Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Track Meet Report and Photos!

We finally were able to have a track meet this weekend...it was sunny outside but it was SOO windy! I seriously hate wind and it made me miss Indoor Track!

My first event was the Javelin Throw. This was my first time throwing it in a real meet and I tried to have a laid back attitude. I just needed a mark so that I could get points for Heptathlon and qualify for the State Meet. My first three throws were ok, nothing special and somehow I managed to get into finals. With all throwing events you have three throws, then the top 8 competitors get three more throws aka Finals to determine the winner! My second throw of finals was perfect and I ended up moving into 6th place! Woohoo!

I found shelter and was able to warm up a bit before heading back out to warm up for high jump. The officials ran the meet sooo slowly and I knew just as we started high jump that the 200m dash was going to be starting as well. Basically the official was retarded and I said that I was going to my running event and he called my name to jump! I was angry but managed to clear the first height before sprinting off to the starting line.

There were blocks in my lane (lane 3) and I quickly began to set them. I was not even ready when the official said "On your mark!" My mind was racing and I was just trying to get myself ready. I slowly got into my blocks and I was sitting back when the official said "Set!" I hadn't even placed my hands down on the TRACK!! Thank goodness the official told us all to stand up because something had gone wrong with another girl! The second time around was much better but my start was not perfect. I managed to place 15th overall with a time of 29.05 seconds.

Once finished with the 200m dash I walked back over to the high jump area and was given a few minutes to relax before being put back into the jumping lineup. I was not mentally focused on my jumping and I realized after the meet and looking at the pictures B-rabbit took that I am not arching my back as I go over the bar (See the second picture for visual) I seem to be touching my chin to my chest as I jump which leads me to stick my butt out and therefore knock over the bar! Funny thing on touching my chin to my chest - not only do I do this in high jump but also when baking a cake. I put my chin to my chest and stir the batter! I don't know what is wrong with me!

The 4x400m relay was the second to last event and I was really looking forward to running it and getting a time. Unfortunately my coach decided to pull us from the relays and we went home. The worst part was that none of the team told the women's relay teams so we started warming up and had no idea!!

In previous posts I have mentioned that I have been upset about the 4x400m relay. To be quite honest I know that I can run it and be on the relay team and help them go to the regional meet but I feel like I am not going to get that chance. Here is why I think that:

Yesterday at practice my head coach came up to me and asked me which events I wanted to do for the conference championship meet this weekend. I still need to do 100m hurdles for heptathlon and have a few options for other events. I asked my coach if he was going to put me in the 4x400m relay and he said no. He said something about there not being a lot of time between now and Heptathlon (aka multis) States and some other stuff I seem to have forgotten.

I feel like he doesn't want me to run the relay because he thinks that because I ran it in Indoor that is the reason I got hurt. I want the chance to run it and I want to go to the regional meet. Basically it is my "Senior Wish" to run and compete on the relay. So this morning I stopped by my coach's office and tried to talk to him about me being on the relay. My only two goals for track was to compete in Heptathlon on Outdoor and run the relay! I wanted those two things so badly and now I feel like I have been pushed aside. I didn't know how to accurately tell my coach how much I want to run the relay.

This weekend, another girl is running the relay with the three other original members. This girl, lets call her Beth, is a good runner and we train together regularly. I have nothing against her, she is a very nice girl but I just think that I could run it faster. We will just have to see how this weekend goes...

And now the moment I know you all have been waiting for - Pictures from the meet!!!

Running the 200m dash

High jump - Please notice the chin to the chest and the pink spikes!

Ok I am done venting and everything...its been a rough day and its only 11am!! I hope everyone else is having a better day! Thanks for reading!!


Nicole said...

Thats really crappy that they won't let you run your relay. Its not like your asking for much. How rude!

Great pics high jumping and running. I always loved looking at pics of me running and doing field events! :)

I hope you have a better day hun!

Jamie said...

Nice job at the meet and great pics! Love the pink spikes :)

I'm sorry to hear your coach won't let you run the relay. But now you can focus solely on the heptathlon and seriously kick ass!

No Longer Using said...

Wow first of all that is a really hectic track meet. It sounds like you had to rush around a lot. Congrats on the Jav! and Wow you are so BRAVE to do the high jump! I did this in 7th grade and was scared to death the whole time. I guess i was also smaller then, but i'm sure the bar was a lot lower, too! it's so hard to trust jumping BACKWARDS and head first! the picture is a great way to work on your form!!!! and that is really funny you noticed your chin tucking while baking...!! hehehe too funny.

VERY VERY TOUGH situation with the 4x400. you did the right thing by talking with your coach i've never been in that situation, hopefully something will work in your favor. all you can do is keep running!

Anonymous said...

You had a really busy track meet and did great. Hope you are able to work your way on the relay.

Marlene said...

Love the pics! I can't imagine what it feels like to run so fast.

Congrats on your events!

I hope Coach comes around and lets to run the 4x400... I know how important it is to you!

tfh said...

Love your spikes and I also think you have great sprinting form! You look awesome.

I'm glad you talked to your coach. I hope it will work out with you and the 4x400 but no matter what, if you have been persistent in talking to him and telling him you think you should run it, I hope you at least feel good about yourself. You're doing your best and now hopefully he'll just make the right decision for you and the team! But it sounds like sitting out of it this weekend will be hard for you, esp. since you didn't really get a chance to prove yourself during your last meet.

Being Robinson said...

WoW track meets sound INTENSE! Congrats! Maybe you WILL get to the the relay, hope you do :)

Melanie said...

This post makes me miss my track days. :) I hope all works out for the relay! I definitely think it's wise to talk to the coach about it.

N.D. said...

way 2 go! love the pics

Marcy said...

Love the pics chica!

I really hope something works out for you in the relay. Who knows maybe Beth will be nice and say "You know what? This is your last "go" at it, why don't you run it?" Either that or coach boots her butt LOL

Aron said...

awesome job and loooove the pics!

Glenn Jones said...

Great photos! I am alwys impressed by you youngsters that have the commitment to be NCAA athletes and great students to boot. It's hard enough being committed enough to do well in school, but add to that the requirements to be a competitve athlete at a high level - it's truly amazing. Congratulations!

Ms. V. said...

I love the High Jump photo. Javelin? Girl, you are a rock star! You sound busy!

Bites about your relay...

Great photos. Which college?

I Run for Fun said...

Love the pics! Sorry about the relay....that sucks.