Thursday, October 6, 2011

Essentials for a cold and dark run

First off, let me just say that this is my favorite time of year to run.  The cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, the perfectly clear blue skies - I just LOVE it.  That being said, I will still complain when the temperature dips below a certain point.  This morning was the first taste of winter coldness and I did not like it.  It was cold, like 38F/3C cold. Like "I can see my breathe in front of my face" cold.  I am not ready for it to be this cold.  Thankfully we have some summer-like weather for the next week.  Hopefully I wont be seeing any more 30 degree weather for some time.

Two iPhone apps, Two different temperatures...hmmm?

I bundled up for my run - gloves, headband, sweatshirt.  But I refused to wear long spandex - I stuck with my capris.  I am holding out for November on the long spandex - we will see how far I really get! Besides being cold this morning, it was dark at 5am.  It has been dark in the mornings for a while, but once again I refused to bust out my headlamp.  I always wear my reflective vest when its dark but the headlamp to me just signifies cold weather and winter.

So here are a few essentials for a cold and dark morning run:

Gloves + Garmin
Spandex capris!
Reflective vest and little flashing red light.

It was a good run this morning - beautifully clear sky with all the stars.  Since I have a 5k saturday morning I took it a bit easy -> warm up + 12 min tempo + recovery +4x50m strides + cooldown = a good Thursday run!

Post run
Ready for work - how about that scarf?  Its an infinity scarf that I bought last spring - finally getting the chance to wear it - Brian makes fun of me in it, he says it looks funny! 

On another note - I officially changed my name at the social security office today!  This is just the first step of so many but at least it is a start.  And it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be!  I would have changed it yesterday BUT I forgot the marriage certificate at home.  Opps!

And another note - I have been feeling really out of whack lately - my muscles feel tight and I have had stomach/digestive pains more often than not in the past three weeks.  It really hasn't affected my running, but I wonder if my body is finally coming down from all the commotion and excitement of the wedding.  Maybe I am just finally not stressed out any more.  Who knows.

Happy Thursday and Happy Running!


Amber said...

I like the chillier weather but I HATE the dark this time of year.

I admit I still don't own a headlamp but I do run on sidewalks that are well-lit in the dark mornings.

Suzy said...

Stay warm and be careful in the dark!! FWIW, I love your scarf.

Marlene said...

Congrats on changing your name! I'll have to check it out on FB. :)

Definitely had to bundle up this morning. I like the cold weather, but it sure is hard to get out the door.

And I like the scarf!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I like the scarf! My husband wouldn't get it either. I love fall running too. My favorite weather is between 40 and 50 degrees.

Unprofessional said...

Brr! Actually I like the cold...can't wait!

Chelsea said...

That was me last week. I've still got the headlamp and reflective vest going on, but it's warm enough to ditch the capris (for a few more days).

Anonymous said...

I've noticed it being darker longer in the mornings too. You are such a rockstar for getting out there at 5am! And congrats on the name change. I have done my SS card and my licence, but so many other little things that need changing. It takes time indeed.

Glenn Jones said...

I tell ya - move to Southern California. It's only 85 today...