Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Talk: Invitations!

I have been waiting and waiting to share these with you! Since the invitations were sent out Friday and most have been received I thought it was time to share!  I ordered my wedding invitations almost a month ago from Wedding Paper Divas and they came out better than I expected.

The process was simple and I would definitely recommend ordering from them for not only wedding invitations but for any type of invitation or cards - WPD is under Tiny Prints which sells cards.  When I received my shipment of invitations, I noticed that my outer envelopes were damaged by water.  I called up the WPD customer service and they were understanding and immediately shipped out replacements.  That definitely helped to make me feel better.

I worked all last week to hand address the envelopes and then Brian and I stuffed each envelope, sealed them and had them all ready to head out in the mail on Friday!

All the cards ready to be stuffed with invitations!

Sealed and ready to go!

I picked up these cute stamps just for our invitations!  I love the wedding cake!

I did the calligraphy/cursive addressing myself which was a lot of work but it was well worth it and they came out great.  Wish I could show you more but I have to protect people's privacy and I didn't make up a mock one because I was just ready to be done when I finished.

Our invitations!

Friday during lunch, Brian and I headed to the post office to send out all the invitations.  It was just another moment where all this felt real and it felt like this whole production was going to happen!  Brian took all these pictures of me mailing out the invites!

Walking up to the outgoing  mailboxes...

Here they go!!

And I am all done!

See - they are all mailed out!

It was a fun experience - definitely a little bit more stressful than I wanted but that is life!  And now just to wait for all the response cards to come back to see who is going to attend our wedding!

Happy Wednesday!


Amber said...

Your invitations turned out great!!! Love them!

I do NOT have nice handwriting so I don't think I'll be hand labeling mine. That is impressive!!

Chic Runner said...

YAY! so exciting and they came out beautiful. I love the tree and your handwriting is so nice! :)

Lisa said...

It's really happening now!! ;) I totally took a picture of my husband when we took our invites to the post office! What a great moment to remember! They're beautiful invitations!!

Anonymous said...

It's such a great feeling to get those babies in the mail! Woo hoo! And right on for doing the calligraphy yourself! My mom did all mine. So exciting!

Nicole said...

i felt the same way when i sent out the save the dates!!!

Chelsea said...

Beautiful!! Where'd you learn to do the calligraphy? I give you huge credit for doing it on so many invitations. I'd have probably done two, sent them to our parents, and used regular handwriting for the rest.

Molly said...

beautiful invites, perfect for fall. The stamp is cute too : )

kaydi327 said...

Your invites are gorgeous! I am so impressed that you did the calligraphy yourself. Beautiful!

-Katie @ Legally Fit

Felice Devine said...

Love the invites!
I remember feeling SOOO weird when I put my invites in the mail box. such an exciting time! It's great when those responses start pouring in.

Page said...

YAY! They're out and I can't believe you did all the cursive - that's a serious talent (that I lacked majorly in!). Congrats!