Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm not good at math

Only a few more runs stand between me and the 15k race on Monday.  I haven't raced a 15k since last summer so I have been trying to figure out what my goal should be.  Sure I can add and subtract, multiple and divide with the best of them.  But figuring out pacing times or adding running times together - I just can't do it.  And then I found this handy little app that has been a life saver.

In my nice little running folder I have this amazing app which is so simple to use - its called Pacer.

This app gives you three options for calculations - pace, distance or time.  All you need is two of the variables to figure out the third one -

To find the pace - enter run distance and run time.
To find the distance - enter run time and run pace.
To find the time - enter run distance and run pace.

It makes calculating times or paces for runs and races so much easier!  I just used the "Time" calculation to figure out how long it would take me to finish the 15k if I ran it at tempo pace (7:10/mile).

Easy peasy....saved me from a few headaches of trying to add up paces.  Its nice having this app on my iPhone so I don't have to be near a computer to figure out info for my run.  What's your favorite app?

Happy Wednesday!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome to have that information at your fingertips. I use the Cool Running Pace Calculator which is the same thing, but there isn't an app for it (to my knowledge). Good luck on your race!

Unknown said...

OHHHH!!! This is awesome!! Thank you so much. I'm getting this app now :)

Bethany + Ryan said...

Good luck in your race! I will tell Ryan about that app, although HE is good at math, i'm the one who needs it but he's the one with the iphone. Hope all is well with you! Can't believe it's almost September!

Marlene said...

neat! I have a website in my favorites that does the same thing. No apps for me... I don't even have a smartphone!

Anonymous said...

I'm not good a math either! I'm so looking to see if I can get this app on my droid! My favorite app as of late is the Pandora app. I love to listen to it while i'm on my run!

Fruit Fly said...

What the heck is wrong with me? I looked at all of those things on the screen and got excited over the level. Seriously? The level??

I feel like a mathematically genius when I run. I work in finance and am dependent on my adding machine, but when I run I "think" I am brilliant!

Nicole said...

Cool app!!! Ill have to download it on my ipod touch :)