time pretty much puked on me in the car. That was literally the most discusting thing ever. I found myself in a heap about throwing up too!!!


Great job with the workout!!! Sounds like you nailed it even though you felt like crap. I hate feeling like crap after a good workout but then after i feel better i realize it was because i rocked it! Awesome job girl!

Anonymous said...

That was a really intense workout. Wya to push through and post some great times.

Marcy said...

OMG!! I don't think I've ever ran THAT hard. Oy I''m too scared to even go there HAHA!

Jocelyn said...

Damn girl!! What an intense work out! :)

Glenn Jones said...

Killer workout man! Boogie till you puke! Awesome times!

Unknown said...

That's great! It would be tough to get past the being thrown up on during a relationship.

teacherwoman said...

I almost threw up when I finished my fastest 5K... It's the worst feeling I think.

Great workout!

No Longer Using said...

HAHA she is funny! that's crazy, GREAT workout!!!!!! i have a hard time knowing what it feels like to run 200s cuz i am not judge of speed and i never run that distance, but i love hearing about it from you and it makes me wish i could be a speedy sprinter!!! :) nice work! love that you have the girls to run with!

Amy said...

Hahaha... I liked your friends comment.

I tell myself that throwing up while running or after running.. which I have had the pleasure of doing both is just a rite a passage. But... it really just sucks.

Glad you ended up not throwing up.

tfh said...

That's a tough workout-- no wonder you almost threw up! I definitely have had the "puke threshold burps" but have always managed to keep it down, too. :)

X-Country2 said...

The only time I almost puked was during an outdoor workout in the middle of the summer. Pretty sure it was heat stroke induced instead of effort induced, but thankfully no one was around.

Marlene said...

That sounds like an intense workout! Awesome splits and great job NOT throwing up! lol

Ms. V. said...

That's an amazing workout, girl.

I was nauseous last Sat and today. What's that about?

Too funny on throwing up on your friend.

Aron said...

wow intense workout girl!!! lol at the comment :)

Chic Runner said...

Nice workout, and I have been thrown up on before... my first cross country race in high school! some girl threw up on the back of my shoes. crazy and disgusting. Nice work on getting it to that 'point' :)

Brian said...

Awesome workout. The quote is hilarious, haha.

Just so you know, you changed my training log from mapmyrun to logyourrun, and I love it. Noticed you had it so i tried it out and love it

Jamie said...

Crazy workout - nice job!

I had someone puke on me after his 22nd bday. We aren't friends anymore :) but it's not b/c he threw up on me!

Kim said...

Lauren is funny. Tell her to Buck Up Buttercup!

Glad you didn't puke. For your sake, not Lauren's.:)

shannon said...

That quote made me laugh. I'm definitely going to use that line. My friends know if someone's puking, I will be the first one to join in. I just can't help it..
I'm glad your hip is feeling better! I wish mine was :(

I Run for Fun said...

What a workout!

Ha ha...that is funny. I haven't had anyone throw up on me, but I can see how that would probably be among the worst experiences of one's life.