Sunday, April 19, 2009


Warning: Bitter blog post ahead...

The track meet yesterday was good and bad. The morning was good, the afternoon was bad.

In the morning I threw shot first at 10:30am. I haven't been practicing and managed to get into 5th place. I then had to leave to warm up for 100m hurdles and I didn't get to compete in the finals for shot and therefore couldn't move up my position. The winning throw was 10.07 meters (or something like that) aka RIDICULOUSLY low and if I had thrown in finals I think I could have won it.

I ran hurdles and got a time but it was just horrible and my hip flexor hurt.

Then I did long jump and jumped very consistently so I feel confident going into the Heptathlon next weekend.

The bad part started when I had to watch the 4x400m relay win and wasn't even part of it. It was almost as bad as having to sit out of Pentathlon in Indoor track this year. The girl who took my spot ran well but I hate how my coach didn't even give me a chance. There is a lot more drama to this than I have posted about but let me just say I am SICK and tired of political BS and manipulative girls.

I bet if I didn't do like 4 events every meet that I could run the 400m dash just as fast as the girls on the relay.

In 7 days I will be competing in Heptathlon for the state meet. Then my college athletic career is pretty much over. I am slowly coming to terms with this and will start my 15k training on May 3rd.

In 34 days I will be graduating and will be starting a new portion of my life. I have so much to be thankful for. I had 5 years of competitive college athletics in which I help to set a few records! Its just hard to see all the good things when something I really wanted has been taken away from me for no good reason.

Sorry for the depressed/angry post. Emotionally I am in a really weird place right now. I NEED to get my head together for next weeks competition because Heptathlon is going to take all the physical and emotional strength I have.

**A few weeks ago my best friend gave me a belated birthday gift (Thanks Jackie!). She had made up a basket filled with my favorite things. Included was dunkin donuts coffee, which I has this morning and it was delicious and also Once a Runner by John L. Parker, Jr. I think that is going to be the next book I read! Anyone else read it??


Jamie said...

College is nearly over :( You have a lot of changes coming up! And trust me the politics and BS never goes away...hang in there and try to focus on the positive. Live up your end of days before graduation too!

Once a Runner is sitting on my side table. It's the next in line to be read. Can't wait!

Kim said...

You have a lot of change going on right now so a change in mood is probably to be expected somewhat. Take it in stride and you'll snap out of it pretty soon. It's normal...things will look up soon. Just think GRADUATION!

I Run for Fun said...

You are hurting right now...I am so sorry! But I am glad you are able to vent and get it out of your system. Focus on what's know what you are capable of, and in the end, that is what really matters. Experiences make us tougher and better people.

Sorry if this comes off as a sermon!

Ms. V. said...

Oh, that just so bites. PS: The BS continues everywhere, you just gotta know when to duck!

Good luck on your training plan!!

Nicole said...

I'm sorry things are rough for you right now. Try and enjoy what time you have left with college running and leave it all on the track. You have a lot to be proud of! :)

Brian, my boyfriend, is graduating on Saturday and I think I am more emotional about it than he is! :)

If you need anything, i'm here for you girl! :)

Jocelyn said...

34 days! wooooo! I remember when i graduated. its so surreal. Take it all in!
That sucks about the meet and I would be bitter too. But still you got to be there and compete in a couple events. You are a lot like me though...when I'm hurt or have to sit out for whatever reason, it kills me to watch others do what I do.
You will do great though! Even the weather up there is getting better. hang in there.

Felice Devine said...

Sorry about that. I hope that writing the post and getting some thing off your chest made you feel a little better. Sometimes that helps. It's good that you have 15k training to look forward to!!

Chic Runner said...

Hey girl. I know the feeling about the relays. Keep your head up and you will be stronger because of it. It sucks to say that but it's true. Keep chuggin' along.

Aron said...

hang in there girl... its almost over so try to enjoy the last days! you will rock your pentathalon next weekend and just try to not let the rest of it get to you. enjoy your last few days of college!!!!!

X-Country2 said...

THe political BS of team sports is a PAIN. You're kicking butt in a million ways,so keep your head up. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Brian said...

Just hang in there and be happy you're so close to graduating. It's an accomplishment and doesn't mark the end so much as the beginning of the rest of your life. As far as running goes, we'll all welcome you to road racing and no more politics. Nobody's going to hold you out of any races here. If you want to beat someone on the road, all you have to do is outrun them.

Brian said...

Chin up! Hope your hip heals up. Very crazy time in your life be sure to make the best of it!!

The Laminator said...

Hang in there, J. Try not to be sucked into the politics and do the best that you can with what you are given...because as I've learned this weekend, there are a lot of other people who would kill to have your talent and also, if that talent ever goes away, because of injury or life or whatever, you'd regret being sulky and not appreciating what you had back then.

Anyway, best of luck in your heptathalon next week.

Emily said...

You should be proud of all of your collegiate accomplishments, I'm so jealous! I was very into sports in high school then watched on the sidelines and drank my way through college.

On the flip side, you have tons of great stuff to look forward to. Enjoy the end of this phase and be excited about the next. Change is hard and you're doing great.