Thursday, August 4, 2011

Super Soggy

After many, many days of scorching heat, yesterday's full day of rain was a welcomed change.

I headed out after work for an easy recovery run.  I didn't realize how much Tuesday night's running club track workout had taken out of me until I started running.  My legs felt heavy and didn't loosen up for over a mile but finally I settled into a relaxing pace. 

This was only my second run from my new house and I enjoyed exploring some of the nearby neighborhoods.  Thankfully I did not get lost and made it home but by the end of the run I was soaked from the rain.  It wasn't really pouring rain just a light drizzle but I still looked like a wet dog when I arrived back home.

Yay Rain - Green grass again!

This morning (Thursday) I did NOT want to get up and run but I knew I needed to because I have plans for tonight.  My legs were still feeling Tuesday's 800s and I barely was able to hit my half marathon tempo. Thankfully it is done and I can enjoy the rest of my (busy) day.

Tuesday's killer track workout:
2 mi warm up
8x800m (Yasso's) at 3:25-3:30/800m
2 mi cool down

Wednesday's easy relazing run:
4.5 miles at 8:40 pace

Thursday's "I wish I was still sleeping" tempo run:
5.5 miles with 3 miles at HMP (~7:40ish)

As I was running this morning I was seriously lacking motivation and I was trying to figure out why.  It has to be the fact that I am following a full blown half marathon schedule with no Half marathon race in sight.  Two of my running buddies from running club are running a half on September 17th but I will be on my honeymoon so I can't run it.  But I am still training with them.  I am finding it harder and harder to dig up the motivation to run when I have no goal race!  I guess that means that I need to find on ASAP!

How do you stay motivated with no training plan??  Happy Thursday!


Fran said...

I don't. I need a race to look forward to and a plan to work with otherwise I go from running 4 to 5 times a week to 1 time a week. I don't do many races but I always make sure I have one on my schedule to work towards too.

Marlene said...

I don't think I could stick to an aggressive plan without a race on the calendar - you have lasted so long! Hope you can find a race that works!

Awesome job on the runs. I looked & felt pretty much like you did after the rainy one yesterday.

Amy said...

I know I find it difficult to stay motivated without a race on the horizon, but kept myself going through the winter because I knew I would be training again come spring and wanted to keep my mileage up for that.

Tricia said...

super awesome job on the runs

Being Robinson said...

oh yay for running from the new house. congrats! i have a really hard time staying motivated when i don't have a race ahead. but i'll usually do what you're doing, follow a plan like i AM training. it helps i think.

teacherwoman said...

I have a real hard time staying motivated without a training plan... this summer has been a challenge. But, I have told myself I need to do something when I have lacked the motivation... even if it were a short ride followed by a walk. :)

Nicole said...

What a great week of running! I need to make a training plan that involves intervals so i can get faster + drop some extra calories! :) Keep up the great work bride to be!

t- 100 days to go for me!

Fruit Fly said...

That is an excellent question ... and the biggest reason I always have a race coming up. I think if I didn't I'd have no motivation and then just gradually stop running.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job getting up and getting your run done! It's so hard to stay motivated when there are no races on the horizon. I usually make sure I have a few on the calendar, even if they're a few months away so I have something to work towards.

Christine said...

I can't believe you train that hard without goal race, that is dedication!! :) The first thing I do after a race is signing up for a new race! I always have a race coming up, without race I won't run :)

Rebecca said...

Wish you could run the HM with us! BUT... you'll be happily enjoying your honeymoon. Sounds like a good trade to me, except I will miss my pacer. Also - no need to follow the whole plan, silly... just workouts for Tuesday. :-)