Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'll take hot and sweaty

Last night it was hot and sticky outside but instead of staying in the AC, I went downtown to a professional women's soccer game.  Thankfully the seats were in the shade, otherwise I would have died.  I don't really follow women's soccer except during the world cup and the Olympics but I do keep track of one player who is from my area -

Abby Wambach.

I have seen her play a few times and she actually made an appearance at my soccer game when I was in high school.  Although she didn't play in the game last night, it was still pretty impressive to see some women's soccer. I just think its awesome to see women accomplishing so much in sports!

After the game I headed home - I was feeling pretty dehydrated but since today was supposed to be even HOTTER, I knew I had to get up before work to run.  Being the crazy runner that I am, I chugged two glasses of water and went to bed.

The alarm came too quickly at 5am and I headed out the door in 8 minutes flat.  The temperature was already a steam 74F and I pounded out 6 miles -

1 mi warmup
2 mi at HMP (~7:30, actual 7:31 pace) I had some garmin problems in the beginning of this portion; my garmin kept telling me I was running 10 min/miles when I clearly knew I was not.
0.5 mi recovery jog
1 mi at HMP (~7:30, actual 7:30 pace)
Easy jog home

Due to my garmin being all wonky at the start of my tempo, I had to estimate my mileage using gmaps pedometer.  It sure has been a long time since I have used that.  Over all it was a good workout but hitting the paces was hard since I was tired, hot and sweaty.  But it was done...glad I got it done in the morning because now it is unbearable outside.

Hope everyone is staying cool! Happy Thursday!


Marlene said...

Way to nail your target paces this morning, even in this steamy heat!!

Rebecca said...

Glad you're chuggin' that water! :-) This workout was tough for me too. It was WAY early to be running that many miles that fast. Strange that both of our Garmins were being weird, and around the same time... I wonder if something is messing with the satellites, haha.

Nicole said...

this heat is redic! i saw your pic on fb today and was whining with you! stay cool sunshine!

Amy said...

Good for you for getting your workout done despite the heat!

Molly said...

I thought of you this morning!!! I got up at 5:30 and went for a five mile run as the sun came up : )

this heat is crazy!

Unknown said...

Wow that's hot, our summer over here is non-existent :-( good for training but not much else!

Suzy said...

How fun to go to a soccer game!! I think the heat finally broke here today. I hope it is cooler there to.

kaydi327 said...

The soccer game sounds so fun! Glad you had some shade. Great job on getting the run in, J!
-Katie @ Legally Fit

Being Robinson said...

that's a killer tempo in the heat. i've been wimping out on my tempos and doing them on the TM lately, can't handle it!