Wednesday, August 24, 2011

12 miles in 12 hours

I did another fake double - a run Tuesday night and then another run this morning.

Last night I showed up to running club with every intention of running 7 miles.  I am technically in taper mode for the 15k so I need to start cutting back my mileage.  But then my running buddy convinced me to run 9 miles, with 6 fast miles thrown in there.

The workout was 2x(2mi at half marathon pace + 1mi at threshold) with a 3 minute rest in between sets.  It looks hard just looking at it and it was. (Goal paces = 7:35 and 7:10)

First set miles: 14:52, 7:08
Second set miles: 15:10, 7:03

The first set of half marathon paced miles was a little fast.  We were able to pull back a bit on the second set and then crush the threshold portion.  It felt good to run this workout - a sort of accomplishment when we finished that we could do it. 

First run done.

Wednesday morning hadn't even dawned yet when my alarm went off and I headed out.  And it was DARK!  As I said before, I am house sitting so I was running in a new area this morning - although it is not totally unfamiliar because it is actually close to where I went to high school.  I haven't run on those roads in over 7 years and it was good to be back, although it was dark so I couldn't see much.

3 miles in 26:15 (8:45 pace)
For a total of 12 miles in 12 hours => 1:37:45 (8:09 pace)

After the run, it was time to get ready for work.  And of course I had a little company!  Somebody likes the shower!!

Happy Wednesday!


misszippy said...

Love your little companion! Nice double, girlfriend. It stinks that the sun is coming up so late now! Winter is!

Marlene said...

Love that you call them "fake" doubles. That is one DOOZIE of a workout from last night and another nice run this morning - you are going to kill this half!

Nicole said...

your amazing. keep it up bride to be!

Fruit Fly said...

Awesome work on the running!

That cat is so silly. My cat loves to do that, too -- get between the curtain and the liner. She'll just go and sit in between the two while I'm getting ready. Such little weirdos sometimes. Love 'em!

Unknown said...

Great work on the runs!

I love those kitty pics haha, mine sometimes likes to jump onto the side of the bath when I'm in it... I dread to think what would happen if she fell in though!!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, she's adorable!!

Sorry I made you run 9. :-( I know (or at least I am 99% sure) if you really didn't want to run that much you wouldn't have... Right?!

Will miss running with you tomorrow, but we both have totally different workouts. Bummer! Tuesday, do not let me talk you into extra running! (I am likely doing 2 x 2 at tempo.)